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Why Science Says You Should Be Reading Small Independent Media


Why Science Says You Should Be Reading Small Independent Media

Jo Ellen Green Kaiser

While trust in corporate news has gone down over the past few years, trust in independent news is strong.

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Can science bust through the bullshit silence about what is being sprayed in our skies?

Couldn’t donate too much - but yup, answer the call - and thank you CD folks for consistency and challenges.


I read the independent sites b/c I want the truth …


The same can be said of where you do your banking.
Stay away from the big banks and do your business with the small local Credit Unions.


Amen to that Sister.


Nice to hear from you Pony Boy; how are you in these dark and perilous times? :scream::upside_down_face::nerd_face:. Actually, I think part of the reason we are weathering this current political storm is b/c we have these sites, and can even vent about the prictator and his flunkies. :thinking::sunglasses:


I guess this opinion piece is fine as far as it goes, but it leaves out a lot. A local bible thumper who often writes op-eds in our local paper calls the mainstream media “evil.” I believe that some on the far left agree with that as do many on the right. To me, this is both sad and frightening. Certainly the mainstream media performed horrendously in the run-up to W’s Iraq war, but generally they are an important counter-weight to extremist thinking. My guess is that more Americans pay attention to right-wing media than progressive stuff. That’s scary.


I’m great, thank you Wolfess.

The wife and I downsized, sold our house, moved in to a nice apartment, just took a New England vacation, had some Lobster, some Ale, and now we’re back home.

Just waiting for the other shoe to drop on Muellers investigation.

Seems like the evidence is piling up.

Say “Hi” to Mike for me.


Mike and I lived in apartments for 20-some years and then decided when we were in our 50s that it was time to buy a house if we were ever going to – the realtor who sold us our property told us the day we signed the papers that we could live in it for a few years and trade up. We both told him we were going to die in this house … we will have it paid off in 8 years or less; am seriously excited about living in a place that we actually own … I know how exciting it is to own both of our vehicles, so am really looking forward to that with our house!
**Good for you going to New England – I would like to travel … to Colorado and spend a week testing all those different strains of pot (I seriously wonder how well it would mediate many of Mike’s health issues)! :thinking::sunglasses:

I am seriously excited to see what happens with the Mueller investigation, and I think you’re right about the evidence piling up – I truly do NOT want to see him be in office all 4 years!


Take Mike, and go to Colorado, and stay in Cannabis friendly accommodations.

You deserve a break from the madness.

Life is too short.

And, getting shorter every day.

“And we’ll have Fun, Fun, Fun till Daddy takes the T-Bird away.”