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Why the Environmental Working Group Isn’t Backing the Toxic Chemicals Compromise


Why the Environmental Working Group Isn’t Backing the Toxic Chemicals Compromise

Scott Faber

(Editor’s Note: Several weeks ago, a rare thing happened in Washington: Members of the House and Senate, Democrats and Republicans, announced a bipartisan compromise on a long-awaited bill to modernize the nation’s regulation of toxic chemicals. It won the support across the ideological gamut, from the American Chemistry Council to the White House. The legislation passed the House last month on a lopsided 408-12 vote and the Senate followed suit Tuesday evening, approving the measure on a voice vote. So what’s not to like?


Props to Environmental Working Group for standing against this toxic "reform" measure. Anything supported by the American Chemistry Council is a corporate sell-out.

We do not need regulatory reform (although any regulatory reform put forth should be far stronger than this fake reform bill). What we need is to transform, revolutionize, the entire economy.

Profiteering corporations must be fundamentally disempowered. The vast roster of post-WWII chemicals that have been allowed in products without rigorous assessment, should be massively slashed immediately, while a new system of ecological economics is built.

We need a system that includes not just the precautionary principle - (which puts the onus of proof of health, safety, and ecology on the producer and manufacturer, not on citizen advocacy groups that seek to protect people, communities, and the environment) - we need a system that demands that every aspect of the economy, must harmonize with the ecology OF WHICH WE ARE PART.

The entire system of rapacious profiteering, colonialism, war, and corporate rule, MUST BE STOPPED AND REPLACED.

Oh, i know, that is so - radical - so - unrealistic.

But here's the thing: If we do not deeply revolutionize the economy in ecological terms, here's the result of the equation: Ecocide. Omnicide. Ecological and civilizational collapse.

Say, what happens to a civilization when its planetary ecology dis-integrates?

We are at the beginning of rapid ecological dis-integration, and you are going to find out.


Well, let's see...

The insurance industry wrote the Obama health "care" legislation.

Monsanto is so powerful, it maintains a policy of NO labeling of its genetic cocktails. And since it funds most of the research purporting that these atrocities are safe, only those who have the time, energy, and interest in educating themselves know the truth about what they are eating.

Big Pharma is so powerful there's a virtual blackout on any question to the routine policy that has babies being infused with upwards of 15 vaccines... some of them with immunity that will wear off before they have the slightest chance of any exposure to these things... like Hepatitis transferred through sex!

Trade rules that will become binding are similarly written behind closed doors.

Elections are a farce.

The media is a chorus of liars who all repeat the same Talking Points.

Truth tellers who challenge this orthodoxy are treated as pariahs, put under house arrest, or threatened with serious retribution.

And in this climate where what, 10% of chemicals actually ARE tested, the open border trade deals will invite lots of dangerous materials into the U.S. that hardly will be tested in China, Bangladesh, India, etc.

Yeah, this era of "free trade" frees the corporate overlords to do enormous harm, hide behind the Presumption of Innocence Clause, and if ever found guilty, shirk accountability and make sure that the PUBLIC picks up the tab for fixing what THEY broke!


Don't worry the red queen elect will take care of this little environmental speed bump when she hammers the TPP through in the first year (or month, week, day, or second) she is in office. Then it will be on to regime change in Russia!

Oh, and who would have thought that after all these years "Dr Strangle Love" was a woman?