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Why Republicans Love Debt


Why Republicans Love Debt

Robert Freeman

They sure talk a good game... wait, no they don't


‘A bunch of thugs’ - that’s my impression when I see images of these politicos passing their bills.

And they could care less - the true sign of a warped mind.

A criminal racket is in charge.

There must be something fundamentally wrong with our modern system - it should work - but it doesn’t.


Succinct and well explained. Thank you. Information like this needs broadcasted everywhere!


What I want to know is when the Republicans come after SS & Medicare, and they will, will they also drop the FICA tax from everyone’s paycheck? Because that’s what pays for OUR SS & Medicare, NOT general revenue.


I am not a Democrat.


“There must be something fundamentally wrong with our system…”

Well yeah. It’s really quite obvious to anyone with an intellect.

Each and every election, 95 to 98% of those who vote do so for the parties of the Duopoly.


This is it in a nutshell. The parties of the Duopoly do not know how to manage our money, they spend all their time kissing the collective ass of the Military Industrial Complex and the upper class.

And what is done for all of us in the lower and middle classes, peanuts. We get peanuts and broken promises.

They say to hell with Peace, it doesn’t pay the bills. War and Violence is the way to go. Keeps our economy prosperous.

And 95% buy this bullshit every freaking election.

Yes, ManySummits, there must be something fundamentally wrong with our system.

It brainwashes the “weak of mind” into believing they’re “not” voting for extremely corrupt, warmongering political shysters intent on exercising whatever hate and greed profits them the most.

I believe that cavemen had evolved more than 21st century humans. In general.

At least, when they saw a Saber Toothed Tiger, they knew to run from it. And not vote for it as the leader of their clan.


Robert Freeman has well summarized the basic facts about why the Republicans are doing that which they do.


How many times do you have to hit yourself in the head with a hammer, knowing that when you stop, your headache goes away? Lots of suckers in America will never know, will they?
And, how do you measure GDP anymore in the U.S.?
Not preparing for climate change and developing our national parks for the extraction industries will " grow the economy " in measurable ways, too.
The pay day loans, annualized at 360% yearly return, will grow GDP as interest rates spark up in 3-4 years.
Changing the COLA on SS- count on it.
Cutbacks to the safety nets- done deal.
Yet, here in Oregon the only advertising and counters to the coming next deep recession, is coming from a billionaire with deep pockets and a Impeach Trump Now! message.
Where are the Dimocrats on this: they’re relying on the MSM to tell their side of the story because they went broke supporting two center-right candidates in the last 10 years, who’ve delivered nothing of lasting value for about 80% of the American people
This is a very good article in explaining what Republicans are really up to ( and have been for 5 decades ). At least when it comes to the Federal Gov’t./Treasury Dept./Debt and Deficits, etc.
It would be a great article if it explained what the Democratic Party has done to turn 47% of the population, in Mitt Romney’s words, into " takers ".
Until Dims answer that honestly, well, screw 'em.
That’s what they’ve done to us, pretty much.


Bravo, Mrs. Ann Hitts.

Every time I read your comments, I am so impressed with your grasp of reality and your use of facts and figures to support your statements.

I just wanted to thank you for your contributions here at Common Dreams.


Excellent. And what all do we get out of the Dems? “HE’S GONNA FIRE MUELLER!”

This country is going down the shitter.


Hey Robert,you were one of my favorite teachers! The five words about Greece… free men were willing to die for their country. Ha! And the seven words about Rome! Something about republics and math! Haha hope I didn’t fail ya it’s been a whole Forever grateful for what you taught me,outlining identifying ideas… I want to share with you a recent text conversation I had with a close friend. We get along so well, but disagree when it comes to economies, especially cryptocurrency. Hope you still check this, would love to share our conversation and hear what you think. -Tim


Ps. One time you awarded me a snickers bar back in 2008. I’m all grown! Working a good job, and investing too! Hope to hear from you! Email me if you can get it, otherwise reply and we can try to get in touch. This discussion is right up your alley-Tim