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Why President Hillary Clinton Will Need Bernie’s "Political Revolution" to Get Anything Done


Why President Hillary Clinton Will Need Bernie’s "Political Revolution" to Get Anything Done

Robert Reich

It looks increasingly likely that Hillary Clinton, a self-described “progressive who likes to get things done,” will have her chance starting next January. But how much that’s progressive will she actually be able to get done?

The Senate may flip to the Democrats but there’s almost no way Democrats will get the sixty votes they need to stop Republicans from filibustering everything she says she wants to do.


This article assumes, that Hillary has progressive goals, but nothing can be more removed from her true aims.
The following article, a rare example of insight, published in the established press has her pegged much more realistically:


Everything in this article is true except the final four paragraphs that are way too fantastic to lend an ounce of credence to.

In order to send progressives the message that they will lose future battles faster and with more casualties than they lost the 2016 battle., Clinton's first hundred days will include poison pills to neutralize every progressive issue Sanders' primary championed, and then some. Sanders' plan to recover in the 2018 midterm elections will be too little too late, at best.

Clinton will follow the same Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) play book her husband and Obama did by making sure Congressional Democrats have as little control as possible during her eight years as POTUS. She IS 100% correct when she says she will "be ready to lead on day one"...a talent that will result in more regressive legislation signed in her first two years than any of her 43 predecessors has signed in two years time.


Hi raydelcamino. Yeah, Robert Reich will always come up with a silver lining, no matter how convoluted his logic has to be to get there. Sure, Hillary would need progressives to implement a progressive program, but she doesn't want a progressive program. She's a conservative and will team with her Republican soul mates to blunt the current progressive surge. The golden days of COINTELPRO are coming back.


Hi Andrew. Hillary doesn't need superdelegates, given the awesome voter fraud system she has in place. Check out the statistics at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUv43rUuDjI


Did it take a degree in archeology to dig out this article from the distant past?


You've talked to her? I think Reich probably has.


First of all, even is she wins by a landslide, it will not interpreted that the country wants a progressive agenda but that the country doesn't want Donald Trump. Second, clearly she is not going to get everything. But she may get some progressives parts of her agenda through because she is good at working with Republicans. This a big advantage that he has over Obama. I think she will concentrate first on getting good paying jobs for working class people because this is the group that the Democrats need to pay more attention to based on both the campaigns of Sanders and Trump. She will look for common ground. It certainly will not be easy but the Republicans need to show that they care about working class people also and therefore I think some progressive things will get done. We won't be another Denmark after Clinton's first term but I think there is cause for some optimism.


My point is that you and I have little knowledge of what "Hillary" actually thinks or what private conversations she has with whom. Or, for that matter, what she reads.


I guess I could have just scrolled on.


Reich surely can't believe that Clinton is a progressive at heart? Does he?


In Hillary's acceptance speech, her stated investment in "rail, ports and airports" is an admission of an agenda to increase globalization, more or less including the TPP trade agreement. She did not promise support for Amtrak passenger-rail. Thus, her investment is probably tied to oil-dependent globalization, coal, oil and gas export terminals, automobile and stacks of boxed goods import and distribution on woefully substandard railway lines. Moreover, airports conduct luxury air travel more than freight shipment. She does not propose replacing air travel with passenger-rail. It just seems she's hiding her globalization agenda.


Lol. Touche'.


But how much that’s progressive will she actually be able to get done?

In one sentence Robert Reich catapults the following propaganda (not that I'm telling the majority of CD readers anything)…

"be able" catapults the inference that Clinton, either one, really gives a flying Cluck about accomplishing anything "progressive" to begin with.

Then joining "be able", with "to get done", Clinton's favorite propagandist preemptively sets up the frame that Obama has used and in fact all of the Corporate Servicing Schmucks that make up the power center of the Democratic Party have used now for decades i.e., that it is the Republicans who block all of these wonderful "progressive" initiatives that they are just trying so hard to get passed.

Stuff it Reich.


President Hillary Clinton?
Has anyone else come to the conclusion that there is a chance that before the November election both Trump and Clinton will be gone?
With both having very low approval ratings, the Republican party looking for some way to dump Trump and the continuing e-mail leaks for Clinton....who knows?


Do we know what Jill Stein carries in her bag? Do we care?

Let's get back to discussing ideas and away from speculating about public figures. Certainly let's get away from poorly photoshopped videos meant only to mock someone.


That's a load of reading in.


Reich still beating the Hillary drum, while the progressives' parade has moved on down the block, and around the corner. It's as if Reich has been missing all the latest damning revelations about Hillary, as if they don't matter--bring the errant progressives back into the Hillary camp. Sorry, Reich, I'm not buying. While I'm still sentient and have a conscience, I won't be voting for Hillary. Under any circumstances!


"So where can Hillary look for the countervailing power she’ll need to get the progressive changes she says she wants?"

Not sure if Reich drank the kool-aid himself or if he thinks we drank it.

Hillary wants progressive change as much as Bill wanted a stained dress proving he lied about Lewinski.

Vote Green in 2016!


To "Get anything done" Hillary will have to give her stolen presidency back to Bernie, who has proven as a multiple-term mayor, a multiple-term Congressman, and now a multiple-term Senator that HE knows how to get things done without all the drama of stolen elections, people dying mysteriously, and endless war. Just give us the President we already voted for in our Primaries!