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Why the “Anthropocene” Is Not “Climate Change”


Why the “Anthropocene” Is Not “Climate Change”

Julia Adeney Thomas

“Anthropocene” is a widely proposed name for the geological epoch that covers human impact on our planet. But it is not synonymous with “climate change,” nor can it covered by “environmental problems.” Bigger and more shocking, the Anthropocene encapsulates the evidence that human pressures became so profound around the middle of the 20th century that we blew a planetary gasket. Hello, new Earth System. Hello, Anthropocene.

There’s Nothing Radical About the Green New Deal

Hyper-financialized capitalism abhors the precautionary principle and externalizes myriad environmental and social stressors, the former of which contributes to the “anthropocene”. Minimizing time-to-market is one essential key to the maximization of short-term profits, the elixir of markets. Perhaps “anthropocene” should be replaced by “marketsocene” (or “marketsobscene”).


Finally someone who can put it all together a bit.

The reason that there are so many problems coming together is humans have allowed themselves to be structured under the worst system which brings out the worst behavior.

All of us from the richest to the poorest needs to continuously be involved in doing whatever it takes to get money. No money - You die! it really is that simple. Within that structure greed in indeed good, it means you and your loved ones might just be able to live…and maybe ever live well if you are lucky, and luck does play a big part.

If we eliminate that overhanging threat by providing total healthcare free, unlimited education free, cheap or free housing, and more then and only then will humanity truly be free. We have been taught the lie that if we did that no work would ever get done. BS! Everything that needs to get done would but all the BS that doesn’t need to get done, which is mostly what is destroying the planet, will not get done. What this means is the opportunity to get rich goes away but so does a lot of other methods for getting money into people’s hands so we need to
change how money works.

If we do not change how money works we will never be able to address confluence of catastrophic conundrums coming down on us.


I’m partial to ‘capitalocene’.

There are indigenous peoples who have been struggling against the worldś most powerful and abusive corporations since the rise of the industrial revolution. In fact the IR would not exist were it not for “externalized” costs read destruction of traditionally led lives on lands under which there is ore coveted by dissociative psychopaths who scratch out words on paper as if they were God to dehumanize peoples PRECISELY for the fact that their entire being is integrated with planetary process.

Maybe we ought to make that ’ schizocapitalocene '.


Yes yes yes yes yes! More articles like this, more thinking like this – whole-systems thinking, comprehensive ecological thinking that places humans and human systems in the larger context of the Earth and Earth systems, that places climate change in a larger whole-systems context, and demands fundamental political and economic change to harmonize our human systems with Earth’s systems, to prioritize ecology ABOVE corporate profit.

Here’s what i wrote a couple days ago in another thread:

“The cause” of this dis-integration of the ecology and crash in biodiversity and mass extinction event that is underway and accelerating…

Is not global warming, and will not be “solved” by electric cars or renewable energy.

Climate change is a latecomer to the extinction ball. YES climate change is extremely important and climate change MUST be addressed (by ending war, ending fossil fuels, ending the looting class, ending capitalism, and focusing our education, our media, and our enterprise on ecological understanding and stewardship).

BUT: The primary drivers of loss of biodiversity, ecological dis-integration, and mass extinction are habitat loss, land use, industrial agriculture (and agriculture in general), toxic chemicals, development, transportation, automobiles, highways, and cities. And now, including climate change.

Capitalism; Industrialism; The Economy. That’s what’s doing this, and THAT’S WHAT MUST BE CHANGED. FAST!

We need a MASSIVE PARADIGM SHIFT. We need ECOLOGICAL CONSCIOUSNESS, ECOLOGICAL SOCIETY, and ECOLOGICAL ECONOMY. We need agroecology, permaculture, and regenerative organic agriculture to REPLACE mono-cropping of industrial commodity crops. We need to END “CONSUMERISM.” We need REWILDING, REFORESTATION, and to ABOLISH THE AUTOMOBILE. We need to ABOLISH the for-profit, investor-owned, limited-liability corporation.

Don’t buy fake “solutions,” to climate change or ecological crisis, that do not go to the heart of how the economy is organized and how it operates.

i’m just being realistic. All the “realistic,” “mainstream,” “normal” people are the crazy ones. Don’t buy the fake “science” peddled by Monsanto and the entire industrial agricultural establishment. Don’t buy all the useless plastic crap they are selling, all the toxic industrial products they are selling, all the ENDLESS PROPAGANDA they pour into your brain.

WAKE THE FUCK UP. It is BEYOND “too late.” We need a real resistance movement, a mass movement of people working to educate themselves about reality, free themselves from the endless propaganda machine, and free themselves from the endless “employment” and consumption treadmills.



“Marketocene”, “capitalocence”,
“Potato”, “Pahtahtah”,
Let’s call the whole thing off…


As much a ‘revolt’ against the centralization and usurpation of human interactions today by corporate “technology”, we need ‘revel in local - revere the global’. I guess we could also call the era/error the ‘technocene’ - 5G being the equivalent of pure heart stopping lard on an over-fattened and over-fluffed facade for fraud against life itself.

Give up a smart phone??? Hey, that leaves opioids in the dust in terms of addiction!


I’ll join you in a little soft-shoe any time.


Devo explains it…


But instead, we are accelerating toward network brain implants. Not sure how to decelerate…


Wow! That animation was from 1963! Who were those artists?

And Devo’s lyric is right: “No place like home… to return to.”


Seems to me that its a matter of something arising that simply outshines the desirability. The technologies have become our interpersonal interface. I tend to think that the institutionalized violence - it becoming a profit line, as in the prison industrial complex and police violence - is a direct offshoot of the ego dominating what was previously a give-and-take. The emphasis on ‘take’, is the earmark of predatory capitalism. It now dominates both process and content, and switching between the two - even in the same sentence - is one of the propaganda techniques honed by the Mercer/Breitbart/Conway/ Bannon capture - of ‘take no prisoners’. That is to say, eliminate the conversation and force it down your throat by means of $#it storm.

To coin a variant from the sixties… tune in turn on and drop out - of the constant planned obsolescence of technogadgetry. … start a garden; write poems, become acquainted with the creatures in the creation. Break through the human cocoon to Mother Nature.


i so appreciate your writing here OG. Something i look forward to.

Ego, taking, and then re-presenting the ego and the taking as embodying all the highest goods we know love and aspire to. It’s a shiny surface of desirability, but i think that underlying its appeal is the Western, liberal, “Enlightened” fleeing from death that underpins our culture: the delusional, ultimately separatist dream of the ego to never die.

When then-President B Clinton announced the publication of the first draft of the Human Genome Project he literally said “This is great news, because everyone wants to live forever.”

Silicon Valley tech guru billionaires and associated technophiles of “The Singularity” talk openly of this today, for example in terms of uploading your consciousness to escape the limitations of material existence including the limitation of death. Ultimate irony of course in that this delusional desire driving our neoliberal capitalist society fuels the unfolding omnicide…

We need humility, but i’m not sure how to challenge this embedded promise of eternity in the marketing of the machinery of death as eternal life. i come to similar conclusions: make compost, make music, make love, but my mind is distracted by the spectacle…


Eliminating money will achieve nothing in itself.

The key is making humans understand that they’ll have to do with less and still be fine.


Yessir, and back atcha:


I’m going with ‘obscene.’


“The way to change the existing reality is to create a New Model and make the old one obsolete .”
Bucky Fuller.

We have a power and possessions economy let’s move to a Use and Access economy as articulated by the great Jack Reed in his book the Next Evolution .

It’s impossible to grow the world’s economy on a never ending upward spiral on a finite planet .
We just have to share and share alike .
Only the West could think of everybody owning their own copy if everything thst just sits there idling. This is an absurd idea .
Just give folks Access to the stuff of life so they can Use it without having to own it .In the end this creates happiness .
The resources of this planet rightly belong to all the people . Ownership is only a mental construction having nothing to do with ultimate reality .Its so dysfunctional and is harming all of us even the folks that think they own all the stuff of life .
Live simply so others can simply live .
Oh please grow Hemp I’m here to help !! Just give me a chance .I take in 4 × the co2 of trees covering the same area .What’s not to like about that .
Its a win win but oh that’s another problem with humans you think life’s a competition right !

Last time I looked we are all wearing the same colour jersey. The other team ain’t real it’s every thought that ignores our oneness ,every idea that seperates us .we think that we are seperate from each other.The other team is not real but it’s part of our reality for we have made it so.
Who will be on Humanity’s Team

The real solution is Oneness
All for One and One for All, its the same message the avatars and masters through the millennia have been telling us .Listen to the Earth it’s yelling at us now .
We Are All One …This one thought if acted upon gives us a chance to evolve and take our place amongst our neighbours in the galaxy.

Can we make it …Ghandi said it best “Be the change you want to see in the World .”

We can as a collective wake up or we will all go down . The universe has no need for humans to evolve it’s up too us .We get to choose.Its only as a collective that this is going to happen it’s so observable and obvious .



Calling an inventor a techno-optimist is like calling a human being an ape. Technically it’s true. However, the human being might be quite offended at being unnecessarily lumped in with the other types of apes.

"Slowing climate change is crucial but navigating its challenges is only possible if it is understood as one facet of planetary overshoot. "

I’m ok with naming and dealing with other facets of planetary overshoot. However, any child alive today runs a nonzero risk of starvation 50 years from now due to massive crop failures, primarily from climate change and only marginally from worldwide soil depletion. The elephant in the room gets due respect.

The challenges of our altered, unpredictable Earth System cannot be met by technological tinkering within the very systems that pushed it over the edge in the first place.

We need technological tinkering. If you’re throwing R&D out with the economic and political systems then mass hunger it shall be. If you want reasonably well-fed future generations then we have to invent/improve houses that stay warm in the winter, new transit systems and ways to have reliable electricity after sundown. Also, we have to worry about positive climate feedback loops that are now going forward with or without humanity’s aid. We also want to enhance carbon sequestration if possible, and we might want to preserve millions of endangered species in climate zoos or in egg banks.

There’s nothing for it but to roll up our sleeves and begin the hard work of transforming our political and economic systems with the aims of decency and resilience.

Now this is true. Our political systems in most nations are notoriously corrupt, and we can greatly reduce the corruption. Corruption-resistant forms of democratic government exist – don’t think that the wheel hasn’t been invented before. Next, we want our market economies to be our tool for regulating the world well, not our master. We can reinvent this too.


I’ve immersed myself in their oeuvre the last couple months. Devo has so much to say about our reality…back in the day, we all thought it was satire, but instead, it turned out to be reality.

Below is a cool article:

Devo Goes Back to Kent State!


Quite so. Margaret Atwood had a similarly astute and well-written article on Medium a couple of years ago titled “It’s Not Climate Change: It’s EVERYTHING Change.”