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Why the Islamic State Is the Minor Leagues of Terror

Why the Islamic State Is the Minor Leagues of Terror

Tom Engelhardt

It’s time to panic!

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What ever this guy is smoking…I want some… :slightly_smiling:

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Reset. All the “terrorist” threats (ISIS, poverty, weather as a weapon, poisons in the air, water, food, and medicines, etc.) lead back to a small group of people that control the world’s key central banks, which in turn gives them control over almost all key corporate and government assets, as well as natural resources. http://coloradopublicbanking.blogspot.com/2014/05/the-view-from-top-of-power-pyramid.html

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Engelhardt writes:
“In other words, if enough fossil fuels continue to be burned in the many decades to come, another kind of potential extinction event can be imagined, a slow-motion apocalypse of extreme weather – melting, burning, flooding, sea-level rise, storming, and who knows what else.”

This vastly understates the mass extinction that is taking place. Scientists who specialize in the field assert that the “sixth mass extinction” is not only already underway on Earth, but by many measures is unfolding faster than past mass extinctions. It’s not “potential” that “can be imagined” if humans burn fossil fuels “in the many decades to come.” Mass extinction is underway.

To have hope of re-stabilizing the Earth’s ecology, humans need to swiftly and comprehensively reorder “the economy.” Production to meet actual needs, not to reward profiteers. Production that upholds ecological systems, not undermines them. And ASAP, because we do not have “many decades to come” to act.


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Liberal sparkle-pony Bernie Sanders is helping to promote and maintain the fiction of ISIS as a material threat to residents of mainland USA. (Same is true of every OTHER Republican, as well, but that does not excuse it.)

By doing so, he is complicit in the scam, which is aimed at stealing the wealth of workers and poor people via the US Military, and at maintaining political terror and oppression via the US Military and other state agencies. Sanders is an accomplice to this, one of the most lucrative crimes ever.

Anyone who can see through the ISIS scam ought to be able see through Sanders.

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I agree and am frustrated that he won’t challenge the MIC but perhaps that dragon is only slayable once elected and others are safe to target from the stump. Sanders has chosen to target income disparity and banking corruption, plus maybe some environmental exigencies. His lip service to demilitarization and unwise promotion of the ISIS threat can be “seen through” but I doubt he’s venal enough to renege on financial reform. We can’t have it all sadly; only a superhuman who could work 168 hours a week could stop all the evil that the US has become.

“It was not known until the final decades of the last century that the
release of greenhouse gases from the burning of such forms of energy
could heat the planet in startling ways”.


Arrhenius (Sweden) modelled it in 1894-95; Chapman (UK) brought it to attention in the 1930s: the International Geophysical Year raised the issue; the possibility of anthropogenic global heating was taught at my primary school in 1959 and in my secondary school in the early-mid-1960s. It’s just that no-one of any significance politically bothered to read.

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Most progressive activists, like Mr. Engelhardt, not doubt like to see themselves as part of the solution rather than the problem. But that is only the measure of a dishonesty within the human nature itself yet to be understood or confronted. And thus they are not even close to understanding the roots cause of the problem or the nature of change necessary to turn mankind off the slippery slope. These days there is a long list of people making a profession of reminding us of the problems facing mankind and the earth itself, but reminding us of impending doom isn’t the same as having the means to resolve them. And ‘faith’ in human creativity or Democracy is looking more and more like the emperors new clothes. How does one speak to the whole of humanity?

"What constrains the highest of human aspirations is rarely imagined but if the catalyst with the necessary authority to realize the greater dream were ever revealed, who would care enough to believe with sufficient courage and conviction to act? Unfortunately the world has continues to prefer the soft, the easy and more convenient ways of intellectual vanity, political correctness and spiritual confectionery than the honesty and courage to confront human nature itself! "

Dear Energon,

How do you do that?