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Why The Investigation Of ExxonMobil Matters


Why The Investigation Of ExxonMobil Matters

Ken Kimmell

Sometimes simple truths lie dormant for a long time until they are powerfully brought to our attention. But, once our understanding is kindled, the implications—and changes in public attitudes—can spread like wildfire, gathering momentum at a breathtaking pace.


Kochs, you're next.


I want to see published the amount of money of Exxon executives and major share holders, affiliates, and owned companies have donated to Hillary Clinton.


Truth is the first casualty of war, as the old saw goes. Clearly, ExxonMobil has been at war with us, US, and the world.


There is plenty of blame to go around for the climate disaster which is underway.
President Lyndon Johnson's scientific advisory board, back in 1965 warned of
the dangers of atmospheric carbon dioxide and predicted almost exactly what
we are experiencing today. It was known by scientists since carbon burning began.

Lyndon Johnson even addressed congress on the subject. So government scientists have known and I
would expect most any scientist would understand the situation. Yet, they all waited until it was
pretty much too late to warn people.

For every gallon of gas burned 18 pounds of carbon dioxide goes into the atmosphere.
It is just a scientific fact. I can understand why the oil companies didn't want to face this, but
what about our government. Why did they wait so long? In hindsight, it is just shocking.

What did you know and when did you know it?


All companies, including fossil fuel companies, operate with a social license.

"Social license" sounds like a half-hearted expectation of some semblance of social responsibility from our sociopathic corporations on high, a polite contrast to the hundred year history during which early American citizens restricted new corporations to limited periods of serving the public good by granting only provisional community charters.

For rich material on the gradual usurpation of the people's sovereignty by imperious and impervious corporations, check out the heartening work of CELDF (Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund) (www.celdf.org) fostering the growing community rights movement in America.

In addition to providing legal assistance around the country seriously challenging court rulings that bow to corporate power, CELDF offers Democracy School (http://celdf.org/how-we-work/education/democracy-school/) for us 21st c. indentured and overpoliced colonists, challenging social activists with an extensive curriculum filling the gaps left from high school history classes. Readings look like they will certainly (http://celdf.org/how-we-work/education/democracy-school/) fire up that spiritedness we'll need to confront today's tyrannical corporations lording it over the planet.