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Why the FBI’s Kavanaugh Investigation Is So Troubling

Why the FBI’s Kavanaugh Investigation Is So Troubling

Tim Dickinson

United States senators are taking turns reading the FBI’s updated background investigation into Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. But the report is unaccountably incomplete. The FBI interviewed only one of Kavanaugh’s three accusers. And investigators failed to interview key witnesses who could have helped corroborate allegations of sexual misconduct by Kavanaugh, or exposed lies he appears to have told the Senate while under oath. Most striking, the FBI did not interview Kavanaugh, himself.

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Did anyone truly believe that the investigation would be fair and complete? Impartial? And, of course, the Republican Senators are so very pleased that it was not, fearing a complete and thorough investigation would present evidence against their SCOTUS wannabe puppet.
Welcome, one and all, to the magical Trumpian tour.
If you believe in any gods, now is the time for your prayers.


The ways and means of this young country with delusions of grandeur - the spoils of war and genocide - grinds its way through the planet as if consequences are a characteristic of some parallel universe. The schizophrenia is coming full circle. These are mythological times- but wit! Youŕe not supposed to consider the art of mythology! That is the stuff of the “uncivilized”.

What is disturbing to me about this charade is that the abuses are are what is being protected AT ALL COSTS!

Consider: What happens to the carefully veiled and groomed ‘sector’ being cultivated in the ‘effete’ schools- while (and you cann0ot make this sort thing up) the daughter of a pyramid scheme is the operative in the Dept. of Ed. Double standards much? We are facing the tragic consequences of a farce based on lies about crimes from the very beginning. It is the fundamental “model”. Look to Milton Friedman and the Chicago boys.

Reality/truth, as has been noted, has always been the first victim in war and since the twin towers (mythological beasts of insurance in and of themselves) the overlords have been scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Consider: How many instances have there been of healthy, balanced development without the pouncing and usurpation of the colonizing (THAT IS what predatory capitalism is, always has been and forever will be) cabals.

There is absolutely “no” integrity within the Republican Party.

Since Dolt 45 arrived on the scene, every single Republican has been transformed into a liar, and denier.

It’s all up to us, the American People, to put a check on the Executive Branch, as well as the Legislature.

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What level-headed person WOULD SAY THIS?

"While senate Democrats agreed that the investigation should be limited in scope, Feinstein said!!!

With all that’s been said and lied, why would anyone fair-minded would be that Okay with limiting the scope of a so-far mysterious set of circumstances that Republicans have played down, totally ignoring and allowing the FBI to ignore the testimony of the two major players in those circumstances that included horrifically rough sex play with a thoroughly credible victim.

America must not shrug off what we feel about how carefully Kavanauagh, Inc., played their roles or didn’t play at all. We must turn the Supreme Court over to a fumigator cautioned to overturn all the rats’ nestings.

We lived through similar once before, watching as Clarence Thomas slithered through proceedings while Anita Hill was grilled over smallest details. She answered credibly too.

It did not matter. Dr.Ford’s credible testimony did not matter.

Does Any injustice matter any more?

This is my final entry here.

The FBI absolutely aided the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Robert Kennedy. So it was done. There is a primal rot in our society.


And the “Judicial” (yeah, i know, they are not suppose to be political, but…)