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Why the Democrats Won't Wake Up


Why the Democrats Won't Wake Up

Christopher D. Cook

Moments after rightwing Republican Karen Handel won America’s costliest congressional race ever in Georgia’s sixth district, the de rigueur post-election quarrelling erupted: Why did Democrat Jon Ossoff lose, and what does it mean for the Democrats and American politics?

Many on the left bemoaned the defeat as yet another sign that the Democratic Party refuses to “wake up” to the populist moment.


[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:42801”]Why the Democrats Won’t Wake Up   “Moments after right-wing Republican Karen Handel won Amer-ica’s costliest congressional race ever in Georgia’s sixth district, the de rigueur post-election quarrelling erupted: Why did Democrat Jon Ossoff lose, and what does it mean for the Democrats and American politics?  Many on the left bemoaned the defeat as yet another sign that the Democratic Party refuses
to ‘wake up’ to the populist moment.
”[/quote] Ah-yep! I left the DamnocRatic party six weeks ago, and I ain’t a-comin’ back unless & until there’s a THOR- OUGH house-cleaning that eliminates all traces of pro-Korporate elitism as evinced by Krooked Hillary, Dirty Debbie and their ilk.

For the umpteenth time, the party hasn’t changed enough to spit at since two-faced O’Bummer actually spoke the truth (for once) on January 27, 2010.  What he said was, “The differences between the two parties are not as great as they are sometimes made out to be.”  BOTH parties are utterly corrupt and totally under the control of greedy Multi-NaZional Korporations, the only slight difference between them being support of, or op- position to, the “wedge” social issues that both parties use to cover their financial ties to big business and the Military-Industrial Complex that Ike warned us about nearly sixty years ago.

While I will support certain individual democratic candidates in hopes of wresting control of the House and / or the Senate away from the RePooplicans in 2018, I will not donate one thin dime to the Damnocratic party until said THOROUGH house-cleaning has taken place.


If an experienced organizer could align and cajole all of the anti Trump groups and merge them with the Democratic Socialist party they might get a lot of old school Democrats to jump ship from the neocon Dems and join them. That might be a force to be reckoned with.


One big problem being the very name ‘Democratic Socialist’, both parts of which are ‘dirty words’ in some quarters; the latter especially having been tarred by association with communism for almost a century, the former linked to the Clintons for nearly three decades.  How about the ‘American Progressive Party’ instead
– two positive words evoking Patriotism and Accomplishment instead of two possibly problematic ones . . .


After a century of organized demonization of “socialism” and other “isms” any new party needs to indeed put careful though into its branding, especially labels and names.

The final paragraph in this article compares the Democratic Party / corporate money relationship as a marriage and urges divorce.

I submit that the more accurate analogy is that the Democratic Party is addicted to corporate money and needs a 12 step program to shake that addiction. Like a functioning addict, the Party can survive indefinitely as long as it keeps getting its daily fix of corporate money, presuming that it continues to see no need to win elections.


There’s no such thing, anymore, since Clinton1. Democrat, that is. Or Repub, for that matter. There’s just “them” corporate mobsters and us, “We”.

Anyone else notice the corporate coup that is damn going down, right efin’ now? And the “thems” are not standing down any time soon, without first taking - a substantially large fraction of our America’s treasury - while leaving behind wastelands. "Sacrifice zones of burnt-out city infrastructures, abandoned nuke plants and strip mines - and overseas: A -de-popuating of countries like Palestine, Iraq and Syria - and looks like Iran and Valenzuela are next. Thanks for nothing, you billionaire knuckleheads!

Burning radioactivity stashed everywhere in cooling pools while a climate crisis with world heat-rising, goes untended. THIS is what We the People are ensnarled-in, right now. Using the word “Democratic Party”, without including its current state of a civil-class war, is uncoscionable. The corporate faction is all but dead. And the “We the People and Planet Over Profits” are the vast majorirty of the Dems, after what’s left because Clinton2’s disgraceful betrayal and bloated ego.


Uncle Fester, As much as I agree with most of what you say, I believe that I will never see the Democratic Party ‘Clean House’ and adopt the Populist platform that Bernie did during his campaign.

They have sucked at the teat for far too long to give it up. The corruption that they participated in as a result of their complicity in accepting money for ‘influence’ can never be forgiven or forgotten.

Our country will never be able to move forward towards total equality until both parties of the Duopoly are widely recognized by the majority of the voting electorate as Corrupt. Once this occurs, several new parties will form and the electorate will will have choices we have not had for decades.

The maintenence of ‘Empire’ by the Duopoly must be dismantled and our country must be put on a Peacetime footing. This will enable a greater ability to provide security of our borders and security for our citizens.


“The party won’t change until it is forced to divorce itself from corporate power and the neoliberal agenda—a marriage that harms both the party and the public.”

Here is how:


No, don’t let the right frame the debate - challenge. It’s about time that McCarthyism finally died, it completely wrong in the 1950’s and it’s still wrong in the 21st Century.

“Democratic Socialist” or “Socialist Democrat” are perfectly acceptable points of view all over the world. The US needs to grow up, FFS.


So are “liberal” and “progressive” and “Left,” etc. Change names and the GOP marketing machine–and let’s be honest,
that’s what they have–will turn it into a negative. It’s what they do and it’s all a matter of signaling.


Of course the Democratic Party will “not wake up.” There haven’t been two parties in this country for decades. The two-party system is an illusion. The entire political system in this country has been entirely co-opted and corrupted by special interests–and not interests that benefit the American people. The only action at this point would be a massive awakening of all the public who will demand an entire new way of governance. I fear that, not only this country, but the entire world is on a bullet train toward our Final Destination.


The D-Party still takes its cues from the ghost of Reagan.

As such, they broadcast fear and the fact that they’re ashamed of who they were.

I use ‘were’ quite purposefully. Because who they are is amorphous, but definitely skewed toward corporate interests and the mystical swing voter. On that basis, they either don’t care about winning elections, or favor corporate money over developing policy that resonates with their former working class base.

Of course, once again I urge them to stay the course. It’s opening the perfect void for alternatives to exploit.


Of course the Democrats (as well as the Republicans) are addicted to money. That’s to be expected with the U.S. being the world’s premier corporatocracy. Both parties are now wholly owned subsidiaries of corporate America. Our political system has been gamed and tweaked to protect and enhance corporate profits. A party that attempts to go “bold and progressive” is dead in the water in a corporatocracy and the Democrats know it.

Again, it’s the system that is the problem. Expecting the Democrats to be anything but the corporate whores they are under our present system fueled by corporate money is unrealistic. The system will need to do a crash and burn to get any real change enacted, but thanks to decades of rigging, it may now be fireproof. Any populist or progressive movement needs to be thinking in terms of system change, not party change.


Don’t disagree that Reagan’s ghost is a strong one and certainly don’t disagree the party has been reacting to it for a longtime. It was Reagan, after all, that put the nail in the coffin of the FDR coalition in 1984.


I am quite certain that the “spinners” can neutralize any name that you can chose, largely because the elites have concentrated almost all control of the media into their hands and quite some time ago eliminated the “fairness doctrine”. I say that it is time to blatantly push for media reform to break this control and slanting. As the elites largely control the media then any criticism of breaking up and democratizing the media can be portrayed as media self-interest, which in most cases it will be.


[quote=“Bob_Zavoda, post:6, topic:42801”]"There’s no such thing, anymore, since Clinton1. Democrat, that is. Or Repub, for that matter. There’s just ‘them’ corporate mobsters and us . . .   Anyone else notice the corporate coup that is damn going down, right efin’ now? "[/quote] My dad noticed it long before Bill Clinton.  IIRC, he described America as a Corpocracy during Nixon’s first term.  But it has gotten a lot worse since then, and it’s getting worse even faster under Tweetle-Dumb than
it would have under Krooked Hilliary.


“The only way we’re going to get either a truly progressive Democratic Party or a viable alternative to it, is to name the fundamental problem.”

O.K. Let’s name it: ELECTION FRAUD–voter roll purging and black box voting.


Corporate Media control is the top, number one problem. They control and manipulate perception. They are solely in position to brainwash the masses and they do. Their ownership is a small group, part foreign. They have exclusive access to all that campaign cash and they run the election show in its entirety. They will never ever do a critique or an investigation into their own power.


The money will eventually dry up if the Democrats cannot deliver; ie keep losing elections. They may have no choice to come home, back to the hoi polloi that votes for 'em. It won’t be out of love for the masses, it’ll because no one else wants 'em.


This all began when news turned into RealtyTV, with reporters as personalities making $30,000 for a one hour segment per day. They read script that’s all.

The other night on CNN Paul Begala was on defending the ACA. This idiot did not know the difference between Medicaid and Medicare. In an attempt to defend Medicaid against the Rs cuts in Medicaid all he could say was that these people have paid into Medicaid all their lives. Begala does not know the difference between Medicare/Medicaid – I’m sure someone has set him straight now but really–it took this long? Thanks Ds this explains your own disdain for the poor.