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Why the Biggest Problem With the Media is Not 'Liberal Bias'



While the 3 initiatives that Ms. Van den Heuval recommends are good ones, I am surprised that she didn't mention the Fairness Act (I believe that was its name).

Ralph Nader spoke about the cessation of this rule; and what it meant was that TV stations (i.e. mega broadcast companies) by virtue of the FACT that they were using the public's airwaves to rent back cell phone access, Internet access, and T.V. signals... in turn would grant about 10% of content (in the form of made-available air time) to things that pertained to public service and the general welfare of The People.

That 10% could easily open a venue to viable candidates' platforms in which case candidates would not be forcibly beholden to Big Money in their efforts to secure the many millions required to secure Face-Time, that all important component of selling everything from pantyhose to the Presidency to the American public.

By merely rectifying the graft that's allowed 5 major broadcast corporations to own, control, and profit from almost all universally rendered content--through reinstating the Fairness Act--the public would certainly hear and learn from more diversified political platforms.

In my view, this imperative is at least as important as the 3 that were mentioned.

And as to why the right wing bigots incessantly argue about the Liberal media is to make themselves into the victims. After all, when "you" are the victim, you feel enough righteous indignation to FIGHT back. And that fighting spirit, so prized by the war god Mars never does anything to make for peace, prosperity, or solidarity.

Note how that same spark of U.S. Citizen-victimhood was drummed up to a fever pitch after 911. The premise rallies the victims into righteous fighting back. If this isn't Old Testament B.S., what is?

I can just picture Gandhi's spirit observing modern times with one conflict generating the next in a circle that keeps spreading the horrors of brimstone and damnation.

"An eye for an eye will succeed in making the whole world blind."

When warriors lead, bloodbaths are sure to follow. Let the premise War Leader be retired for the oxymoron that it is.


The curse of Hearst.


Please do not call the corporate media "mainstream" ! There is nothing mainstream about it at all, that is a canard. Mainstream media is just mostly warmongering and brainwashing of the American public! Because that term signifies that the mainstream media is fair and balanced and is reporting the news that the majority of the American public agree with, when nothing could be further from the truth!

The mainstream media should be labeled what it is: A CORPORATE, BIAS, WAR MONGERING, DINOSAUR MEDIA!


You might want to read up on the Fairness Doctrine. It was not an Act. An Act implies a law passed by Congress. The Fairness Doctrine was an FCC policy. The policy said that broadcast stations should devote time to a discussion of issues of public importance and that contrasting viewpoints should be represented. There was no specific amount of time designated for this purpose -- certainly not ten percent. The policy took effect in 1949, so I doubt the FCC was thinking about a quid pro quo regarding cell phones and Internet access.

Your defense of the merits of the Fairness Doctrine would more effective if you looked up the facts.


It would appear that you are more intent on denigrating my point than merely adding a correction. I stated that I wasn't sure if I had the name right. I grant a lot of time to this site and don't have the time to look up EVERY reference I make.

And while it may not have been 10%, I seem to recall Ralph Nader specifying that as a viable figure.

YOU seem more committed to gutting the ideal behind my recommendation than recognizing the good it would do; but I suspect that's what you're paid to do like those who go after Bill McKibben since his foundation accepts a bit of Rockefeller money, or going after Naomi Klein for daring to fly on planes to attend conferences, and so forth.

Given the inevitable fact that each of us has human failings, the focus on the human failing in lieu of the value of commentary offered says more about YOU and YOUR motives.

After all, nothing promotes Democracy better than "Citizens, United" and the air time its funded candidates procure.


Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi also said this about the West:

" It is my firm belief that the West today represents not the spirit of God or Christianity but the spirit of Satan. And Satan's successes are the greatest when he appears with the name of God on his lips. The West is today only nominally Christian. In reality it is worshipping Mammon."


I happen to agree with you about the merits of the Fairness Doctrine.

But when your facts are in error, your argument is weakened.

Given your track record of pointing out the failings of others, it is disingenuous for you to make such a complaint when the favor is returned.


Although Obama hasn't got a socialist bone in his body, the Democratic Party loves it every time the GOP or others call Obama a socialist because it gives the Party and Obama cover to move further rightward, thereby attracting more corporate money to the Democratic Party.

The corporate media plays the same game, loving the GOP calling them "the liberal media" thereby giving them cover to keep moving rightward and attracting more corporate money.


This article is sadly amusing. It's as if Katrina is watching a house burn down, and she chooses to write an angry letter to the editor about a burned-out streetlight. The dysfunction of the U.S. media is merely a symptom of the far greater dysfunction of American government and society simply melting down. It's wildly optimistic to expect the government to reform media regulation when it can't even protect its citizens on their own streets anymore or set up a decent public health care system. All our government can do, really, is wage war, borrow money and pass more laws that largely benefit the top 1 percent. That's literally all it does now, so I wouldn't expend too much energy lobbying for better media regulation. That crackling sound we all just heard wasn't another streetlight failing, it was the nation's social and governmental infrastructure collapsing.