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Why The Census Asking About Citizenship Is Such A Problem


Why The Census Asking About Citizenship Is Such A Problem

Wendy Weiser, Thomas Wolf

On Monday night, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced that he is directing the Census Bureau to ask all respondents to the 2020 census to report their citizenship status.


The GOP has been undermining the census process for decades. Making “the 2020 census a major failure” fits right in to this undermining democaracy program that includes voter suppression and reallocation of resources away from the 99% and into the hands of the 1%.


The authors, possibly out of a felt need to present “objectivity,” sound much too credulous about government’s promises of confidentiality. From the article:

“Employees of the Census Bureau are prohibited from sharing the personal information that they collect with anyone outside the bureau, even with the employees of other federal agencies.”

That may be the law’s intent, but only the most starry-eyed, idealistic freshman civics students will assume that the political appointees in charge of the bureau intend to abide by it. And even if they do, what’s to prevent the data from being hacked by one of the alphabet agencies?

Notions of “privacy” in the internet age seem as quaint as believing that those words on the patrol car door, “To Protect and Serve,” are what cops actually are tasked with.


People of power in our govt. are almost never prosecuted for committed crimes, does anyone here believe they will be for crimes under the Census Act ? I have no doubt this question was inserted purely to exploit the answers. I will not answer this question when asked.


I just called his office and asked what the hell his question has to do with the census and not to expect my cooperation. I will write in permanent marker across the question of citizenship: Unless you and I are Native Americans neither of us has legitimacy to begin with so go to hell.


Been thinking…since these fascists are obviously counting on only the arch bourgeoisie Republicans to fully cooperate it might be a good idea for anyone who is not a citizen to answer yes to the question.


wilbur ross is a complete idiot. he will be shocked when millions of citizens refuse to answer his invasive census question. As a native born American I will refuse to answer it!


that question pure & simple is meant to aid ICE.


The worst imaginable census question:

  1. Were any of your grandparents Jewish ( )Yes ( )No

In Germany in the 1940s, the Nazi government rounded up close to 100% of all people with some Jewish ancestry and sent them to the camps. They made a very few exceptions for people who were essential (such as Adolf Hitler himself), declaring by fiat that they couldn’t possibly be Jewish.

This census question asking people if they are citizens sounds too much like a prelude to a mass roundup of millions of people. Too many immigrants have been deported to CIA-installed dictatorships where they are subsequently murdered in relative quiet. The mere asking of the census question is an attempt to spread the fear of of a pogrom within the American population.

In Nazi Germany, a credible death threat against millions of undocumented immigrants was implicitly a veiled threat against everyone else. The Nazis never stopped with the Jews. If somebody was acting less than superpatriotic during the war, they too could be disappeared off the streets of Berlin just as easily.