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Why President Obama’s Pollinator Strategy Won’t Solve Bee Crisis


Why President Obama’s Pollinator Strategy Won’t Solve Bee Crisis

Tiffany Finck-Haynes

Yesterday, the Obama administration released its long awaited National Pollinator Health Strategy, a requirement of a presidential memorandum released last June, which directed federal agencies to establish a Pollinator Health Task Force, develop a strategy to protect pollinators and charged the EPA with assessing the effects of pesticides, includin


There is a lot of good and important info conveyed through this article.

However, Monsanto is given but a casual mention. In reality, this huge corp. has its tentacles in Obama and many within his various and sundry departments.

Monsanto, providing Agent Orange for Vietnam and a new generation of Cancer-causing chemicals used promiscuously all over Columbian forests arguably to wipe out cocoa plants (under the aegis of the War on Drugs) is heavily connected to that same Military Industrial Complex that’s driving the majority of this nation’s worst and most deadly policies.

It would seem that these agents of a model spreading death WANT to kill this planet, turn it from a marvelous living galaxy of forms into what it can chemically manage upon arid soil to sell for profit to increasingly unhealthy human beings. In short, it’s a die-off prescription.

As children, we heard about “the birds and the bees” and their link to love, reproduction and the continuity of species. Now, with bees dying in huge numbers and birdsong missing when bird flocks don’t actually fall out of the sky, it’s clear that new canaries in the coal mines are signaling their disfavor with this BEAST.


(S)AVE (T)HE (B)EES !!!