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Why Progressives Must Not Give Joe Biden a Political Honeymoon

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/21/why-progressives-must-not-give-joe-biden-political-honeymoon


Biden is welcoming the GOP obstruction he knows he will be subject to every day for the next four years. Like Clinton and Obama he will use that obstruction as an excuse to veer more right ward while marginalizing and victimizing progressive, a proven DNC formula for more corporate money that continues to weaken the Democrats and strengthen the GOP.

Rep. Bill Pascrell’s admonition to Biden to task his DOJ to start indicting Trump, his appointees, and other enablers on January 21 needs to be at the top of progressives’ “No honeymoon” list. First of all, bogging down the GOP in court will dilute their ability to obstruct. Even more critical…if the Democrats fail to prosecute and allow the GOP to continue its half century crime spree, the GOP will become more powerful than ever, consigning the Democratic Party and democracy itself to the dust bin of history.


Mr Solomon, you gave him a political honeymoon when you insisted people vote for him.

What you seem to be doing is pointing fingers at genuine progressives , knowing full well Joe Biden is NOT that and needing a scapegoat to explain away all of his non progressive leanings. This is not on the genuine progressives. They tried to hold him to account by not voting for him.

This is on the people who insisted they could hold his feet to the fire.


I couldn’t agree more. However, I don’t think it is possible to punish Trump. Put him in jail and his base becomes violent. Take away his money and he finds ways to accumulate more. I think the cat is out of the bag and it’s too late to put it back in.

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I think Biden is figuring on getting cooperation from the GOP by giving them what they want, policies that heavily favor the donor class. Biden’s way of posing as a progressive is pushing for diversity among the people at the bottom of the financial hierarchy, and diversity among the people at the top - a nice diversion from the steep, unjust financial hierarchy itself, and this the donor class loves.


How about planning massive national strikes and walkouts.

You know… Something that might actually put pressure on politicians.

At this point the terms “progressive organizer” and “ineffectual” are synonyms.


the vote herders are desperate for even the smallest of bones so they can defend themselves against the charge of enabling evil.

Solomon knows what he’s done (and has done for years). If you look at another recently posted piece on here regarding the NEC, you’ll see the same rank desperation to cling to anything that might wash away the stink of collaborating with evil.

It won’t work. It never has. But we’ll be seeing these for a bit, at least until it becomes patently obvious to everyone else that there is no “lesser” evil. There is only evil. And these amplified voices have been hustling it for years.


Saint Barack redux.

We couldn’t do anything because of the big bad republicans (when they had 3 branches under control)


The democrats and the republicans are two arms (or arms dealers) of the same religion.

These people - like Mr. Solomon - who think that these are opposition parties are actually

herd dogs for the neoliberal-conservative predators who continually expand the abusiveness

and brainwashing lies through their lust for corporate domination of all of life.

The main difference between democrats and republicans is their preferred baits.

Both of these privatizing corporate fronts need to be repudiated and their pet dogs - like

Solomon - need to be ignored. They toothlessly bark and they roll over and piss on themselves

for their masters.


I appreciate that Mr. Solomon has an organization that works to organize around issues. But honestly, where has it gotten us. How can it do anything in the face of a plutocracy that continuously changes the rules of the game to their benefit behind our backs?

If we are going to make any real play for change, we must not just admit to ourselves that our lives and the health of the planet are unmanageable under the current neo-liberalism (Solomon seems to have a grasp on that) - we must also summon the courage to come out of denial about the corporate parties we have long pledged allegiance to perpetuate this fraud and scandal of a system, who deflect from their part in the terrible consequences of it and lie to us constantly about how we, too, can benefit from it if only we work, hope, vote or pray hard enough. We can’t, not many of us. This is a con, and they know this. It’s high time that we know it, too. Maybe then we can imagine a different country.

As it is, we’re losing at a game whose rules we haven’t quite read and are in a constant state of change, refusing in our ignorance to face the reality that ‘our side’ cheats just as hard as the ‘other side,’ and that we are left to mostly cheer-lead like idiots from rotted, crumbling bleachers.

How to get out of this self-defeating cycle?


Great idea.Let’s plan a national strike for 2022 where citizens go on strike by committing to only vote for small donor candidates. It doesn’t matter what a candidate promises (even if that candidate is progressive) if they take big money because that is who they will represent.

Just like workers can go on strike by withholding their labor to get better pay, working conditions, etc. citizens can go on strike in the voting booth by only voting for small donor candidates (or casting a write in vote if there are no small donor candidates on their primary or general election ballot in 2022 to register a vote against the big money candidates and create and demonstrate demand for small donor candidates.)

Basic democracy. You make a demand and enforce that demand with your vote. The same basic principle as the effort by Jimmy Dore to get progressives to withhold their vote from Pelosi for speaker unless she brings medicare for all to a floor vote in the house.

Why keep voting for candidates based on what they promise they will do when you can demand they take action now before the election to EARN your vote?

Citizens can sign up now at the One Demand website to let other citizens and politicians know now how they will be voting in 2022 which could encourage some candidates in 2022 to run small donor campaigns in the 2022 primaries.

We know that the Deathocrats will let us down whether we pressure them with conventional means or not.

The only pressure that might make a difference is creating the ability to replace them and if doesn’t make a difference it will make it possible to replace them.

It will doubtless be the “We must look forward, not back” copout all over again. The Bush administration was responsible for starting, by mans of fraud, the 20-year uninterrupted span of slaughter abroad and the gutting of civil rights at home. No one even talks about the fact- and it is a fact- that the Bush administration- the second one- used the planned 9/11 event, carried out by Americans- to justify the attack on Afgghanistan and then on Iraq, both of which fully qualify as aggression, the “supreme war crime” that our own Justice Jackson defined at the Nuremberg trials. To me, it seems that such definitions are, and probably always have been dependent on the fact that the biggest bullies in the room, with no regard for truth, justice, or compassion, write the meaning and definitions, and of course, the history books. Are children in American public schools ver given an alternative view- i.e. false flag- of Sept. 11? Not to my knowledge. Evil is enshrined as good, and the devil becomes the god, and thus the new definition of god is not the more modern, Christian one of a deity of mercy and love, but an Old Testament god whose pleasure is to demand thousands of the enemies foreskins. I believe David Icke even at his wildest was closer to the reality than not with his reptilian humanoid theories. What’s next for America, the way things have been going? We’re already at the human sacrifice point. What is coming next, the eating of babies in our finest rich person restaurants? Don’t be surprised if it is just that.Then the new standard will perhaps be something like "well, one is all right, but eating two babies is an atrocity. The slippery- slippery with blood- slide of evil slides faster every day. I think only cataclysm- whether nuclear war, or an asteroi hitting the Earth, or the playing out of Revelation in real life- can slow, let alone halt- the bloody sliding. Remember when Afghanistan started being called the “good” war in the middle East? Americans said fine, and went back to watching sports on obscenely big TV screens. They didn’t, and don’t want to know. Wave a flag and don’t forget to bring religion into the picture ha been the formula for success, and Americans ate it up in 2001 and still do so today. Economic problems? Injustice at home? No problem. Create an event, bring in “god” and country and mouth off about how much praying to the “Lord” is being done, and Americans are ready to go torture and kill anyone, anywhere. Bob Dylan had it perfectly correct with many songs, but the two that come to mind are “With God on our side” and “Masters of War”.

Now that is pure poetry- it is truth, and well said. Thank you.

"When great changes occur in history, when great principles are involved, as a rule, the majority is wrong.: Eugene V Debs

There is much wisdom almost hidden withing this article I think. I see some real distorions within it as well. For example:

“Now, we’re being told that people on the left should pipe down and do little to challenge Joe Biden. But silence or merely faint dissent would enable the third Democratic president in four decades to again sacrifice progressive possibilities on the altar of corporate power.”

No one I know is saying anything remotely like that frankly. The difference revolves around the manner with which one pursues trying to get this incoming administration to adhere to progressive paths and enact progressive legislation.

Far too many believe the way to do that involves insult and nothing even a bit more constructive. If one wishes cooperation one must not alienate those with whom we seek that cooperation. I have been active in politics for many decades frankly and have seen the left, at least a far too large number thereof, castigate democrats for losing battles they hadn’t the votes to win, for not accepting the advances that were achieved because they weren’t a complete and total panacea.

Biden is not a left wing hero obviously, but he has addressed issues important to the left, and even more importantly, necessary to accomplish. Yes, emphatically, his history is replete with reason for skepticism, but folks, he is the president elect and to alienate him before he has even sworn his oath of office, to insult , castigate, defame is to fail before any attempt has been made. That just ain’t no way to constructive dialogue.

One more unfortunate and not altogether accurate paragraph:

"Yet the Obama era is now being fondly and routinely hailed as a kind of aspirational benchmark. We’re now being told to yearn to go back to the future under the leadership of the soon-to-be president who boasted last year: “I’m an Obama-Biden Democrat, man, and I’m proud of it.”

Of course that administration is being remembered fondly by many. But certainly not because it was a model of progressive reforms but because it is being compared to an arrogant ,ignorant, semi literate and quite possibly insane would be tyrant. Some democrats, I believe, and I am not a member of that party so I speak, not as an insider, are increasingly dissatisfied with the leadership of the demoocrats as well, and rightly so.

My neighborhood group, as I have noted as an example from time to time, was faced with dealing with republican supervisors and their staffs, with police and sheriffs dept leadership that were not, not by any means, progressives. Yet we found ways to dialogue and we accomplished much that we remain very proud of, and that benefited those in need and the community in general.

Now our monthly meetings are attended by representatives of those politicians, and law enforcement, every single meeting. They come and they speak as well, noting progress on issues or reporting road blocks as well and we work together to overcome them.

So much better if progress is the goal. Of course, if childishness, temper tantrums, or worse, attempts to stop the progressive agenda from duplicitous trolls is the goal then have at it.

" And there is a lust in man no charm can tame,
Of loudly proclaiming our neighbor’s shame.
On eagles wings immortal scandals fly,
While virtuous actions are but born and die."