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Why School Psychologists Are Worried About the Mental Health of America’s Students

Why School Psychologists Are Worried About the Mental Health of America’s Students

Angela Mann

Earlier this month, thousands of school psychologists met in Atlanta at the annual convention of the National Association of School Psychologists. One of the hottest topics among attendees was exhaustion — a consequence of having to serve more students who are experiencing more trauma and other mental health problems without more help in carrying the load.

It seems like so much the style these days to put each other down, to efficiently pigeon-hole fellow humans in order to pound them into recognized slots. Intersex children bear one extreme of our cultural obsession with categories: you’re not allowed to be something in-between, even if you are.

We need to get children away from all these damn screens, which only teach them to be mean to each other. But that’s just for starters. The major challenge is going to be modelling for children the kind of behavior that bears each other up.


why are school psychologists not worried about their entitled, narcissistic, hyper capitalistic, bullying administration staff, like principles, vice principles and county board level cretins who tell them what to do while making twice what the teachers make?

Who benefits from putting gun carrying cops in an environment that should nurture kids?

Thanks for pointing out another microcosm of our dysfunctioning and dying world…

The court systems are destroying families. So many children in schools are dealing with the insanity of the consumerist culture at school and severe economic strain, conflict and abuse at home.

The sociopaths neuter the psychologists any way, and most school therapists (often the only ONE in the entire facility) are happy to align with their gravy train and ignore the needs of the children most requiring their attention. We need armies of support here, not armies trying to do regime change in Venezuela.


Brilliant article! It is gross to see adolescents getting punished for behaviors that are typical for their age. A professional that has taken human development classes will show more compassion to the adolescent when there are behavioral issues. I guess the schools are preparing the students for our police state.


Te Dump wants the USA to be a police state. Wonder why he gets away with everything? Could it be that he has info on people and they have become cowards? What about all the info people have on him???

Answer to all three questions, mealouts: Trump is a godfather in the GOP organized crime syndicate that way too many Murkins identify with.

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Schools as prisons. Turning out inmates.
Hardened for sure.

We also need to address society’s culture of toxic masculinity which requires people, particularly males, to be mean to each other because kindness is seen as weakness. Check out this website: https://goodmenproject.com/

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To paraphrase Diane Feinstein, ‘why should we care about students? They didn’t vote for us’

Very interesting! Thanks so much. My feelings about this project are strenuously mixed. On the one hand, it’s very good to see narrative projects like this. Sharing sincere stories is the closest we can get to real love in print.

On the other hand, continuing essays undertake moral instruction, naturally, since the subject of ending male domination is fundamentally moral. But folks largely lack any base of spiritual instruction upon which to plant moral foundations; consequently the overdue moral discussions we’re seeing feel television-shallow to a theological reader.

On the other other hand, so many spiritual traditions are, themselves, struggling to shake off the toxin of male domination.

I agree. I feel like a lot of those essays are a bit too brief.

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School psychologists and social workers are very concerned at the abject stupidity of the public school system. What do you suggest we do? We do what we can on a daily basis within the confines of a system that believes in punishment as discipline. That’s has a proven track record of failure. And school is a microcosm of society. If we cannot solve the social problems in our communities first, don’t expect the problems to be solved in the public school system. I’ve spent 30 years working with kids and their families (as a school social worker) and I’ve defied the system by empowering kids and their parents about how to navigate and survive in that system. I’ve done one hell of a good job. Thank you.

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Thank You for your service

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I appreciate that, a lot!