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Why So Many Journalists Are Clueless About the Bernie 2020 Campaign

Why So Many Journalists Are Clueless About the Bernie 2020 Campaign

Norman Solomon

They don’t get it.

Mainstream journalists routinely ignore the essential core of the Bernie 2020 campaign. As far as they’re concerned, when Bernie Sanders talks about the crucial importance of grassroots organizing, he might as well be speaking in tongues.


Biden’s bump is largely the coming out party of the Clintonites letting everyone know they’re still here and still dominant.

And as most Sanders supporters here already know, they hate Bernie and will stop at nothing to crush his run.


So many journalists are clueless about the Bernie 2020 campaign because they’re paid to be.


MSM journalists are being paid to find politicians like Status Quo Joe everything Americans could want in a President.

Unfortunately, for us Americans with an intellect, we know Joe represents everything this country must put behind us if we’re ever to cease consolidating wealth and power in the hands of the few.

On the other hand, Bernie, for all his strengths, represents a fighter for the masses rights, and seeks to expose the corruption and weaknesses of the “Status Quo Joes” being paraded before us.


When the last election went for the change candidate, what makes us think we now want an establishment candidate like Biden?
We can excuse some of the ignoring of Bernie last time, but he is an established commodity this time, so something is afoot here.
Remember that moment when Bernie announced that his campaign had the (momentum) in the last run in 2016? Maybe if we reach that point again, this time he will get the MSM to pay homage.
The capitalists are running scared. They fear a sixteen year run of progressives in power.


We can vote for Bernie and “The Resistance”, or the Empire and storm troopers of “The Dark Side.”


If Biden and Trump were the only choices, I would execute my right not to vote.

 As always Norm, you're a light in mainstream corporate journalism's

darkness, and hope is your work will burn through their perpetual and
intentional deception. The MSM does get it, only too well–keep the
propaganda going, damn those progressive journalists. But Bernie,
good as he is, has some serious issues to publicly confront in his campaign.
He let Hillary Clinton’s DNC spit in his face while he only asked, “Is it raining?”
He has only tepidly questioned, with depressing conformity, to the Pentagon’s
coup in Venezuela. And
Julian Assange has just been given a “50 week” jail term, in U.K.'s maximum prison,
for journalism’s freedom to speak, but where’s the “Bern” Norm?


They don’t get it.

With all due respect Mr. Solomon, you don’t get it. The media represents the establishment, plain and simple. To expect them to conduct themselves in any other fashion is simple naive.

What you should writing about is how we counter this?


May the Force be with you G!

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There will be absolutely no change in a Biden Presiduncey. As Uncle Festus would proclaim.


Unfortunately, even the media that are pro-Bernie can be clueless about his 2020 campaign.

I voted for Bernie in the 2016 primaries and contributed 100 dollars to his campaign.

This was because he was taking a small step in the right direction by focusing more on small contributions which is something that was not offered by other candidates and could change the public perception of the viability of small contributions.

That goal has been accomplished as many candidates in 2018 and for 2020 are focusing on small contributions.

It is now time to take the next step to small donor campaigns instead of small contribution campaigns.

So for 2020, I will not be voting for or contributing to Bernie unless he takes the next step to running a small donor campaign.

I sent Bernie a letter explaining this along with an article (submitted to but not published by Common Dreams) titled “Are you supporting a small donor candidate or a small contribution candidate?” that explains the difference between the two.

It explains how a donor can give a small 50 dollar contribution every week for a year and by this time next year despite averaging 50 dollars per contribution will have contributed a total of 2600 dollars. Not a small donor.

It explains how just 10% of presidential election cycle voters contributing just 100 dollars would total over 1 billion dollars.

It explains how a candidate such as Bernie could make the One Demand commitment to run a small donor campaign by limiting the maximum contribution to his campaign to 200 dollars per donor per campaign (200 primary, 200 general) and still raise enough money to be competitive.

A candidate such as Bernie making this commitment should be able to get 5% of the above mentioned voters to contribute 100 dollars to their campaign for a total of 500 million dollars.

If a candidate making that commitment can’t get 5% of voters to contribute 100 dollars to their campaign they don’t deserve to be president and we don’t deserve to have candidates that do not take big money.

A candidate making this commitment could say that instead of asking for your vote while taking big money now and promising legislation in the the future so they won’t have to take big money in the future they are taking action NOW to EARN vote BEFORE you vote.

A candidate making this commitment could also ask those that can afford to contribute more than 200 dollars to their campaign to use that excess money to instead make small contributions to other candidates that make this commitment for Congress and the Senate, their primary opponents and even from other parties.

The big money interests work across district and state lines so there is no reason that small donors can’t help each other out in the same manner.

This will allow these donors wiht the best intentions to stop unintentionally providing cover for the large donors with nefarious purposes because there will be no large donors to any one of these campaigns. So the large donors with the best of intentions will only be helping those citizens that can only afford to be small donors or can’t afford to be donors at all.

A candidate making this commitment could even make a joint announcement with other candidates that would make this commitment to make it more about changing the system rather than just about an advantage/ difference for their campaign.

Imagine if Bernie, Elizabeth Warren, AOC and a few more candidates that SHOULD be making this commitment all held a joint press conference announcing the new position of their campaigns going forward.

Could the alternate media keep ignoring this then? Even the MSM might have to cover it.

I did get a postcard with the generic “thank you for contacting us” reply from Bernie’s campaign. But there was also a hand written note (unclear who in the campaign wrote it) that said “Thank you for your very interesting essay. It is definitely food for thought.”

So Bernie’s campaign at some level is thinking about this.

Anyone that wants Bernie to take the next step (“Take the Next Step 2020” sounds like a good slogan) can contact Bernie’s campaign, Common Dreams, Norman Solomon and anyone else you can think of (such as Ralph Nader- see petition at Change.org for Ralph to address One Demand) and let them know you think it’s time to take the next step.

And you could also register at www.onedemand.org that you will only vote for small donor candidates in 2020.


Relatively unknown Democrats with no hope of winning, nevertheless can gain a lot personally by running for president: national TV exposure, self-promoting plugs, resume for future jobs, all expenses paid travels, free staff development. To all this, one can now add easy money, ironically as one result of the accomplishments of Bernie and the blue wave.

In the days before the blue wave, what constrained these Democrats from running for president was money, or rather the lack of it. Big money passed them up, giving only to big name Democrats like Clinton. At the same time, if they are neo-liberals, they offer nothing for, and get nothing from, ordinary wage earners. Historically, only Bernie earned the trust of millions of small donors.

Now all of a sudden, Democrats of the neo-liberal bent (Biden included) find themselves ankle deep in money - money practically URGED ON THEM by billionaires petrified at the thought of a Bernie presidency. ‘Big money’, i.e. Wall Street, Big Pharma, Seed Monopolists, Dirty Energy are now eager to encourage any neo-liberal to jump in, by doling out seed money to them. Forget electability, just muddy the water, dilute the progressive message, take up press space and debate time, and confuse the voters. That, my friends, is the billionaires’ desperate, anti-Bernie strategy.

Ignore the talking heads, and follow the money. Seed money paid by ‘big money’ is the real reason neo-liberal candidates will continue to crawl out of the woodwork. Neo-liberals care only about personal gain, not what the country might lose by the damage they do.


As Yoda would say, “America needs not any more Blue Waves or Red Waves, America must have a Green Wave to survive the consequences of so many Blue and Red Waves.”


The 2018 “blue wave” was another mainstream media construct that never happened.

Controlling the House of Representatives while the Senate continues to stack the courts with right wingers hardly qualifies as a “blue wave”.


Vote 3rd party.
Too many say the 3rd party candidates do not have a chance. That is true only because voters would rather sit out than vote.


That’s your right, but no one will have any idea what your motives are. How about voting for a third party candidate, or writing someone in. Not to win, but to register your dissatisfaction. That’s an important result that you should not withhold.


It was, nonetheless, a BIG step in the right correct direction.  IIRC, there are 22 'PoopLicken senators up for election in 2020 – including the worst of the worst, Mitch McConnell – so there is a MUCH better chance of cleaning things up a bit.  It is our job to ensure that as many of the new senators as possible are progressive – or at least not regressive – while holding on to and maybe even improving the House.

*   *   *   *   *

As for Bernie, don’t forget that in late 2015 only about four voters in one hundred even knew he was a Senator and by late 2016 – in spite of the DNC’s efforts to hide the primary debates and keep his name out of public view – he had become the most popular politician in Amerika.  The Establishment stooges in the DNC and MSM won’t be able to hide Bernie’s message this time, and once Biden’s full history be­comes better known he should fall to second or third place fairly quickly.


GO BERNIE. the cream will rise to the top.


What Solomon fails to either understand or acknowledge is that the corporate media and their lacky pols who run the Democratic Party will not roll over or yield in any way Sanders and his supporters. They would rather have four more years of Trump than one day of Bernie in the White House, because that would mean the end of their power and control. There is no way the DNC is going to let Bernie anywhere near the Presidential nomination. And, since he took the pledge to endorse whoever the nominee is, he has lost any leverage he might have had as a threat to walk out and go over to say, the Green Party, and take millions of votes with him. Game over before it begins. The massive field of Democratic candidates is deliberately there to dilute Sanders support and take the 2020 convention to a second ballot, something that has not happened in at least 70 years, so the superdelegates get to have the final say and nominate someone like Biden. I’ve been saying for a coupld of weeks now that I think the ticket is going to be Biden-Harris, or similar. And that ticket will lose to Trump, just like how in 1984 the previous Vice President (Mondale) lost spectacularly to Reagan with a female running mate. History may not repeat, but it can rhyme strongly.