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Why Students of Color Are Stepping Up to Lead Climate Strikes


Why Students of Color Are Stepping Up to Lead Climate Strikes

Leanna First-Arai

Kawika Ke Koa Pegram has lived his entire life in island communities and is all too familiar with what sea level rise looks like firsthand. Pegram, a 17-year-old junior in high school, recently moved back to Hawai‘i—where he was born—from the Philippines. Two years later, Hurricane Walaka hit the state.



For many of them, climate change isn’t the first environmental threat they’ve faced. Wisconsin state leader Ndemazea Fonkem, the 16-year-old daughter of Cameroonian immigrants, lives less than a mile away from the Fox River in northeast Wisconsin where, as she points out, paper companies dumped waste products in the 1970s. Cancer rates in her region are higher than the rest of the state. Fonkem was born with a congenital limb deficiency.

This never needed to happen ,Hemp can supply the world with all the paper you need without cutting down another tree ever again.
No harmful chemicals required in the process.

This is an example of the boomers not being educated or interested in the bigger picture.
No kids I speak to today have any idea what Hemp is and what this miraculous plant is capable of.
It has the possibility to replace so many nonrewneable resources at a fraction of the cost .
It’s a lifeline for humanity.
Saves lives …no cancers from chemicals spills !
Gives us fresh oxygen and takes in 4× the co2 as the same area of trees. Replenishs the spoil .Keeps our water pure.
Hello are we getting this …
Is anyone here on Humanity’s Team

The other team is not real ,yet its part of our reality . Its every thought that separates us ,every thought that ignores our oneness .

Time for an Evolution Revolution.

Climate change is a symptom not the disease as is war ,poverty ,inequality ,Donald Trump …and all the rest of humanity’s self created nightmares.

We can change it all with One thought…in one generation we can conciously evolve this planet .

One New Guiding Principle …We Are All One



We need s something to replace fo sail fuel.before climate change does. is in.