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Why the Democrats Should Back Bernie Sanders: And Why They Won’t, If They Can Possibly Help It

I can hardly watch cable news anymore and in fact this evening I chose Swamp People over msnbc and it’s refreshing. Learning about gators and the bayou instead of the outright bullshit they are trying to promote. Ie. My god if Bernie wins Chris Mathews laments , Tip Oneil. Please save me cause I write a book about Bobby and my brother is a republican , well I am too. I just pretend to be a Democrat on tv. Bernie 2020 !


Bernie Sanders is a progressive centrist whose platform policies and programs are favored overwhelmingly by the majority of Americans, of all political persuasions.

If you are a registered Democrat still after all of the reported on attacks orchestrated by the DNC and Democratic Establishment elites, you are pretty much a hopeless supporter of political corruption and are responsible for the continued descent into authoritarian Hell we’ve been forced to endure since Hillary Clinton gave us Rump.


If Bernie is the nominee-----he will be controlling the DNC. And I don’t think the people at the DNC would like this.

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DN has shown the past two days why all these moderate candidates have real issues with the Black community-----Bernie has won the first two contests----is leading in Nevada-----and in new polling Sanders is now leading in national polls.

Sanders is not on their side. Neither are Democratic voters.

Just saw poll showing Bernie leading with black voters at 32% . THIS IS HAPPENING!


I write them. They bug you to donate, so I write back and say I will IF they back Bernie…or at least get off his back and end the blackout.


Thank you for your comment.

Could you please describe your conception of “the liberal media,” and could you then please cite articles from these media which “[back Bernie] completely”?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

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This one, I am sure of it, is a propaganda plant.

Take him down, boss.

I tend to agree. In fact, if Sanders does build the support to get the nomination on the first round PRIOR to the convention, I would not be surprised if he had a second heart attack or got killed in a plane accident. Call me paranoid. Been called worse :slight_smile:


That is why I think Bernie should choose Tulsi as his VP. He needs someone who the establishment hates even more as next in line so they don’t go down that road.


Thanks for the reminder of how much better our forefathers could write.

I don’t know about any other working-class Bernie supporter, but this one will very much NOT support any other nominee. Not only will I not vote for any of the corporate tools running against Bernie, I will actively lead a campaign against them to burn the party to the ground once and for all, because that is the only way common people will ever be able to take control of one of the two corporately-owned parties. I urge all other PO’d progressives who’ve had enough of this sh*t to join me if Bernie (and we) get robbed again, and write-in “None of the Above” on your presidential ballot in November. We truly will be the party establishment’s worst nightmare.


I think this is the first time I have seen an unabashedly pro-Sanders article outside of any penned by people already involved in the Sanders campaign/revolution! Hopefully it is merely the first among the coming avalanche of a consolidating coalition of support for a new future.

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I completely understand and can relate to your confrontation with BNMW encounters, most of mine have come with people I once considered friends, and more unfortunately, family members. That said, I’m not as cynical regarding Bloomberg and the party. That is certainly an increasingly likely outcome, but regardless of DNC preferences, it is far from a done deal and there are still multiple pathways for the Sanders candidacy which is definitely the frontrunning campaign at this early stage of the 2020 primaries (moreso once the partial re-canvassing of the Iowa results/math and delegate issues are resolved).

And to everyone else here on CD, Happy Valentines day!
Make sure you all send Bernie and Nina a Valentine’s greeting message
(and donation) and spread some love to all of US you know and meet today!!

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Wait, what? When did this happen?

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“If they were smart, the Democratic Party would support Bernie Sanders as their nominee. But of course, they won’t, if there’s any way they can prevent his nomination.”

Smart has nothing to do with it, you miss the point. If they nominate Bernie their big $$$ donors will disappear like leaves in a tornado. It is simply an impossibility. After they deny Bernie at the convention, I estimate that about half of the base will throw up their hands and leave the party without a look back. The centrist nominee will lead the Dems to a crushing defeat in Nov, losing the House and increasing the Repub maj in the Senate. (If I’m right, Trump has already been elected.) Then the remains of their popular base will follow the others out and the Dems will be like a shrimp after you take the meat out of it: a thin empty shell. Maybe a real people’s party can form out of that wreckage, I don’t know. It may prove to be too late. It gives me no pleasure to say this, but we are about to enter a new era: the era of the dictatorship of the Republican Party. Buckle up.

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The NYTimes is reporting today that there is no way the Iowa results will ever be accurate, re-tally or not.

Perhaps, and that would certainly be an enjoyable side-benefit, but nothing that is a primary reason for seeking to reform the party to make it more representative of the constituency it is supposed to represent.

while I fully agree with the sentiment, it is like shooting the pilot of the Titanic as the ship sinks below the waves, it would certainly feel righteous, but won’t save our global civilization, our nation, nor our species.