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Why the Left Must Choose Biden

The new CodePink co-directors are Ariel Gold, a five-year vet there, Farida Alam, a fifteen-year vet, and Carley Towne, who I don’t know much about, I think she’s fairly young.

This website is treating me like a new user and limiting my replies, by the way, even though my comment history goes back years and I did nothing to rejoin. CD is another organization whose donation will shrink. Which is a boon for some other organization.


Excellent points. What these types of articles suggest is that in A Democracy , rather then the Politician coming around to adopt policies the people want, the people have to come around to adopting the Policies the Politicians want. This is exactly how Trump came about.

One does not defeat the right by becoming the right. If you can not beat them join them is not a mantra the left should adopt.


What is really sad is how often they resemble a MAGA post, with the good and bad positions reversed.

Never any real reasoning, just the emotional democracy will die if you don’t vote as you are told to.


Obamas hope and change platform was all rosy stuff down on paper as well. Here the thing with those posted platforms the name of the party that has presented them and read them and they all LOOK nice even the ones presented by those far right parties. What is more important is the track record and the things the parties leave out.

To your ACA as example. The way that program is designed in the USA will in fact drive up health care costs. When the private insurers know that they money to pay premiums will come from the Government they know they can increase those premium costs and still get paid. There a reason so many of the health care costs for the same procedures in the USA are 2 and three times higher then in other Countries. In theory they claim that the “Competition” will drive prices down. What in fact happens is the providers of the health care understand they can increase the costs of a procedure because the patient “has insurance” and so they keep increasing those costs to fatten profit margins and the Insurers in turn escalate the premiums.

The other Countries that use such mixes of public/private understood this would happen and address it via controlling what those procedures can cost. ACA under Obama ruled that out. (Zed also posts on this matter as well illustrating how GATS acts as an impediment in the USA meaning ACA will never really amount to much other then billions going to the health care and insurance industries)


That’s weird. Has someone been flagging your posts to drive your disqus score down?

I refuse to vote against my own best interests for a man who has a very long history of being a Republican in Democratic clothing. The same goes for his law and order VP candidate.

If Biden wants my vote, then he will have to earn it by credibly embracing a progressive platform. Otherwise, I vote for Hawkins of the Green Party, which is certainly NOT a vote for Trump. No amount of pathetic gaslighting, name calling or any other illogical response will make me change my mind.


excellent viewpoint. Thanks.

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I’ve voted in every election for my entire life, and I can say with certainty that it has been a complete waste of my time. I understand why 50% of americans - soon to be more - do not vote. Our political system is hopelessly corrupt. Look at the choice we have today… look at this article… the hundreds of articles just like it… proclaiming, “Don’t waste your vote - vote for this corrupt POS who offers you nothing or else the boogeyman will get you.”

Our political system by design will only give you the LOTE choice in every election; with a spoiler orphan party or two hanging out in the fringes.

The corruption must be taken out of the system before any real change can occur. Party platforms are meaningless because they cannot and will not be enacted within this system. We don’t have the luxury of time to work within this system to change an existing party or to create a viable 3rd party.

As I see it there needs to be a way to make withholding your vote from candidates of any party more powerful than voting LOTE. A way for people to demonstrate they will not vote for you unless you sign onto a pledge to end the corruption. A pledge that the buttegiegs of the world, the wine-cellar dwelling autocratic future of the democratic party, would call a “purity pledge”:

  1. overturn citizens united
  2. amend constitution stating corporations are not people, money is not free speech
  3. 100% publicly funded elections - 100% free public airwaves for elections
  4. 100% paper ballots - hand counted
  5. ban working as lobbyist for 10 years after holding office
  6. restrict amount ex-presidents can be paid for speeches

I’m sure there are more changes that need to be made… but voting LOTE voting isn’t getting us there.


Its very sad that every election cycle, this site starts around the same time relative to the election date to put away its well-written offerings which lead to relevant discussion and start printing simplistic advocacy pieces for whatever the DNC is pushing - REGARDLESS of how destructive, divisive and intellectually dishonest
it may be. If one looks at the ‘yard displays’ Trump will win this usually ‘blue’ area of PA hands-down. The polls were completely meaningless in 2016 and apparently no less so in 2020. To my recall B. has never
made an appearance, - nor done any research if, as again appears to be the case, he seriously believes
that promising NOT to ban fracking is a winning point in Pennsylvania.

There are many reasons to use the rationale that the sky will fall if Trump wins. Starting with the rolling back of protective regulations for the environment, Trumps erratic changes of position, conflicts of interest, making ‘loyalty to me’ a criterion for his hiring and firing, his collusion with the current attempt to push Barrett through, and on through to whether his on-film commentary on unwanted sexual touching of was "OK’ because famous people get by with it.

There are just as many reasons, and to me, far more, to argue that the sky will fall if Biden
wins. Starting with the ON-FILM on-film molesting of very young children through their clothing at ceremonies honoring one of their parents who has received a federal appointment - and particularly the one where he diverts the parents’ attention by chatting while running his hand under her arm and
apparently pinches her nipple, when she jerks away… Lower than dirt behavior, and
like all adult/child groping confusing and especially as a parent does nothing about it. The sky keeps on
rumbling …Hunter’s obviously illegal activities, the rigging by the DNC to deprive the country of a solid
bid for Medicare for All, Biden’s DECADES of anti-segregation and pro-mass incarceration efforts, his
deplorable conduct to Anita Hill (and yeah, many of the dinosaurs remember that pretty well) and the
result which followed. His obvious cognitive problems and the ready target his inability to function
adequately, particularly in an emergency would make THE COUNTRY. His resorting to anger and insults
on multiple occasions with voters and at the first debate, and its suggestion he would do the same thing
with staff, his cabinet or foreign leaders. And of course the fact that it is painfully obvious that it is the
moral core-less Harris that the DNC is seeking to bring in through the back door.

There IS a choice which DOES NOT
-----let the parts of Sanders’ platform which the majority of the country wanted ‘die on the vine’;
-----require installing a commander in chief who is a war-monger;
-----or a child groper;
-----a guy who uses his position to engage in corrupt and/or conflict of interest practices to bring
financial advantage of himself and his family;
-----who is not going to snap out with insults at adversaries, military families who fail to laugh
at his ‘jokes’’; and
-----who has worked diligently against the interests of the environment and the American people
for years.

Hawkins and Walker are the moral choice of this year’s entire ‘field’. They have years of pursuing all
of the goals that the majority of Americans have reported that they overwhelmingly support, irrespective of their party affiliation, if any. Hawkins might be the only President in quite a while that protested the Vietnam War, but when drafted signed up for the Marines. Unlike most candidates they have both worked
‘regular jobs’ most of their lives. And unlike more Presidential candidates than not,come off as NORMAL
HUMAN BEINGS who are not trailing self-interest problems, nepotism as a key policy, and a history of
drone killings and wars about which they had no apparent reservations and spilled blood on this country
which will stain the United States - for the victims and for the larger world of which we are a part -


and a rule change that a candidate must have a plurality of eligible voters to win, or even better - RCV like they’re trying in Maine.


Absolutely. forgot that one.

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All excellent suggestions for needed reform that need to happen. The power of the Duopoly must be broken for these to happen. We need a real socialist revolution, not the faux one that shepherds progressive movements back into the democratic party to wither and die.


How do you intend to enact these progressive policies if you’re unwilling to work with the Democrats? What’s your theory of change? Because I don’t think you have one or that you’ve thought this through. All I hear from the NeverBiden folks are pointless platitudes, proud proclamations of ideological purity, that insipid LOTE mantra, and naive wishful thinking that refusing to vote for Democrats is going to somehow teach them a lesson and suddenly want to start bowing to progressives. That’s not how politics works. If Biden wins without your support then he’s going to work with the neoliberals, not the progressives. We’re trying to build a movement here and you folks keep trying to tear it down.

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You don’t understand. Every democrat that has won in the recent past, has won with the support of progressives. And every one of those immediately turned their back and worked with the neoliberals.

Biden is especially guaranteed to do the same thing. He is proudly bragging that he won the primary by being against everything the progressives want. He is can’t even pretend to have any interest in progressives.

Biden is going to work with the neoliberals no matter how progressives vote. Voting third party is the only way we have the slightest chance of turning anything around.


I’ve been working in Progressive politics now for over 50 years! I keep fighting for our causes in whatever forum I can make some gains in. What I can’t fathom is how Progressive candidates WIN when the public is somewhere to Right of Center? Don’t keep telling me that voters are with us, when they have every chance to get involved in Primary Elections! I worked for & donated to Bernie, so I’m in the game, but you can’t just blame the NeoLibs for him failing to garner enough votes! If you think another 4 years of Trump will get us anywhere, you’re a FOOL. We can work with the Dems, but go ahead and sit it out and we’ll be living in a Fascist world. Try that on for size!!

Describe “Socialist Revolution”? Violent revolutions always end up with the worst dictators in charge…see recent history…

This is what the Right Wingers are saying about Biden/ Harris team. How can Americans have such wildly differing ideas of what certain politicians are all about??? It just makes me want to throw up my hands and say you’re ALL CRAZY!!!

“Yep, pack the Supreme Court creating one all powerful legislature, abolish the Electoral College granting Liberal Utopias the power to control all Presidential elections, repeal the filibuster removing all protections for the minority ensuring passage of any and all majority legislation, and adding states to ensure single party rule for generations.”

I don’t understand your point. Are you not able to see right through what the R side says? They are pretty much disingenuous on everything these days. Are you not able to see right through what the D side says? They are mostly disingenuous but they have a few correct things to say. Are you not able to see what the G party says? As I said, I think they are mistaken on nuclear power, but I don’t think they are disingenuous. It’s up to you and every voter to take the time and figure out who is lying and who is not and ABSOLUTELY NEVER throw your hands up in the air. We are all doomed if too many people have that attitude.


Round and round we go, when will it stop no one can know.

Biden has the most progressive presidential platform in history, which Sanders and Warren helped shape as a condition of their support. The progressive movement has helped move the Democratic Party to the left in recent years, starting with Bernie’s unexpectedly strong 2016 presidential run. All you NeverBiden ideologues keep overlooking this new reality as you proudly prognosticate what Biden will do with Trump-like certainty. Why are you trying to sabotage the best chance this country has even had for real climate action and economic, racial and environmental justice? Just so you can say ‘I told you so’ and wallow in your cynicism? C’mon, have a little more faith in the progressive movement and progressive leaders’ ability to influence a Biden administration. That’s what Bernie, Warren, AOC and all are more progressive elected leaders are working on and you’re doing nothing but bloviating and trying to undermine them and rest of the progressive movement.