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Why Syria Needs Surge of Aid and Diplomacy, Not US Military Escalation

Why Syria Needs Surge of Aid and Diplomacy, Not US Military Escalation

Jon Rainwater

The first law of military conflict is escalation. In General Carl von Clausewitz’s 19th century classic treatise, On War, Clausewitz could have been writing about Vietnam – or Syria – when he laid out his theory that escalation is built into the very logic of war.

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Without mention of Putin and the Russian’s invited activity in Syria, I find this discussion wanting. What is the US going to do? Put boots on the ground, NOT tell Putin where they are, and then feign “righteous” indignation when they are hit by invited Russian fire? What a bunch of fools Warshington believes us to be.


The US does not want any diplomatic solutions. What would the pentagon and all those who benefit from wars do without wars?

The war on terror is a perfect solution to keep the warmongers rich.


Does this author seriously believe that the U.S. would possibly replace military aid with humanitarian aid? It’s as if the author is saying…“there is no military industrial complex and we live in a functioning democracy”. What we can be sure of is that the bombings will continue, more refugees will try to escape the horror the U.S. has created there and the funding for the carnage will only increase on the Hill.
As for accepting the refugees, the U.S. should accept all of them as the U.S. is directly responsible for this debacle. That goes for Libyan refugees as well. The hypocrisy is hard to match and it should only reinforce the public’s image that Congress and the President are nothing more than tools of corporate America. Shame on all of them!


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Has the US no shame? The people of the US have not been pulling the strings on what we’ve been doing in the Middle East since that criminal GW.and his neocon (Israel first) advisors.
At least we get something for our subservience to House of Saud (oil and the Petrodollar), but what we get out of subservience to the extreme right in Israel is beyond me - have the neocons not yet done enough to be sent packing?

I’ve changed my mind. It’s, “Fuck America, I want my 30 pieces of silver and keep my job”, that explains the subservience to the likes of AIPA\C. You can always pretend you’re acting of principle with non sequiturs like, “Israel is our ally”, or “Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East”.

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I understand the need to say escalation is wrong here. But I’m not too concerned about calling up 50-100 military " advisors " when there are thousands and thousands of privately controlled mercenaries ( contractors ) roaming around in what was once called a caliphate. You know, before the current maps were pulled out of thin air, just over a century ago. But, there’s lots of viewpoints on this Syria situation; why a possible ceasefire is being discussed as a cover story for more mischief or the idea that the U.S. and its’ allies what to provoke a bigger fight. As history shows consistently, ending these disasters takes a lot more effort than starting them. ( hint, hint ). And, I think these people calling for the U.S. to take in hundreds of thousands of refuges, are playing with a giant domestic political conflagration, not just a fire. Saudi Arabia and the GCCs need to take the lead here ( fat chance, that ). Or, let’s start relocating them to states with a less urban demographic and has 2 Republican Senators. I would gladly support sending these MENA refugees to Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Wyoming, Mississippi, Louisiana, S. Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kentucky, Tennessee, S. Carolina, Texas, N. Carolina, et al. You know, where all the heroic, flag waving, gung ho, patriotic, Christian 'Murkans live ( And, where Hillary plans to end the Sanders campaign ). :wink: About 80,000 yearly, for the next decade, should pretty much cure their lust for blowing up millions of people and their countries, indiscriminately. Sick jerks that they are, of course. Or, just send them to Wall Street and Washington, D.C. They’ve got the stolen money to pay for it. Yeah, that’s the ticket! :wink:

Senator McCain less then a week ago saying we should give the Islamic/Zionist Extremist missiles to shoot down Russian planes. And now two days ago a Russian commercial jet is
apparently been shot down.