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Why Tax Resistance Under Trump Needs Its Antiwar Edge

Why Tax Resistance Under Trump Needs Its Antiwar Edge

Frida Berrigan

There have always been fights about taxes — stretching back to the crates of over-taxed tea tossed into the Boston Harbor and a thoughtful man’s night in jail for refusing to pay taxes in the slave-holding state of Massachusetts.

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Militarism <=> Compassion are always in dynamic tension. Not thinking about roads, schools, and healthcare is the path to insecurity too…it is hard to comprehend how stupid this policy is.


Taxes are one way the oligarchy rigs the system. It can afford to have unlimited amounts of lawyers, accountants and politicians to write loopholes in the tax laws that amount to foot thick tax code books.

Instead of taxes, citizens in a direct democracy might cap personal wealth and direct the excess wealth to be distributed equally among the public. This without having to depend on today’s rigged tax gimmicks to run the regime.

As money is power, capping wealth concentration democratically would have the effect of avoiding the extreme concentration of power that harms the 99% for the benefit of the 1%.

Direct Online Democracy

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No taxation $$$ for DoD wishlists while homeless Vets and their wives and descendants are lacking adequate healthcare and pensions, period.
No taxation $$$ for The Alphabets’ domestic spying and bulk information gathering while the underfunding of Federal Legal Aid and Public Defender Offices are starved of reasonable funding for discovery and other necessary case preparations are ignored.
No taxation $$$ for…
Please fill in your own list here.

The author should have included a summary of the following as a means of full disclosure:

Consequences of War Tax Resistance

All I’m saying is be informed so you can make an educated decision based on your own conscience and morals.