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Why Progressives Should Care About Biden's Pick for Commerce Secretary

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/06/why-progressives-should-care-about-bidens-pick-commerce-secretary

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Having worked on Wall Street and knowing where the bodies are buried, Nomi Prins is more qualified than anybody to be Commerce or Treasury Secretary. That is why she will never be considered.

Good article and good advice. We shall see, won’t we.

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After reading the article, and looking at the business history of the various former Duopoly Secretaries, the term " intersectionality " jumps to the top of the list of possible descriptors.
All were political MEGA-DONORS, or sponsored by one. Mostly from the 0.10% of the Elites of the United States; yes they’re the PTB, who buy and sell our shared and trusted (?) domestic and int’l government policies. Their considerations of our general welfare and the common good of all citizens, apparently not nearly so much. Well, Duh!!!
Their only qualifications are linked to their checkbooks and bottomless bank accounts and our unwillingness to end this egregiously corrupted patronage and " in your face " elitist favoritism.
Nothing great or lasting, in terms of progressive reform, will come from our current economic, financial or political troubles until major change comes to our campaign finance laws. America needs to end this " buying and selling " of everything and everyone that isn’t nailed, jailed, screwed and glued down.


Well. Guess it’s time to “hold his feet to the fire”, eh? Time for progressives to force Uncle to the Left.

Perhaps all the CD columnists who advocated for Uncle and Kamalacop month after month can tell us how exactly to do that, now that the worst predictions of actual leftists are coming true.

But somehow… I just don’t think the oligarchy cares.