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Why the Federal Cops in Portland Are All About Election Day

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/20/why-federal-cops-portland-are-all-about-election-day


These guys are not cops. They’re “robbers.” Robbing the people of Portland of their Constitutional rights.


Welcome to reality, Michael Winship. This domestic terror has been 40-plus years in the making, as plain as day for those with eyes to see.

What say your Democratic Party “leaders” in the face of blatant organized purposeful tyrannical violence? White supremacist fascist violence organized from the appropriately named White House?

Who among your “leaders” will step forward and put their life on the line in the name of liberty, democracy, freedom?

Who among them will timidly protest and then fearfully stand aside?

A tiny sliver, if any, of those “leaders” will be in the first category of actual resistance.

The vast majority, likely 100%, will be in the second category of craven cowardice.


Throughout these past 4 years, I have wondered why none of the “self-described” opposition party, more commonly known as, the Democrats, never willfully were willing to call out the blatant corruption of the GOP and their idiot dressed as a leader, and made such a stir as to be willing to be arrested en mass, to show Americans the strength of their commitment.

Then I realized, that this is the party that caters to the 1% and the Military Industrial Complex on a near even keel to their more brutal relative, the GOP.


Au contrare, Al Gore couldn’t foresee how badly GWB#43 and VPresident the Dick would so foul devastating wars and pollute the end of the world. Joe Biden is an appropriate old white man to face off another old white man more pig than human. Chances the Democratic Party take have good enough odds. To he whose name shall not be mentioned in polite company, “YOU’RE FIRED” asshole.


Its was too easy for the Dimcritters to falsely accuse Ralph Nader for their Florida debacle. As long as corporate cash infusion never slowed down, the Dims didn’t care.

After they complete their siege of cities, the GOP’s SS will seg into a voter suppression force in October.


Thugs hired by the Reich wing.
That’s how the Occupy Movement was infiltrated and eliminated…


Perhaps it is time to ask ourselves what price we are willing to pay for what is left of our freedom and liberty. Because the alternative living under full fledged fascism appears to be the bleakest of all…


They do that with regularity as part of their strategy to ensure no third party ever arises to run against them. They send their minions to boards such as this to repeat that message. Corrupt to the core.

Most informed people know that more registered Democrats voted for Bush in Florida then people that voted for Nader.

Stick to the duopoly and Fascism was guaranteed.


“Be very afraid.”

Nah. Be very angry.

(People are more productive when they’re angry than they are when they’re afraid - and the state of the world is pretty damn infuriating, sooo…anger, not fear)


Fascism - Right in your face Fascism

This is how empires die.
I fully expect sites like this one to be taking down permanently before the end of the year.


They have been assuring their place in the New World Order.

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Reminds of the 4 part Adam Curtis series on BBC in 2004
The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear

Get Mad, Get Even is more productive


Yeah these are nightmarish times ahead and it can be easy to be paralyzed by fear but we as a people need to bravely confront these fears with courage and anger. Fascists want us to be afraid and nothing else. Let’s not give them that indulgence.


Well if it is my life I am afraid I won’t be of much good, being a pacifist all my life and disabled enough that I probably can’t even properly hold a gun. I’ll try to do what I can though.


i’ve bookmarked lots of articles on numerous sites over the years. i think i need to work through them and make copies for myself, as i also expect sites to start being disappeared.


I too am probably not cut out for the front lines. Two knee replacements limit my activities somewhat. I am also a Buddhist. I will do whatever it takes, though. I have a 4 month old granddaughter whose life is more important. I want to make sure she has a chance to live her life in a just and peaceful world. I believe it’s time for the American people to get mad and quit letting these bums push us around. Because that’s all they are. Bums.


As I said in an earlier response to you, MCH: picking up a gun and fight is a very personal decision that only you can make. No one is expecting you to, whatever your reasons are.


Kudos to Winship for relating this to the November election, a possibility that at least looms. It is true that the US has used this sort of thing quite often. However, it is likely that the escalation and normalization will facilitate en masse detentions later.

Though I can only speculate, a typical moment where this happens in other banana-republic operations is at an election.

We have in this two threats. One is that Trump will insist that he has won; the other is that Biden will. Since neither is trustworthy, all that we are likely to know is that either who successfully declares martial law is almost certainly the culprit-in-chief.


One more article about what our Terrorist -in-Chief is doing.