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Why the EPA’s ‘Secret Science’ Proposal Alarms Public Health Experts


Why the EPA’s ‘Secret Science’ Proposal Alarms Public Health Experts

Bernard Goldstein

Later this month, the EPA could finalize a controversial rule to limit what scientific research the agency can use in writing environmental regulations.


Thank you Dr Goldstein for the benefit of your experience and wisdom - qualities lacking in the entirety of the trump regime from top to bottom.

Pruitt will be responsible for the deaths and/or diseases/conditions of Americans from gutting the EPA and rolling-back protections in many critical areas. He is not merely “following orders”, but making policy that must be criminal, thus taking responsibility for the damages and harm his policies (and orders from on high) are doing to our people especially the very young and old, as well as the overall population. It comes to mind the recent evil suggesting that “good health” and a proactive policy isn’t “good foe business”!

Astonishingly the role of science in pruitt’s criminal behavior is now verboten, and secrecy the norm to hid the truth from the American people, EPA investigations/studies (if any are still extant.), and directly gift polluters and environmental rapists…that MUST make the trump regime liable…in any society governed by sane people…the trump regime has thrown the Common Good into the rubbish in favor of common greed.


Haven’t they renamed it the environmental pollution agency ?