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Why the DNC Is Fighting WikiLeaks and Not Wall Street

Why the DNC Is Fighting WikiLeaks and Not Wall Street

Norman Solomon

Exactly 200 days before the crucial midterm election that will determine whether Republicans maintain control of Congress, the Democratic National Committee filed a 66-page lawsuit that surely cost lots of money and energy to assemble.

Does the lawsuit target purveyors of racist barriers to voting that block and deflect so many people of color from casting their ballots?


Well, perhaps this ballyhooed lawsuit aims to ensure the rights of people who don’t mainly speak English to get full access to voting information?

Unfortunately, no.

Excellent analysis from Solomon, a breath of sanity amidst the madness…


I’d advise Assange to start buying Powerball lottery tickets. A big win would enable him to win the hearts of the DNC, where things having no monetary value, such as truth and personal principles, always fail.

And speaking of failure, Mr. Perez, what’s your follow-up plan after this lawsuit is dismissed with prejudice? Going after Jimmy Dore and that self-hating feminist Susan Sarandon?

A richly-deserved oblivion awaits.


“Act of War”, eh?
Maybe just a coincidence this was announced on 420, but it sounds like a drug-addled hallucination.

Is there a 12 step program to shake corporate money addiction ?


I’d prefer a 12-gauge program, but that’s just me.


I think most Democrats and perhaps all support Dodd-Frank. But both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton said we need to go beyond that. A recent study reported what is driving white rage is a sense of loss of status, not economic problems. The Democrats should consider this. But it is a tough issue. How do you support the rights of minorities without many whites feeling they are getting short end of the stick? Another problem for Democrats is Evangelicals. They are on board with Trump. How do keep the separation of church and state and still get votes from Evangelicals? Reports from experts on cybersecurity suggest the Russian problem is very serious. Recently it was reported that the Russians have gained entrance into routers. This is threat not only to government, businesses, and various institutions, but homes as well. Experts can only speculate on the motive of the Russians. They may be aiming to have the ability to shut things down in the US should there be a conflict. The idea that Democrats are using the Russian threat as a way to deflect from their own failing in the last election is laughable. You really have to be gullible to take that reasoning seriously.

We’d have to be really gullible to take your reasoning seriously.


How many more elections will be wasted by the same failed leadership and their allegiance to institutionalized corruption? They aren’t an opposition party to the republicans, they are a competitor for the graft and nothing more.


Calling an idea laughable without presenting any reason to do so doesn’t mean much.


It would be very easy to satisfy everyone from minorities to the people who never understood “All in the Family” was making fun of Archie.
You find things they have in common like having to work for a living, spending lives existing paycheck to paycheck or being victimized by Vulture Capitalism.
That’s what the party did before the New Democrats sold out the base to Wall St. and what could happen if the Vichy democrat Qvislings were dethroned and run out.


Well, well - another fine article from Norman Solomon.

I am thinking that the gulf between the neoconservative-neoliberal so-called “centrist” Democrats and the “left” wing of the party concerned with peace, civil rights, and economic inequality has opened so fast and wide that it is hard to keep track of goals and coalitions and the usage of terms related to these.

It is hard after decades of regarding the Democratic Party as a somewhat viable compromise option to recognize that it is not as though these DNC people went through years and decades of politics retaining lovely egalitarian values and then were suddenly corrupted one fine day. No, the nature of anti-egalitarian values is itself the attitude of driven by this sort of conception of exigency. It is just such considerations that drive sociopaths to speak of realpolitik. Because they conceive of people as fundamentally foolish and dangerous, they see violent and coercive exclusion to maintain power as a reasonable alternative.

Of course corporate money is central to that. and Solomon is right to point it out. But part of the reason that the party could be purchased is that it was for sale–not by people like Solomon or by its rank-and-file voters, to be clear, but by the mavens of its centralized power.

As an alternative to or a compromise with oppression, it has never looked more thoroughly deceased. Not even Donald Trump seems to be able to embarrass himself fast enough to stay ahead of these guys.


I don’t know why any progressive is more willing to believe the FBI, CIA, NSA or any of the rest of the alphabet soup of agencies over Wikileaks? We need a few more stories about the history of COINTELPRO and the Church Committee hearings of the 1970’s to clue in people about the Feds untrustworthiness.


Julian Assange has stuck by his principles of not revealing a source, but offered $20,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of Seth Rich’s killer. I think this is no accident. The DNC is doubling down to not have info of this incident come to light.


We need alternatives to the DNC. Food for thought:

It’s not laughable at all – it’s just sound-bite politics as usual.  What’s laughable is John McCain’s original com­ment, “When you attack a country, it’s an act of war.  And so we have to make sure that there is a price to pay, so that we can perhaps persuade the Russians to stop these kind of attacks on our very fundamentals of dem­ocracy.”  The Russkies didn’t attack America, they attacked the DamnocRatic Party – one of the most corrupt institutions in western civilization (after the Catholic Church and the RePoopLicken Party, that is) – and what Assange did was ENHANCE democracy by revealing all of the dirty tricks that the DNC had used to suppress support for one of the few basically decent and honest people in politics today.*  SFAIK, the DNC has NEVER denied that the documents were an authentic record of their 2016 primary operations, all they’ve done is bitch about the fact that ‘We, The People’ were shown proof of what many of us suspected all along . . .

*  The phrase “one of the few basically decent and honest people in politics today” is NOT intended to damn Bernie with the faintest of praise nor to assign him ‘guilt by association’.

I’ll second that motion!.

The DNC lawsuit says that rigging primaries is a “trade secret.”

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Dumbest analysis of the suit I’ve seen, regurgitated from nothing, but exactly what I expected from Solomon:

Does Solomon mention that it was Eric Holder’s group that sued Scott Walker over delaying elections? Does he mention Democrats are supporting the resolution under the CRA to overturn the FCC’s anti-net neutrality rules? Does he mention the court appointments, executive appointments, and tax legislation (Great for banks) that wouldn’t move if Democrats controlled the congressional schedule and the floor? Nope. Just another easy-to-type thoughtless regurgitated piece by Norm.

I’m sure you’re right, but in my mind there are also much fewer progressives in congress than we want to believe.
Maybe my definition is skewed, but anyone following and supporting the Obama BS, or not seeing Snowden’s info as a good thing, is not really a progressive. Most of this Russia, Russia, Russia crap is for the benefit of the MIC, and the handful of people getting rich from it, and from reading you’re posts, I’m confident you realize this also.

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Thanks for your reply Tom.

Snowden recommends encryption for secure Internet communications. Blockchain voting is nearly 100% secure. Quantum computing will be unhackable.

Nearly direct human interaction online through Skype, FaceTime, teleconferencing and more is now routine. I understand that in our lifetimes we will be able to interact holographically and with scent. We can’t call it direct human interaction, but technology allows us to interact with millions at the same time.

We may not get a virtual meal, but I understand the Japanese are making love to robots.

There is plenty of information on direct democracy online. I try to provide links to many of these sites like:

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