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Why Politicians From Both Parties Ignore the Poor


Why Politicians From Both Parties Ignore the Poor

Evan Popp

At a rally in Iowa in late June, President Donald Trump responded to criticism of his millionaire-and billionaire-studded cabinet by saying that while he loves both rich and poor people, "I just don't want a poor person" running the economy.

Trump’s comment was offensive. But it was also a rare instance of a politician actually mentioning the poor.


Part of it could be that most non-poor voters consider poor people to be disgusting. Maybe the talk about solutions to poverty makes them feel guilty, like eating a huge piece of pie in front of a starving child. Though we might be better off if we tried to eradicate wealth, instead of poverty.


One thing almost universal among the poor is the idea that even if they vote that it will do them no good. The poor feel shut out by the political class and worse, they fear taking time off from their minimum wage jobs for any reason. Technically they have the right to vote but in the real world they know that they can be easily replaced if they get on the boss’s bad side!

People with good jobs go to work everyday with a sense of entitlement - a respect for them as workers. Low wage workers go to work every day expecting trouble is just around the corner even if it has nothing to do with them. They feel that their employers do not value low wage earners and if they need to take time off ( as human beings do like to take a child to the doctor or whatever) they fear the axe will fall. Taking hours off to vote especially with reports of long lines and wait times to vote is a problem for the poor.

In many ways, our system has not only made it difficult for the poor to vote, difficult for the poor to believe their votes ever matter but also we make it hard on the poor who actually do vote almost as if they have been taught that they may get punished for doing so.

Over the years at one minimum wage job or another… many of them have paid a price for taking time off to go vote. Middle class and educated people will be outraged at the thought because it is the law that a person be able to vote. Poor people feel that such ‘privilege laws’ really don’t apply to them.


“Why do politicians ignore the poor?”
Todays political culture is ALL about money, the poor have none, so nothing to offer politicians.


I think the author missed the correlation that what divides the middle class and poor grows smaller every year. Revolution is never started by the poor, it takes a failing middle class to push things over the edge. I had a bad dream about this. He is right that poverty is not a never mentioned in a positive way.


In LA County the sales tax is now ten and a quarter percent. The sales tax is the most repressive on the poor. Lowering taxes on the rich and middle class is attractive to both. It is also the easiest way to attract a voter amongst demagogues or politicians interested in their interest. In LA County the sales tax has gone up over three hundred percent since I was a kid. So that means that the most repressive tax on the poor is now three hundred percent more. It is the only class of Citizens that need tax relief and yet our spineless representatives talk about their love for America, the flag, our military and tax relief for the rich and middle class. Yet they continue to tax the poor. Jesus must have a special place in hell for them. I have a special place for them too. I put their manhood compared to a jellyfish both are spineless. Real men put the needs of the poor first. Cowardly men put their needs first. A nation ruled by cowards is not much of a nation.


This is a very good article.


Good comment! Other advanced countries make Election Day a national holiday. We should, too.


Both parties adhere to the notion of USA as meritocracy.

As such, they celebrate the idea that the wealthy earned their large slices of the economic pie, and the poor earned their slivers. That’s gospel to to both halves of the duopoly–and so is the the belief that the safety net just incentivizes laziness.


The attitude towards the poor, by the elites in both political parties, reminds me of the attitude of the Aristocrats in Britain at the turn of the 20th century. They didn’t look on the poor as people that, given the right education and opportunities as they enjoyed, could contribute every bit as much to the country. They almost looked on them as a separate species. They DID look different, being malnourished they never grew as tall as the aristocrats, and they spoke different. Queen Victoria even thought she was being kind when she campaigned against educating the poor, as it would only " raise their aspirations to a level not in keeping with their station in life. " Hell, even people that were once poor or lower middle class look down on the poor if they achieve financial success…like so many of our Hollywood celebrities.


That’s a sad article. That’s the victory of fear of loss over hope for gain. Unfortunately, the poor have a lot of the former and very little of the latter. And, The Uniparty Party seems to like it that way.
So predictable of them.


While those who are content with the status quo vote to continue its rule and guarantee poverty continues, these satisfied customers wonder why they should pay more taxes than they already do for those who have earned their poverty.

But the real kahuna is this - their are millions and millions more in poverty who are tired of propping up the economically satisfied. Why should they be working poor so that others can have most of the money? Their entitlement is hubris and domination that causes gratuitous and unnecessary suffering,.


I just joined, before bed, to say thank you for your comment. Being poor my entire life, everything you said rang true to me. The poor are disenfranchised in ways that few ever consider, and most would rather deny.
So glad to read those words from a fellow human being before bed. Thank you!


Appreciate your comment. I worked those kind of jobs too at times in my life.



Their beliefs exist mainly to salve what little conscience they have, and to justify their cruelty. Their beliefs and their ideology is mainly Bullshit.


The answer is simple.

Politicians of both parties are career politicians. The only purpose of a career politician is to be re-elected. To be re-elected, you need: a) money; b) a voting bloc. The poor lack money. The poor don’t reliably vote. Therefore, they are meaningless to a career politician.

File under “obvious”


That we should be eradicating Wealth, instead of Poverty is a profound insight.


Taxes and Civil Fines should be levied based on the Method of EQUAL SACRIFICE.

As a Tax, or Fine, impacts a Poor Citizen, so should it impact a Wealthy Citizen.

Speeding Tickets in Finland ( and Denmark ) are tied to one’s income, and have been levied as high as $200,000.00, in the case of one Wealthy Heir.


It is?


Or simply move elections to Sunday - like it is in almost every country in the world. Although, in much of the western world, Sunday is also a statutory, or by tradition, a “day of rest” and most businesses like Wal Mart or other typical employers of the poor are closed.