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Why So Many Americans Defend the Failed Capitalist Experiment

Why So Many Americans Defend the Failed Capitalist Experiment

Paul Buchheit

Capitalism has worked for big business and for the people with stocks and estates. But for the past 35 years our economic system, stripped of sensible regulations, has poisoned the nation with deadly inequality and driven much of middle America to an ever-widening lower class.

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I would like to have seen more discussion on why the trickle down theory is a lie yet it continues to be preached by capitalist supporters. Its a fact that just because a person is rich, they are under no obligation to hire anyone or to give their existing employees a raise. If they can make $10million with just 5 employees working minimum wage, why hire more or even give those 5 a raise? It doesn’t matter if they deserve it or not. The employer is under no obligations. Trickle down is a lie! Let us count the ways.


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Makes me think of Robert Fulghum’s book, “All I Really Need To Know, I Learned In Kindergarten”.

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I think and hope the M$M is dying as the young people have other ways to gather knowledge. Governments are trying and will try to control the internet to maintain power. I sincerely hope that they will fail, as they have turned over so much functionality to the internet as to be prohibited from censoring it effectively.


“cost of the entire Safety Net is only about ONE-SIXTH of the $2.2 trillion in tax avoidance that primarily benefits the rich.”

Could you please expand the above and show the numbers for the one sixth amount in Safety Net and show the different categories/numbers that total the $2.2 trillion i.e. tax avoidance and subsidies et al. thanks

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My thinking is that the rich are owned by their toys. I live on $1100.00 a month and by gawd if someone needs something I have they can have it. I refuse to be owned by my car/t.v. or what have you. I was taught to share my toys as a child, how bout you??? Capitalism teaches greed, selfishness and that no one is deserving but you. The collective “we” think we are a civilization that is always on the rise but how can that be so when we aren’t civil towards the poorest among us? Humans are by nature a social animal but capitalism by it’s very nature is antisocial. Own Less, Live More.


Indeed. Rich egalitarian is an oxymoron. The happy rich is maybe even an oxymoron. Or is it just that the rich are miserable morons?


John Boehner, who explained the thinking of poor people: “I really don’t have to work…I think I’d rather just sit around.”
And apparently employers are complaining to Mitch McConnell. "Business leaders tell him they have ‘a hard time finding people to do the work because they’re doing too good with food stamps, Social Security and all the rest.’” - Politico 09/14/15


I don’t think we defend the failed capitalist system we live under. Suffering under this failing system, we are scared shitless. We see the homeless people and know of the rate of unemployment. Our neighbors are being evicted. We know the value of the dollar is falling and our wages are stagnant. We are frightened. .

The hoopla of the election season does not involve us. We know things are bad and getting worse. We know that the politicians lie and they work to the people who give them large ‘donations’. (this money is in truth bribes that have killed our democracy)

We are so frightened that we have no hope and think that the best we can do is bow our heads and obey in hopes of existing at all.

In such despair it is hard to have any hope for a better life. That’s what Obama won on, isn’t it? He offered us hope. Fat lot of good that did.


Well, unregulated capitalism works about as well as “pure” socialism. ie It doesn’t. Best seem to be a capitalist engine with a social chassie, like Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Their production always is near the top in the world, education, and happiness of their citizens is too. They have some problems, but seem to do the best.


Really existing capitalism is a barbaric horror show, with starving children, ruined environments (including massive oil spills in the ocean), and endless imperial wars. The ruling class has accumulated so much capital over the last 30 years or so they are starved of “good investment opportunities.” Hence their desire to privatize everything in sight (including public schools), so they can use their wealth to make more wealth for themselves alone. Pseudo-intellectuals in the West proclaimed that the death of the Soviet Union showed the impossibility of socialism and communism. But the evidence for the unsustainability of capitalism–as an economic, social and moral system–is all around us, and it continues to gather with irrefutable force. In fact, someone once said that the idea of a humane capitalism is more “utopian” than the idea of socialism. I think this is true, but we will probably find this out when it is too late for us and the planet.


"Rather than asking how individual consumers can guarantee the basic sustenance of millions of people,”we should be questioning an economic system that only halts misery and starvation if it is profitable. Rather than solely creating an individualized ‘culture of giving,’ we should be challenging capitalism’s institutionalized taking.”


It’s not the economic system, it’s the political system. Capitalism generates wealth relatively efficiently. It’s the control of the political system by the wealthy that allows them to keep taxes and regulation much lower than needed to benefit the country as a whole.


The explanation seems to be the lies of our corporate/CIA press –
but why would anyone still be watching MSM???

Get to your libraries before they shut them down.

Frankly I would like to see what the amount that is given to already extremely profitable corporations in the form of corporate welfare and welfare going to the already filthy rich (i.e. subsidies, tax breaks, with natural resources extraction from public lands the lack of royalties required to be paid by the exracting industry such as oil, mining, logging, etc.), the public paying for cleaning up polltuion produced by various industires, etc.) is in comparison to the amount paid out for financial aid and food aid for the poor. I assure you that the amount given to corporations is hundreds to thousands of time greater than aid for the poor.


Slavery also created wealth. It created such huge profits for slave owners some suggest that the profits earned by Slave owners in the British Empire were enough to finance all of that investment into the industrial revolution. That “created wealth” came at a great costs to the families and peoples it destroyed.

The same is true of Capitalism where millions live laboring in poverty and debt even as the environment around us destroyed in the pursuit of profits,

I am sorry but taxing the rich is not going to clean up all of those plastics the consumer economy dumps into our oceans. It is not going to help the millions laboring in India for a few dollars a day. It is not going to preserve the forests of Northern Canada from being destroyed for the oil that lies underneath.


The first thing that happens when ya get rich is ya stop caring about all the stuff you used to care about. Seriously. Why read the bad news every day or continue the hopeless fight for yer cause when you can do anything you want and there’s so much to want? Ya never again see the inside of a Walmart or regular grocery store or movie theater, ya always fly 1st, and your ass is kissed every where ya go. Before ya know it, yer disconnected from the reality of the situation, and you really just don’t care - especially since yer ‘job’ now is to maintain the awesome lifestyle. And it IS awesome.

Not a defense of the Psychotically Greedy Class - just saying, big money changes ya forever whether ya like it or not.


Excellent article.

Some questions:

Can capitalism be fixed through regulations made by the oligarchy via the politicians they own?

Conversely, can communism be fixed through regulations made by their dictators via the politicians they command? Can theocracies be fixed by regulations made by theocrats via the politicians they control?

Can “representative” government be immune to the whims of their leaders, to Wall Street bribes, mortal threats to the leader and his family and coercion from members of his party?

Decentralized direct grassroots democracy is government that works for all. Encrypted online voting may be the key. The Swiss have been doing this for over 200 years in a low tech way: