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Why President Obama’s Clean Power Plan Is an Exaggeration


Why President Obama’s Clean Power Plan Is an Exaggeration

Kyle Ash

Earlier this week, President Obama’s EPA announced the final version of the Clean Power Plan, a policy designed to limit the level of global warming pollution coming from U.S. power plants.


“Fortunately for the President and the environment, he still has many opportunities to take stronger action on climate.”

He has had many opportunities in the last 8 years to do many things of great benefit not only to the USA but also for the ROTW. He has done NOTHING except harm. Can a leopard change its spots? At least leopards are useful!


Yes, the clean power plan isn’t an exaggeration. It’s a lie.

It supports fracking, it supports new nuclear (which will take decades to come on line anyway - far too late), and this is the administration that allowed Shell to go open the Arctic for oil/fracking. Obama appointed Sally Jewell, and before her Ken Salazar. The man is scum, who thinks the money he garners now can buy his children a future even when the rest of humanity is shuffling in bulk off this mortal coil.