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Why the HB2 Boycott of North Carolina Is Working


Why the HB2 Boycott of North Carolina Is Working

Chris Kromm

It's been over a month since North Carolina lawmakers rushed to pass House Bill 2, sweeping legislation that, while targeting a Charlotte city ordinance for gender-neutral public bathrooms, also nullified local anti-discrimination and wage laws.


Gender-neutral public bathrooms are the height of idiocy.

People should use the bathroom indicated for their physical sexual equipment, as civilized people have always done in the past to avoid problems between the sexes.

This movement for gender-neutral bathrooms is an exercise by the mainstream media (as directed by their owners) to test the power of their influence on the general population.

The question they are testing is: how big an idiocy can we get the people to buy?

Their constant hammering away at the subject of homosexuality was quite successful in promoting acceptance of that.

Now they've ratcheted it up a notch with this gender-neutral bathrooms nonsense, which is guaranteed to cause problems among the attendees.

Causing problems among people is another of the MSM's favored activities.

Trying to equate this gender-neutral bathroom issue with
anti-apartheid in South Africa is an unconscionable piece of propaganda, which, on second thought, is true of the whole article.


Did you ever take biology? Never heard of Aphrodite? 1 in 300 Homo sapiens has both male and female tissue in them. What do you expect them to do? Use both bathrooms? Use neither? Maybe they need a lawyer present with them to make the call; so they don't wind up in jail in your nutty police state?

Why don't you control freaks just leave them alone, and let them decide which can to use. In SE Asia, nobody cares. Cross-dressers use whatever can they feel like. It has resulted in zero rapes and zero arrests in a civil society where everyone is a hell of a lot free-er than North Carolina. But crazy bible-thumping extremists gotta foist their view of morality on everyone else since they have no understanding of human anatomy or sex education at all.

There should be no gender designation on any bathroom. Everyone is female anyway until the addition of the x-chromosome. All males become females if estrogen is introduced. If it creeps you out, just use the stall for christ's sake.

Don't put people in a legal dilemma and anguish and make them go in the alley and violate public urination laws just because you don't understand physiology.


Transgender people have been using the bathroom here in the U.S. without one incident. The movement is your ignorant group of idiots who don't understand the word gender. Look what I found, a dictionary, you should buy one, next time. Gender-1.the state of being male or female (typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones). Fixed your ignorance for you, you're welcome. The only people making a ruckus is the ignorant bigots like you.


Suggested rules for peeing, etc.:

People with normal male or female sexual equipment should use the bathroom designated for their present-day equipment - even if they have had a sex change operation.

People with normal male or female equipment who feel that they are really of the opposite sex should bite the bullet and pee where they're supposed to pee (see above).

No one with male equipment should pee in a female bathroom, and vice versa.

Genuine hermaphrodites can pee where they pee now - according to the male/female way that they dress.

Anyone who expends energy promoting this manufactured gender bathroom issue might consider re-directing their rebellious energies to a real issue of great importance, such as their government dropping bombs on innocent people in a number Middle East and African countries.


Of course, full repeal of HB2 would be a great outcome of the boycott. Alternatively, defeat of McCrory and the regressive Repub majorities in both houses of the GA would be more broadly wonderful.


So now they gotta conform to your phucked-up dress code everywhere they go? Just like in your phucked-up church which, in reality, is the origin of all this world intolerance that you lament. In many cases, church money paid for missiles and guns via untraceable "Faith-Based-Initiatives" (see Charlie Wilson's War), and since it morphed into al-Queda, is the root cause of much of our present-day conflict in the Middle East. And it really is that simple. Hillbilly intolerance of other people's way of life.

Christians don't like competing religions?

Bomb those ragheads!

Conservative Christians from Right-Wing think tanks and on Wall Street wanna steal resources?

Bomb em!

Public won't support all this wasted treasure and spilled blood? No problem; just directly give the terrorists weapons and cash like Bush/Obama/Clinton did causing this huge disaster so the MIC Christians can rake it in with a fake global war on terror.

Do you see how tyrannical and hypocritical the Religious Right is? They want to impoverish and micro-manage everyone right down to their peckers. Cops are going to be groping everyone to confirm whether or not "your equipment" qualifies you to wear the clothes you picked out this morning to wear. Maybe, since you're already destroying everyone's civil liberties anyway with your Big Brother dress-code, you could just make trannies wear a big yellow "Star of David" on their clothing or tattoo a bar-code on their forearms. How about a big "666" on their foreheads?

And, just how do you propose funding this Gonad Gestapo you've just invented? How do you propose to pay for the millions of prison cells you're going to need for suspected cross-dressers? I know the answer to that. As a taxpayer, I'll have to pay millions for it!

Would you just do us all a big, fat favor and keep this phucking Peeping-Tom government the hell out of our bedrooms and underpants?

Thank you very much.


If you'd given the subject some thought you'd have realized that my "phucked-up dress code" is exactly the way things have been done for the past hundred years or so - without problems.

Your brave new world however, invites problems.
And for no good reason.