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Why One War When We Can Have Two!


Why One War When We Can Have Two!

Eric Margolis

`We will continue to prosecute the campaign against terrorists, but great-power competition – not terrorism – is now the primary focus of US national security.’ Henceforth Russia and China will be America’s main enemies, with Iran and North Korea thrown in for good measure.

So declared US Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, last week in a statement of profound importance for the world.


Seems like a perfect time to resort to a peaceful move to plowshares seeing how the bombs are getting out of stock , turn mic establishments into infrastructure companys, building rapid transit , alternative energy (not nuc) farms , feeding the hungry, aiding the sick , housing the homeless, but am dreaming I suppose , will stop here to avoid being sarcastic
Wishing love peace and happiness to all


it’s terrible policy, true, but it’s more honest than the GWOT. So there’s that.
This was always about hegemony for both the US military and the neoliberal global order they serve as hired muscle.

and reducing the GWOT rhetoric might have unintended beneficial consequences elsewhere, even as the risk of great power confrontation rises.

but it appears that if this is now doctrine, that the Cold War reboot is official.


The US is already at war with the world via its climate-destroying ways. In that respect, it is at war with itself, along with Russia, China, … Who needs munitions when overconsumption and denialism are already doing such a bang up job? How’s that war on drugs going, Uncle Sam? How about that war on poverty? Let’s start a war on error, at least that might be useful.


No, I don’t think so.

Predicting the future is a fool’s errand, but there are reasons to expect a positive outcome - not the least of which is dire necessity.


All these new Wars and threats of wars are for one reason only…The proliferation and waste of American taxpayer dollars and this usually entails no accountability, because it falls under national security, hence no accountability of where it is being wasted…All the Warmongers know that’s where the money is…Convince the people by the use of bought and paid for politicians to sell us the big lie us that we don’t need SSA or medicare or Medicaid or any other social program because we need to give it all to the war machine…Republicans and some Democrats are all about robbing us blind and giving all our assets to these crooks.


I am totally on your side. We are a wreak and we can’t fix ourselves after last summers storms, fires and landslides. What will happen next summer? What will happen with the rise in the sea levels? Our external killing machine is a fine example for those wacko’s here on the inside using military weapons on their own countrymen. We need a “para-dime” shift and spend all this money that is fake, on ourselves for a change. Don’t stop dreaming, as John said “imagine”. Share your vision, spread the word and thanks for your post.


I’ve eagerly read most of what you’ve written, Mr. Margolis but this time you had me up to the point where you said “feminized.” Grow up, as you grow older, please.


Nice piece of misogyny as it relates to Germany, Margolis.


I support this message !


I just put Steven Pinker’s “Enlightenment Now” on hold - I am #97 in line.

People want to believe things are possibly getting better - even Bill Gates.

Mixed reviews on the book - a sure sign one has to read it for oneself.


Oh, arghedy argh argh! Old men pounding their chests and playing who’s the biggest ape. Can we stop all this crap already? I despise Bannon, but when he said 10,000 years of patriarchy are over, I cheered. If only! let’s try something else, for goodness sake!


“How deep into Russia to attack (assuming no use of nuclear weapons)?”

This is the rub. They can do all the war planning they wish, but in the end, if we are losing, a few hundred or a few thousand megatons of thermonuclear power will take care of it.
*When the government and the military are run by sociopathic psychopaths, especially if No. 1 thinks nuclear wars are a great idea and the military brass have been salivating over a nuclear war since 1946, I don’t see a decent end to this unless We the People awaken and take our Constitutional Republic back, and again have the Constitution and Bill of Rights as the law of the land. That worked pretty well until we had our Reichstag fire on 9/11 and the illegal, unconstitutional, and misnamed Patriot Act put in, unread and, just like Nazi Germany, we lost our civil rights.
*For the sake of our nation, the nations of the world, and the world itself, we must awaken and, peacefully if possible, but win, lose or draw, take our nation back, put the psychopaths into rubber rooms with soft toys to play with, and go to work rebuilding what we have mangled and destroyed, domestically and globally.
*The alternative is serfdom or death for all, or nuclear Armageddon. I am a nuclear veteran and have seen that Armageddon up too close and personal. We don’t need it, nobody does.


And like most reboots it will end up being much more terrible than the original…


oh god. we’re gonna be like Sharknado 2.


What’s with the subtitle about “only draft dodgers and generals who lost the Viet Nam war”? First of all, that war of aggression needed to be lost and those Americans who fought against the slaughter were routinely called draft dodgers. I see. another sign that old time liberal pundits even here at CD are becoming more and more in tune with the general slide of the Democratic Party into the arms of the neocons. What’s next? Guest columns by MSNBC favorites Max Boot and David Frum?


“Mad Dog” indeed! What a perfect moniker for this idiot. Only one solution for a mad dog!


All this “National Security” BS is making me feel very insecure.


Maybe he meant the other kind of “draft dodger”. People such as DJT and GWB, whose motives were less than honorable.