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Why the Founder of Standing Rock Sioux Camp Can’t Forget the Whitestone Massacre


Why the Founder of Standing Rock Sioux Camp Can’t Forget the Whitestone Massacre

LaDonna Bravebull Allard

One hundred and fifty three years ago my great-great-grandmother Nape Hote Win (Mary Big Moccasin) survived the bloodiest conflict between the Sioux Nations and the U.S. Army ever on North Dakota soil. An estimated 300 to 400 of our people were killed in the Inyan Ska (Whitestone) Massacre, far more than at Wounded Knee. But very few know the story.

As we struggle for our lives today against the Dakota Access pipeline, I remember her. We cannot forget our stories of survival.


My heart goes out to these brave people. Their fight is really my fight, too. This same government that would trample their culture wouldn't hesitate to crush me and destroy my home to keep the oil flowing. At the very least, the government should stop the construction of the pipeline long enough to talk with these people and consider alternatives.


Under the Chicago Tribune headline "Oil pipeline protest turns violent" are four short paragraphs.
In one "Morton County sheriff's spokesman Donnell Preskey said four private security guards and two guard dogs were injured...."
The last paragraph read "Tribal spokesman Steve Sitting Bear reported that 6 people were bitten and 30 people were pepper-sprayed."
The articles ends "Preskey said that authorities had no reports of protestors being injured."

Seriously officer dumbass, is that the party line? No protesters injured.


A heart breaking story of plunder and aggression starting from the beginning of white America and still going on today. These people are brave and true and I am with them, heart and soul.
What's really disgusting is oil prices have dropped, rock bottom. Countries around the world are suffering economically because of the low price of oil. We are awash in oil. These destructive pipelines are unnecessary and unlikely to offer much profit but still they battle to have their way with the sacred land of the people. There is a place in hell for these greedy pigs.


Oil prices are being kept artificially low to try and break the backs of Iran, Venezuela and Russia.
Obama made that deal with Saudi Arabia in exchange for American weapons and with US fracking giants long ago.


The price of oil is entirely manipulated. The Saudis and other MENA producers do what they do at the behest of the MIC in the U.S. and Europe. This web of corruption, and endless war, is so intertwined with the Int'l Merchants of the MIC that it resembles a large ball of water moccasins during mating season. The world of all Indigenous People, and many of the rest of us, will be staked on the altar of money, raw power and ruthless corporations. The PTB doesn't care if you know this, or not. They are as smug as Mark Twain's, " Christian holding four aces ". The current gaggle of political lackeys in positions of power today will do nothing to change this equation. The people represented by the tag, the 99s, must work through The Greens, and outside status quo institutions, if they hope to turn this horrid situation around.


Why can't American journalists write the truth? There's no integrity in today's society, no honour, no respect for one another, just a dog eat dog world writing what their bosses, big corporations like the North Dakota Access company wants the world to read pertaining to Native People, Black Americans, Hispanic, Latinos or any other minority. It's always the "other one's" fault or cause of violence when the instigators are themselves! These so-called professional writers have been lying and embellishing whatever made up story they want except for the truth! It's 2016 and this profession continues to insult the intelligence of the Common Man and Woman of this country. Stop reporting lies to the rest of the public who have no clue what is going on in Cannonball, SD! Once they find out the truth, there will ne more than just a protest, as stated by Bernie Sanders himself, "It is time for a revolution!"

War trained dogs and pepper spray was released upon the protestors to instigate violence. The only violence came to the children, men and women who were standing on the front lines. This is the same tactics used in the 60's when Martin Luther King,Jr. was fighting for the Civil Rights movement for social justice and equality for African Americans and more. This time 51 years later, the fight is for the most precious resource that we have in this country, hemisphere and the entire planet: WATER! Without water we all die, end of story for all human beings! If you have children, grandchildren, even great-grandchildren, their future is being threatened by money mongering violent oil companies who are bribing anyone with their God, gold, money! What's more important, Life or money? Journalist in America have to tell the truth! They're accountable!


" It is the U.S. Army Corps. that is allowing these sites to be destroyed."

They are nothing but domestic, terrorists but of course they are our terrorists.


" Journalists in America have to tell the truth."

I agree, but the problem is: many know that if they tell the truth, they will not be published and it will jeopardize their employment.


Yes, it is genocide---of peoples, and also of compassion, truth, joy, creativity, love, respect for Earth Mother and all beings on Her. This dominator culture of Death cares only for money and a vastly mistaken idea of "power." It is, indeed, time overdue for revolution in every way possible---preferably peaceful, but responding forcefully in defense. Only we can save ourselves and each other.


The Whitestone massacre. I had never known of that one. How many hundreds of more of these massacres are buried under that mountain of filth and lies that are published in books and called US History?

250 years of lies and counting. Will the truth ever come forth from that darkness ?

The great enemy of truth is very often not the lie--deliberate, contrived and dishonest--but the myth--persistent, persuasive and unrealistic. Too often we hold fast to the cliches of our forebears. We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.

Jofn F Kennedy


Wouldn't it be lovely if journalists across all media who are determined to uphold truth could refuse as a group to write the lies and effectively went on public strike?


The truth is, it a long history of lies started when the first history book written by those recording US History. The newspapers of 1776 were filled with lies about the "savage and bestial indians" and the threats they posed to "civilized peoples".

Facing West: The Metaphysics of Indian-Hating and Empire-Building is an excellent book on this topic recommended by a reader here and charts a course back detailing those lies from the very beginning. There are no journalists detailing this today because there never was any history of such. Those handful of the same that tried to tell the truth were dismissed as being unpatriotic.


Just as Kaepernick, the 49er, is being smeared. We'll see about Rapinoe, as well. The only real god of white people is money, as Malcolm X put it. The moneytrain carries the diseases of the elites, anyone catching that ride becomes infected. And, is a carrier and host, as well.


" But the Messenger brings a WHOLE NEW REALITY. This individual is not simply one who gives warning of the great hazards of the future or the present day.....But only a Messenger from God can bring an entire new reality & change over time the awareness and the consciousness of large numbers of people, even affecting the attitudes of the entire human race." ...from the sacred text of the New Message from God from the Revelation: "The Origin of the Messenger":.....from the teachings of the newmessage.org.


The Army Corps of Engineers also manages Lake Okeechobee in Florida and when they didn't know what to do with high rainfall, whatever they did managed to cause deadly bacteria to make its way to both coastlines!

Those taught to kill cannot be entrusted with the preservation of life, particularly as expressed by the Great Mother Spirit.

I drove over to Cedar Key yesterday to get my mail and as I drove into the tiny Gulf town, all along the route mattresses and furniture were piled up.

The hurricane's surge had sent the water into the town which is near sea level.

It was surreal.

I wondered if my mail would be safe. I hadn't picked it up in several days. The place SMELLED like seaweed and the post office was boarded up.

It was sad to see library books sitting on the curb. I don't think the town librarian thought of moving the books upstairs. Probably few expected the tidal surge to be as bad as it was.

In short. It was surreal. And I'm left with that feeling today along with the knowledge that those who are in power have ZERO understanding of how Nature works. The Indigenous Tribes to the contrary do.

They are the witness to centuries of crimes against nature lately aided and abetted by efficient technology.

What's happening to this marvel of a planet is beyond criminal.

Last night I watched a psychologist from California explain why so many people are disconnected from this truth, living in a virtual trance. While I disagree with his "one size fits all" use of the "WE" frame, other than that, he makes MANY excellent points.

Here's ONE link to his presentation:

The surreal nature of our world is partly explained by the net effect of mass mind control.


Hi Siouxrose- Thank you for your post and contributions here.
"In short. It was surreal. And I'm left with that feeling today along with the knowledge that those who are in power have ZERO understanding of how Nature works. The Indigenous Tribes to the contrary do.".....

Yes what's needed is a most powerful medicine to change the course and mindset of humanity, dominated now by western culture.

"To honestly look at the world is to realize that its mounting difficulties are exceeding human capacity & understanding. The Great Waves of change coming to the world exceed what individuals & institutions can fully comprehend & address."--From the sacred teachings of the newmessage.org from the "The Will of Heaven".

Indigenous knowledge and peoples will be needed to restore this planet, the only planet of humanity.


The unavoidable fact that in recorded history, REAL, TRUE recorded History, there was never an account of an indiginous, indian, held by white/europeans that willfully wanted to remain in the white mans "Christian" world-All native indian captives held by the whites not only desired to return to their world, many just gave up and died in white captivity....On the other hand, all white captives, held by the Indians, wanted to stay with the tribe-This bears out your truth:
"The truth is, it a long history of lies started when the first history book written by those recording US History. The newspapers of 1776 were filled with lies about the "savage and bestial indians" and the threats they posed to "civilized peoples"."

HISTORY, n. An account mostly false, of events mostly unimportant, which are brought about by rulers mostly knaves, and soldiers mostly fools.
Ambrose Bierce- "The Devils Dictionary"