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Why Say No to the TPP? Corporations Already Have Too Much Power


Why Say No to the TPP? Corporations Already Have Too Much Power

Sarah van Gelder

It took two days for 60 members of the Cowboy and Indian Alliance to plant the heirloom seeds by hand. It was the spring of 2014, and there were prayers, burning of sage and sweetgrass, and, one by one, volunteers pressed the red corn seeds into the earth of Art and Helen Tanderup’s farm in Neligh, Nebraska. There, along the Ponca Trail of Tears, the Ponca people in 1877 were forced to leave their homeland after planting their corn seeds, many dying along the way or starving when they arrived in Oklahoma.


Progressives' definition of "enough corporate power" is the corporate power that existed in 1941 when the New Deal controlled as much corporate power as had ever or would ever be controlled in US history. FDR had enough clout to tell corporations that they had to stop supplying Hitler, and his cronies in Italy, Spain and Japan, and that production of most consumer goods including cars would be under control of the War Production Board (WPB).

The definition of "enough corporate power" for corporations and the politicians they own is echoed succinctly in Oracle founder Larry Ellison's reminding us that "its not enough for me to win, you must lose", making the point that only when the 1%, their corporations and their politicians own everything and the 99% own nothing will there be "enough corporate power"...often defined as neofeualism.

Seeing the lavish CLINTONCON last week in Philly confirmed that there is no limit to the amount of money the corporations are willing to shell out to achieve neofeudalism.


Please join efforts to fight this nasty so called free trade agreement at Flush the TPP.org and People Demanding Action.


Hillary and Trump should be pressed daily on their support (or not) of the TPP through the rest of the campaign until Nov. The people should expect a continuous public rebuke of the TPP, not some weasly working like Clinton always tries to leave herself an out. For anyone who might still be considering voting for one of these crumbs, any wavering is their supposed opposition to the TPP should be indication of either or both of their betrayal to the people - a strong signal to vote elsewhere. Jill Stein is a good choice - someone you can trust to keep her word.


Corporations evolved from privateers who were pirates sanctioned by governments.