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Why Oregon Standoff Verdicts Set Dangerous and Far-Reaching Precedent


Why Oregon Standoff Verdicts Set Dangerous and Far-Reaching Precedent

Taylor McKinnon

I was nearly killed earlier this year while counter-protesting the paramilitary seizure of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. After accusing me of being an FBI agent, the armed occupiers there worked themselves into a mob. Hog-faced militia thugs barked, “he’s a fed.” Some pawed their pistols. I was told snipers were trained on us. It was dangerously close to violence.


Through this whole occupation, I guess no Cops ever "Feared for their Lives".


It's scary, just as scary as the FBI inserting itself into elections. We could see a lot more of this stuff in the future.


Common Dreams is running quite a few articles about the Malhuer stand off none of them getting at the complexities of the situation. The first point to make is that the FBI did have at least 15 informants in and around the "occupation" only three have been identified. Second, the staff was ordered by the Malhuer reservation manager to vacate the refuge one or two days before the supposed "occupation" took place. This suggests prior knowledge and coordination... one of the many informants at work?

On the larger political issue. Cannot the environmentalists, and the "leftists" see that the Federal government is destroying all kinds of people all at once. Endless wars in the middle east, ridiculous un-affordable health care, mass homelessness in all the major cities, de-industrialization, imminent domain pushed against the people from Standing Rock to Malhuer.

Finally let's hear from the last occupier to leave Malhuer as he was released.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibwamRd-rc0


Institutionalized Shock Troops.
THIS ... is what Obama's "CHANGE" has brought us.
— A result of intimidation, cowardice ... or both.


Yeah, when he said he would deliver "Change You Can Believe In" he didn't specify that it was not Us he was speaking to.


FBI involvement is nothing new.

Also, how is this supposed to be a Reply to the point I made?


Thanks Taylor for your courage and commitment and CD for this piece.

Bundy and his bunch have no business pushing their cowboy entitlement issues on what's left of our national wild spaces.

In addition to the main issue, cows do untold damage in pristine areas and the big picture of the damage done from cattle rearing is almost as dire as from fossil fuels.

The federal govt. is tasked with holding these rare and fragile wild places as sacred bastions for not only the last vestiges of this country's wildlife but for those individuals who seek solace in those places. Bullies with guns have no place in such a scenario. Nor elected officials in collusion with them.


Relevance to my point is what?


I'm taking over Yosemite guys. Gonna build a house on Glacier Point. Wanna join?


What if there were black, brown, liberal, women, native American and LGBT, militias?


Found the following while confirming some of the refuge (headquarters) remains closed due to the damage done during the occupation:.

And the refuge's website is worth viewing:



Don't forget too that Eric Rudolph, the abortion clinic bomber, was never captured either. He ended up turning himself in. The investigators didn't particularly want to capture him since they were against abortion too. A person can commit crimes and get away with them if those crimes are politically popular enough to those who matter.


Contrast the gubmit's non response to the Malheur invasion with Obama's DOJ making everything Occupy Wall Street (OWS) did illegal within 6 months of OWS' September 2011 emergence, AFTER local, state and federal law enforcement agencies walked all over OWS participants.

Considering how well Obama did in his re-election bid within the following year, I guess most Murkins were either not paying attention or believed the media spin on OWS.