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Why the Left Must Choose Biden

Biden has the most progressive presidential platform in history, which Sanders and Warren helped shape as a condition of their support. The progressive movement has helped move the Democratic Party to the left in recent years, starting with Bernie’s unexpectedly strong 2016 presidential run. All you NeverBiden ideologues keep overlooking this new reality as you proudly prognosticate what Biden will do with Trump-like certainty. Why are you trying to sabotage the best chance this country has even had for real climate action and economic, racial and environmental justice? Just so you can say ‘I told you so’ and wallow in your cynicism? C’mon, have a little more faith in the progressive movement and progressive leaders’ ability to influence a Biden administration. That’s what Bernie, Warren, AOC and all are more progressive elected leaders are working on and you’re doing nothing but bloviating and trying to undermine them and rest of the progressive movement.

I do have faith in the progressive movement. That’s why I’m voting for it.

Biden is for everything that I am against. I will not vote for him. I understand if you have a different opinion of how to get there. But at least recognize who Biden is. He is still in favor of subsidizing the oil industry, and won’t even talk about slowing fracking down.

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Listen, Biden was my least favorite candidate in the Democratic field this year, with the possible exception of Bloomberg. And I can still recognize that he is world’s better than Trump on all the issues progressives care about and someone who will be open to ideas and influence from the left. And you’re also just wrong about his position on fossil fuel subsidies, which he’s pledged to end in his first year (I tried to post the link support it, this system won’t let me, so just Google “Joe Biden fossil fuel subsidies”) That’s progress based on progressives working to influence him instead of shunning him.