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Why the Democrats Should Back Bernie Sanders: And Why They Won’t, If They Can Possibly Help It

So you don’t really have skin in the game (Sanders’s game I mean) - I don’t see the point of getting upset at whatever happens in our primary. Might as well put all your emotional energy into another party or outside of politics altogether.

Please, compellingly support this assertion.

This is only true, where money is a limited resource. Inflation in our economy isn’t due to government generating too much currency, it is generally from a restriction of resources.

When the cost of producing an extra widget is marginal, providing everyone with a widget would generate negligible inflation. When we can only provide 10% of the widgets that people want to have, then we get inflation of prices to meet the demand. It isn’t that the government is printing too much money, it is that they are not insuring or securing the production of enough widgets to meet current (or future) demands.

Oh, I certainly have a personal stake in Bernie’s proposals, as well as an emotional stake in seeing him elected President. I gave him money in 2016, don’t have it to give this time, which is a large part of the reason I back him - for a living minimum wage, and universal health care as a right - two things that would vastly improve my life, as well as the lives of millions of others. As for other interests, I have them, but I’m also a total political animal with a Bachelor’s degree in it. It’s not a sport to me, like it is to so many commentators who see it as a “game” (really PO’s me when they talk like that). It is a deadly serious business for the survival of not only democracy, but all of life on Earth. So, no, it’s not a useless expenditure of energy for me.

No. Bad analogy. False analogy. The captain of a ship is rarely culpable for the sinking of his ship. The Dem Party leadership IS culpable for the sinking of the USA. It deserves to be ground into the dirt, all its leaders and operatives penniless in the street.

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Yes. They wanted you to know the Iowa results were unreliable. And then they wanted you to believe that there is nothing that anybody can do about it. TINA: There Is No Alternative to invalidation and discarding of the Iowa results.

Mission accomplished. A propaganda success.

Remember, practical results are all the corporatists care about.

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I agree with you. I left the party in 2016 after 40+ years. It was a good decision and everything that’s happened since has confirmed that it was the right thing to do.

At the same time, I recently re-registered as a Democrat to vote for Bernie in the primary. I will un-register after the primary.

I’m no longer a Democrat in any sense that matters to me, despite my current, temporary, short-lived, registration.

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I wish you’d given credit to the AUTHOR of “your” comment: ABRAHAM LINCOLN his “Gettysburg Address”

Always good to read Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. Unless Bernie is elected in 2020 and Trump gets re-elected America could see the government of the people, by the people, and for the people perish from the earth.

I appreciate your financial support of Bernie and respect your posts here which are often informative to me. I just can’t understand why you or anyone like you isn’t willing to do whatever it takes (ask for a Democratic ballot as an independent or temporarily register as a Democrat depending on what state you live in) to give Bernie as many delegates as he can get and improve his odds of being the nominee. I wish I could think is something to convince you and those like you.

Oh by the way, if you want to hear an entertaining screed by someone who also thinks now is the time to make a stink, the humanist report covers it pretty well at ~https://youtu.be/hUJ04W5CM78

Wow - so Bernie is Republican red in this person’s mind? What part of blue no matter who did they not get? Hopefully there are fewer of these people than voters who would come out for Bernie who didn’t vote Clinton on 2016 in the states that matter (which does not include my state of CA - oh well, I can influence the primary this year at least).

Still trying to be optimistic though I actually buy the argument made by many anti Bernie pundit that the centrist (or corporatist if you prefer) lane is getting more votes and that is worrisome. Too bad Warren is doing nothing for us and I’m now betting she will endorse Klobuchar if she keeps losing to her.

At some point, Sanders has to expand his coalition. There just are not enough dissafected anti-party leftists to win a general election. I’ve commented on this elsewhere, but I noticed he has been pushing unity themes in a lot more in public appearances lately, and focused more ire on Trump. Some of his folks, like reporters from pro-Sanders outlets like Ryan Grimm, have been hinting at the idea Sanders is safe to vote for because MFA is more aspirational than something that will be actual. My suspicion is Sanders has seen the numbers and knows for all the “rigging” talk in 2016 (Always ironic his people pushed party-controlled and closed caucuses at the DNC, right?), about 4 million actual voters voted against him last primary and he needs them to win the primary, much less a general election. I expect him to soften in other ways too. He’s likely dead in Florida, with his Sandinista comments, so he needs Pennsylvania and a few other natural gas states to go his way to have a shot at the general election. It does not take a genius to see why he isn’t being as vocal about banning fracking like he was in 2016.

The reality is, Sanders has a needle to thread. My hope is his more adamant supporters realize this. He is a politician, after all.

True enough, but I didn’t say the captain of any ship sinking, in fact the situation I proposed involved the pilot of the titanic, and we do have reports that the Titanic’s pilot at the time of the collision was aware of the iceberg they were approaching and did fail to give the object a wide enough berth in that ship’s approach and passing as one of the primary precipitating causatives of the ship’s sinking. Still, not a perfect analogy by any means (I’m sure the design engineers, for instance, would bear some responsibility for their contributing failures as well) , but for an on-the-fly comparison, I’m willing and able to discuss and argue its appropriateness,…if you are?!

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Please provide compelling supportive evidence for your assertion.

The guy is polling in the mid-20s on average and began campaigning the day after the 2016 general election. Collectively, Buttitieg and Klobuchar smoked him in a primary where his support dropped from 2016 by about half. He may win via plurality, but the sample size so far is hardly “revolutionary.” It is also meaningful that he is not getting any support from congress people in purple and red districts that gave Democrats the House. If you think they are not seeing what numbers say in their districts, I have a couple boats to sell you.

There’s always a chance he brings out atypical voters like his campaign contends, but that’s a real gamble. My feeling is that’s why we’ve seen hints, as I mention above, of him pushing some different themes than in the past.

Ohio only allows changing party affiliation every two years, at partisan primary time. I became a Green the last time. I just am not going to give them the satisfaction of grovelling back. I am more comfortable as an independent in my old age. And yes, I’m a regular viewer of Mike’s Humanist Report, and I absolutely agreed with that rant he posted.

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Your argument is eminently reasonable. Hats off to Trakar. The captain of the Titanic did not willfully sink the ship, and yet his negligence was so great as to be somewhat analogous to the captains of the Democratic Party.

Neither your evidence, nor the logic of your argument are compelling.

Both the size and nature of the primary electorate as well as the nature of the competing candidacies are different in 2020 from what they were in 2016. Comparing a largely unknown national candidate against a popular Democratic candidate who was actually disliked by almost as much of the electorate as liked her, is entirely different from comparing a now known solidly Progressive “outsider” candidate to a broad field of candidates representing a broad spectrum of conservative, corporatist, moderate, and even several additional progressive, candidates.

I appreciate the difference of your perspective and its impact upon your assessments, I also acknowledge that there are some issues of concern in that assessment which are, and should continue to be examined moving forward. Collectively Sanders and Warren smoked frontrunner Biden in Iowa and all national polls, but you can’t realistically combine different candidates and compare them to another candidate and derive any well reasoned and supportable conclusions, it simply isn’t how things work in multiple candidate primaries, the electorate simply doesn’t follow that path of preference. Sanders supporters generally aren’t Warren supporters any more than Buttitieg supporters are Biden and Klobuchar supporters. by this time next month this picture will be much more clear. If Sanders does not do well on Super Tuesday, then there will be some tough decisions to be made by his campaign and his supporters which IMO, will be very bad news for the Democratic party. If he does as well as I expect and project him to do, then there will be some tough decisions to be made by the DNC leadership and their special interest constituencies facing their own bad news. Time and effort will tell the tale.

You are the only one talking about the captain of the titanic or any other ship, I feel you do deserve commendation for your puffed-up follow-on pronouncements designed to distract from the obvious flaws in your previous contention. Your honesty deserves a salute of some knd, if I have time today I’ll try to find something appropriate.

What do you care? You’re voting Blue-No-Matter-Who.

You got that right!

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