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Why the DNC's Platform Will Guarantee a Loss If Democrats Don't Do More

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/25/why-dncs-platform-will-guarantee-loss-if-democrats-dont-do-more

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Spot on assessment…


The Bygone Campaign is doing this because they are beholden to their corporate donors. So, here’s an idea… tell the Biden campaign that if they will dismiss Larry Summers, Rahm Emanuel, Jamie Dimon, Michael Bloomberg and the rest of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, that the Patriotic Millionaires will send around a collection plate and replace the money that the oligarchs are using to prop up the campaign. Maybe that can dissuade them from caving to the oligarchs and instead represent the people?


Yes, it would great if the DNC platform had good stuff in it but you have to start somewhere. Did NASA immediately have a man walk on the moon? No, there were steps along the way. Further, the DNC can say anything but it doesn’t mean it would ever happen. Congress makes the decisions so unless the Democrats keep the House and get the Senate, not much will happen. So long as there is a 2 party system in America, Americans will never really have choices.


Most people don’t vote based on a convention platform. Most people know that’s a bunch of nonsense especially considering that Congress creates the bills. The real question is will progressives hold their nose and vote for Biden or will they stand on their lofty principles and not vote for Biden. A vote for any other candidate or a I’m staying at home because Bernie wasn’t nominated is a vote for Trump. That’s a 2 party system for you. Trump is killing our democracy so I suggest you act like your life depends on it because it does unless you are rich.


The loss was already guaranteed when they choose Biden as their candidate.
He inspires no one, and especially with COVID-19, the turnout will be disappointing, thus guaranteeing four more years of Trump. And with a low turnout, the down ticket races will be lost as well.
Trump speaks and panders to his base.
Biden speaks to no one (even when he finally remembers that there is a microphone in front of him).

But do not fear. When Biden loses, it will blamed on those progressives. The party will just have to move further to the right in 2024 (thus guaranteeing more losses).


voting for a nice guy who is a sexual predator, war hawk, not a big supporter of social security and medicare until pushed to the wall. ugly not matter how you look at him. btw exactly what platform are you even talking about. Voting for nice guys is yesterday’s tomorrow which is what the damn dems are trying to by denying AOC, her squad, the new progressives who are winning, all people of color! and giving us Harris who has a terrible record in California doesn’t do it. I am a Californian and never voted for her as she continued to deny rights of people of color and always defended police and their minions. awful no matter how you look at the party or their shills.


Cynical, negative whining will get you and others nowhere. Your premises are weak or faulty.

Biden can keep half his staff busy returning the govt. to the state it had when Orange bellowed in, and Biden can get the other half of his staff busy with: movement toward universal health care, strong legal support for voting rights, a few dozen liberal (or at least qualified judges), one SC judge, and with all that, a strong program engineering a climate path forward. This he can get going with help from Sanders, Warren, et al – and then go to sleep if he wants. It gets done.

People just do not seem to realize how great things are accomplished. It is NOT by nay-saying whiners.


They’ve already started bring the scapegoats into the barn to have groomed and ready for showtime. There is no way the Dem Party will accept responsibility. I’m not totally convinced they care whether they take White House. Trump served the neoliberal agenda just fine. They just don’t want to take the blame for his victory.


Given the Democratic (sic) Party’s ever-more-undeniable post-JFK function as the GOPredators’ Fifth Column, it is entirely reasonable to suppose these Deceptocrats truly do intend to lose the election.

As I have long maintained, the real reason some of our more Machiavellian Masters are (seemingly) so upset with Trump is he raised the Swastika over the United States prematurely – that is, before there were sufficient death camps, secret police and stormtroopers to terrify us into mandatory surrender and compulsory victimhood.

Which surprises none who have learned from bitter experience the one core truth of Capitalism is that all Capitalists are equally Evil.

Such is Working Class reality in the tyrannosauric empire that now flaunts itself as Global Public Enemy Number One.


That Kool-Aid must be mighty tasty…

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I agree. It is almost like they want to lose so they can simultaneously blame progressives for losing and Trump for all that gets killed, like social security, medicare, schools, and the environmental legislation that has protected us for decades.


“Democrats are simply not going to win votes if they see a crisis of this scale and respond with laughably small, do-nothing policy ideas.”

Yet two commenters above defend doing precisely that.


But the steps the DNC is taking aren’t even in the right direction. They aren’t even treading water.

Your argument is bull. They aren’t even starting from where they left off.


No one knows how to grasp defeat from the jaws
of victory better than the DNC and Old Guard
imbeciles in the Democratic Party. They are masters
at killing enthusiasm, and excluding progressives
and young voters. They just don’t ‘get’ it!


Which makes this worse and telling. Yes, the DNC platform means very little, doesn’t mean that they would do anything, and yet they couldn’t even commit to saying on paper that they are for policies that match the scale of the problem. Forget actually doing it, they aren’t willing to even pretend, and on many instances, Biden is a step back from Clinton. Let’s not pretend that him getting the nomination, and him vs. Trump, is anything other than disastrous. The Democratic Party deserves to die.


LOL! You know that people of color vote far less than white people. Gonna go waive your finger at them? Explain to them why, once again, they must vote for your rotten party because the alternative is worse? Poor people vote less than people in the middle class, who vote in lower numbers than the rich. Wanna go waive your finger at the poor and working class, who your party has been kicking in the teeth for decades now? The young vote less than the old. Maybe it is time for your party to actually earn votes, instead of working hard to prove how bad the other party is, and then once the bar is low enough, you then just have to prove you are less bad. Decades of stagnating wages, decades of massive inequality, systemic corruption, crumbling infrastructure, complete ineptitude during a pandemic, a leadership directly at odds with the rank and file in their own party, huge internal issues in regards to corruption and a totally undemocratic primary process, and you want to do the typical lesser of two evil nonsense. My god, so you beat Trump, how do you do a damn thing about the context that produced him? And what is lofty about any of this? The healthcare system that kills up to 70,000 a year, drives up 500,000 a year into bankruptcy, locks people into their jobs, is the most inefficient system in the developed world, and Biden said he would veto single payer if it hit his desk. During a pandemic mind you. We are pushing for policies because this system is crushing people, leading us to environmental collapse, and we are approaching a failed state. Who the hell is voting based on ideological purity? People are pushing for policies on the left largely for non-ideological reasons, because of real world impacts of policies, not because they read Das Capital. If I want talking points from rich people, I have CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and Bill Maher. Spare me the third rate copy. People like you have been saying this for decades, as things get progressively worse. Is there a point in time where you come to terms with what you are asking of the victims of this system? No.

A large chunk of the country does not vote because of how bad the options are. You could easily beat someone like Trump by just motivating those that don’t vote. But, how do you do that when Biden offers to change nothing, in a society collapsing from the policies he has long supported? As if Pelosi is any less cut off, plutocratic and corrupt as Trump is. Sick of the type of arguments you threw into this comments section. Zero long-term analysis, zero structural analysis, zero attention paid to long term data trends, or systemic corruption. I don’t live in a swing state, and you couldn’t pay me enough to vote for your rotten ticket.


I remember the last time your party had overwhelming numbers in the House and Senate and the White House – thanks for the RomneyCare!


I don’t think they want to lose. I think they wanted to beat Bernie. If they can beat Trump, great, but they will get tax cuts from him, they can fundraise off of him, they can try to scare others about him to hide the fact that they have nothing at all to offer on policy if he wins. So, they probably don’t want to lose to Trump, but I do think that they don’t want to have enough seats where they can pass whatever they want, because they also have zero interest in changing the system, even when it is clearly a disaster, and have no solutions to any of society’s problems. Whatever rotten policies they would pass, they wouldn’t match the scale of the problems and would have no one to blame but themselves. Ideally, they beat Trump and have a razor thin majority power. The right in their party, dominant, can then work with the right in the other party to pass more horrible policies that benefit their donors. And I fully believe that many Democrats in power secretly want local governments and states to be driven into bankruptcy, because financial capital (flush with tons of money from the state) can rush in an buy public assets for pennies on the dollar. Shock Doctrine.


On top of the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic will persist, and perhaps worsen, after the election, there is certain to be a devastating economic collapse that will be deep and widespread. Perhaps crucial Democrat Party power brokers, have determined that it is better to let Trump take the fall for this.