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Why Sanders Must Continue His Campaign


Why Sanders Must Continue His Campaign

Robert C. Hockett

With former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton now having finally won enough pledged delegates to sew up the Democratic nomination for president, the months-long calls for Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) to abandon his campaign have finally ceased being senseless. This is not, however, to say that they should be heeded. They should not. Sanders should continue his campaign, even as he lightly modifies its aims and tonalities.


"With former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton now having finally won enough pledged delegates to sew up the Democratic nomination for president,..."

Sorry Professor, neither Hillary nor Bernie have enough pledged delegates to sew up anything.


The movement which Bernie signed on to, and which he led with surprising effect, is more important than any politician or political party. He might suspend his campaign and nominally endorse the party nominee, but he must then get on with promoting the movement without regard to either of the regressive mainstream political parties. We must not loose sight of those goals, and the greatest danger at this point is being co-opted by the democratic party.


Goodness, even articles headlined "Why Sanders Must Continue His Campaign" spread the lie that Clinton won the nomination with pledged delegates.

She hasn't. She won't.

No one will have enough pledged delegates to secure the nomination at the convention. Whoever gets the nomination will need super delegates' votes in addition to his or her pledged delegates and SUPER DELEGATES DON'T VOTE UNTIL JULY 25TH.

I went to a lot of trouble to vote for Bernie. It wasn't like I just filled out a ballot that came in the mail and dropped in the mail box. I gave up two entire days to sit in crowded rooms with bad air and listen to boring speeches to insure that national delegates from my Congressional District and State wold vote for Bernie.

I expect Bernie to stay in just so my voice is heard. I consider all these calls for him to pull out to be severely anti-democratic.

Sheesh. If she's won, then let it go and start focusing on Trump instead of Bernie. But I guess they don't really think she's won and want to silence my vote?


All this is just a long-winded way to turn the Bernie "revolution" into a left wing of the Democratic Party. Ho-hum we've heard it all before. The Democrats have been handling left-wings since WWII. They love left-wings. "The Democratic Party is where social movements go to die", remember? (It regained it's soul yet could turn to the right and abandon...what? It's own soul?)

It's all hogwash, however well-intentioned. The Bernie movement will become an independent political formation, independent that is of corporate $$$$, or it will dissipate and die. In the final analysis, the Democratic and Republican parties must be destroyed if democracy is to survive. Or exist.


There are known remedies for kicking heroin addiction.

There is no known remedy for the Democratic Party kicking its addiction to corporate money.

Like any addict, the Party cares only about sustaining the corporate money flow. Winning in November would be icing on the cake, but is not a high priority.


How many states did Bernie really win that were called for Hillary?



And since when did the people give the media the power to influence the results of an election by naming a nominee before millions of people have had the chance to vote?


Clinton won the majority of pledged delegates (over 50%) of available pledged delegates. She did not win enough pledged delegates to clinch the nomination without the support of superdelegates.


I agree. But I actually don't think she won the majority of pledged delegates. I think she stole the majority of pledged delegates through election fraud of purging voters after stealing Bernie's data base, fixing conventions, flipping voting machines, ignoring hand recounts that contradicted machine results, closing polling stations, lying to voters that they should fill out provisional ballots to only toss them later, calling Bernie supporters and telling them the wrong date to vote, and having their bought and paid for media falsely call the nomination before a day of significant primaries.



June 7, 2016. California. The Justice Gazette reporters and others are conducting an investigation into voting irregularities and the theft of Bernie Sanders's apparent California landslide victory by those supporting Hillary Clinton. According to popular actress Frances Fisher, a lawsuit is being prepared to require the counting of all the provisional ballots. If this lawsuit is successful, the actual vote count is expected to become known and Sanders will likely have a landslide victory in California.

According to this article fully 2/3rds of votes for Mr Sanders not counted in California.


there is the little matter of a true certified count from Cali among other things…


It's wall to wall lies everywhere you look.


If Bernie could have run against an ethical opponent he would have sewn the nomination up long ago.


Well-put. And many addicts won't face it until there is an intervention. And if the US keeps up it's behavior....it just might get that intervention from an unpleasant source from somewhere else in the world.


Yeah, but who is counting those votes.......surely, not someone honest, I'll bet


Please spare us the glib stupidity of the article! No self-respecting citizen of the United States has any obligation whatsoever to save the Wall Street Dems asses! Let them eat Wall Street dollars while they whine about Bernie's supporters continuing to demand democracy. After all, nobody on the planet hates democracy more than do the Clintons and Obama! No organization on the planet has devoted more attention to cultivating their fear and loathing of democracy than the Clinton-Obama Democratic Party of the USA. One need look no farther than HRC, WJC, BHO & the US House & Senate Wall Street Party leadership, as well as D. W. Schultz for solid proof. Of course, there is a D Party majority of such Wall Street anti-democrats, but that's a big chunk of the purpose for supporting Bernie. Bringing democracy to the Democratic Party. The Party successfully fought against that. Abandon the bastards.


HRC campaign, with lots of suggestions and guidance from the corruption-artist-in-chief, WJC, bought those super stupid delegates.


"With former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton now having finally won enough pledged delegates to sew up the Democratic nomination for president,..."

What is this nonsense? This has not happened.


Ok we all think the election was stolen by queen Hillary, and we are fumin mad, right! Our first instinct is to want to protest and disrupt. But that only plays into their hands, then they can bring on the police state, which is what Hillary is all about; just look at what happened in Nevada when people disagreed with the shenanigans that went on there. So instead of feeding into their negativity with negativity, I think that we stick to the Bernie or bust mantra; except in a more organized and coordinated plan. Essentially we go with their depiction of the zombie candidate and run a write- in campaign as if it were actually a third party! We have all of Bernice's speeches, he has already been to all 50 states, he polls better than Clinton or trump (and they are only gonna sink further as they are both under criminal investigation) and there are enough committed surrogates to shadow the general election nominees to conduct write-in rallies. It should be just a simple task to form a super pack to fundraise, but will only accept $27 dollar donations. This could be the first virtual people's campaign. The Internet has become a powerful organizing tool and we already have a nominee who has traveled the country and personally spoken to millions of people, many of whom have found him to be quite favorable.
AND it has become obvious that to instruct voters how to submit a write in vote, is less complicated then the protocol for being able to vote in a democratic primary!
Correct me if I'm wrong, but a write in campaign would probably have to force a hand count since I don't believe those stinking voting machines can tabulate write-in votes! (?)


I hate auto spell, always changing words on ya! Of course that should read Bernie's speeches not Bernice's