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Why the CIA is Smearing Edward Snowden After the Paris Attacks



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Just watched Citizen Four last night. Pretty amazing to see meetings between Snowden and Greenwald from before Greenwald published the first story. Having followed the stories closely there was almost nothing in the movie i had not already read about, but still powerful and inspiring to watch the narrative play out.

i still do not think people grasp how the network we're building changes what it means to be human, with the emergence of "networked humanity." Or grasp (or even think about) what it would take to design and maintain a network that does NOT provide full-spectrum access to certain players; or a network that does NOT grow a centralized processing center (such as the yottabyte sized NSC center in Bluffdale UT).


Glenn, Nowhere do you even speculate who gains most from these ' attacks'. Is it the radical murderer or the police state of Empire ?


Not for you wlawlor, but a question for Greenwald no one on this website will ever ask. Mr. Greenwald, how much have you pocketed as a result of your
"relationship" with Snowden and how much more will you add to your personal coffers as a result of the misfortune of a sadly misguided individual who
continues to remain, perhaps for the rest of his life, at the mercies of Putin?


Do you shine Clapper's boots, too? Or just shill for the NSA/CIA?


Wlawlor... have you see this or looked into Ole Dammegard's research on the TEMPLATE followed in these events as well as in high profile assassinations?

Some good stuff here:


As long as the amerikan sheep walk around with a yellow racing stripe down their backs, afraid of their own and everybody else's shadows, the US Government and the wealthy will have their way. Get the mid-eastern terror group that your administration has been helping to train and arm, pivot northward to Paris so that you can plaster the airwaves with unending warnings that Daesh is going to hit amerika by claiming that they sent pictures of Times Square to the US Compliant Corporate Media, knowing that the undiscerning american sheep will bite the shit log and believe every word they are told! Remember back in 2002 when the US Government had everyone believing that the French were surrender monkeys because they weren't foaming at the mouth for war? Well the French are on board now for war, so we are now all French fries and French toast because the French are on board now and want to bomb anything that moves in Syria! Sadly, the US Government is playing the sheep like a violin again. They have the sheep afraid now. It won't be long until they have the war weary amerikan people beating their chests and foaming at the mouth for war with nuclear armed Russia! MORONS!