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Why Spend $54 Billion More on the Pentagon? To Start a War, Obviously


Why Spend $54 Billion More on the Pentagon? To Start a War, Obviously.

John Feffer

So, let me see if I’ve got this right.

North Korea has been pushing its ally China to rein in the United States. Pyongyang is worried that Washington is about to launch a preemptive attack, so it has tried to use whatever minimal amount of influence it has to persuade China to use its considerable economic leverage with the United States to get those knuckleheads inside the Beltway to listen to reason.

Or maybe I misheard the report on the radio.


NRA is pushing more war budget to help arms manufacturers stock prices recover.

Although Obama actually helped the arms business, every so often during Obama's eight years in office the NRA told its membership that Obama was going to take their guns, prompting the membership to add more arms and ammo to their arsenals. This is one of many examples of fake news Trump never mentions.

The NRA was caught off guard when Clinton lost to Trump and they couldn't continue the "POTUS gonna take your guns" strategy to continue bolstering arms and ammo sales, hence arms stocks have underperformed the broader market ever since November.

Trump's war budget is getting him in good with the NRA.


Trump has no id. Only id-iot.

What if Trump started a war where none existed, and nobody came? Including our military.

The next war must be right here in Washington DC.
A war to remove the raving lunatics that are raping and Pillaging our country, it's treasury, and our whole way of life.

A return to the Dark Ages is not progress.


Where was the national rage when the criminal LBJ was lying about the Gulf of Tonkin. He actually caused the deaths of over 58,000 Americans and millions, yes,millions of people in SE Asia. Does history condemn this mass murderer ? No, they talk about his 'civil rights' bill. Is there more inequality today than 1964 ? Some would say yes. The criminal Bushes started 2 wars based on lies. Incubator babies? The lying sack Poppy used that fairy tale to whip up war fever and the zionist press ran with it. The idiot son used the WMD lies to kill hundreds of thousands in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why aren't these bastards in prison along with the neocons ?


Look in your mirror and ask yourself that question! Why aren't they in jail you ask. But who are you asking? In a democracy people make things happen. It takes effort, hard work and dedication. Just asking anybody else such a question actually ends up answering it for you. You want someone else to make it happen instead of you working to make it happen.


Why do these pols co tow to the NRA? Since when are we all gun totin' pitchfork wielding people? WHy not cow tow to the environmental organizations, or the people or the cities or towns- what is this preoccupation with guns- unless it's just another excuse for congress ?


I agree.


wrong post


If Presidents and other politicians love the military so much, why do they, their children and their relatives so seldom serve in the military? What's more despicable than a chickenhawk politician that sends other kids off to kill and die?

Online Direct Democracy


What is with these Presidents returning (and sometimes initiating) Salutes?


In CHARGE of the Military,
not OF the Military.

Or are they unwittingly signaling something we should all be taking notice of?


Trump must be stopped!


Stopped ? Unlike the Shrub, he was elected not appointed. The MSM tried to destroy him but not the criminals, Clinton and the Bushes.


Does being "elected" by the Electoral College, a corrupt institution, count?


Why spend $54 billion more on the military?

Because America is a fascist, offensive war mongering country. America is for all intensive purposes, using the canard of defense to support it's egregious budget.