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Why the 'Merchants of Death' Survive and Prosper


Why the 'Merchants of Death' Survive and Prosper

Lawrence Wittner

"As long as people retain their faith in the supreme value of military might, we can probably also expect "defense contractors" to continue profiting from war at the public's expense."



Why do the Merchants of Death survive and prosper?

Because, 95% of the voting electorate supports them through their votes for the parties of the Duopoly.

It’s unbelievable that the people of America care so little about their government, their children and their futures, and themselves.


You don’t get those kinds of sales figures with a world that is in peace. Pure and simple.

The American public is woefully ignorant and/or indifferent as to the extent of our military’s control over our political system, the collusion of both parties to exempt it from any control or accountability and the extent to which both have partnered with defense industry. This merging of military, state and industry is the very foundation of fascism. Kick in Trump’s right wing racist agenda and the perennially bloated military/defense budget and you have a military fascist empire that rivals any in history. We’re now at a point where even a full blown revolution may not be able to turn off the endless war for profit machine. The fact that it is now one of the President’s duties to act as Salesman-in Chief for the military/defense industry says it all as to who is actually running this country.


…with a complicit media.

“The CIA, and the entire U.S. federal government, is presented there as servicing the aristocrats (the billionaires) not only in the U.S., but in the countries that are allied with the U.S., America’s vassal nations. America’s taxpayers are funding the protection of foreign billionaires — the individuals who control those vassal governments — in addition to funding foreign land-clearance operations to benefit America’s billionaires. Normally, this fact is simply unpublishable inside the United States, but it’s essential for any American voter to understand in order to be able to vote in an accurately informed (instead of deceived) way; and Harpers should therefore receive an award for having had the guts to publish this customarily unpublishable information. Unfortunately, it’s not the type of article the Pulitzers etc., grant awards to. That’s how the American Government and its media have so successfully kept such crucial information a secret.”
“The aristocracy, in any country, don’t want the public to understand international relations, and why their government is doing what they are doing, because, if the public knew, the aristocrats (and their government) would be in a very dangerous situation. And that’s also a reason why billionaires build and buy all of the major newsmedia, so that the public won’t understand these things. And, of course, no major brand of any product or service will be likely to advertise in any news-medium that violates the collective interests of all of the owners — the billionaires and centi-millionaires who own controlling interests in America’s international corporations. Though some are Republicans and others are Democrats, they all are in this boat together, and so the two sides of the Establishment share crucial things in common, even though they try to present to the public the opposite side of the aristocracy as being either stupid or evil. (For example: whereas the Democrat George Soros is vilified by Republicans, the Republican Koch brothers are vilified by Democrats. It’s America’s political theater, “rooting for the home team,” where “home” is whichever side of the aristocracy the particular audience-member happens to identify with and cheer for.) What the contending aristocrats cannot accuse the other side of, however, is what both sides share in common with one-another, against the public-at-large. And, so, nobody talks about America’s ongoing support for terrorism. It’s not published (with rare exceptions, such as that Harper’s article).”

I was watching “Trail of Tears” on FNX/PBS tonight and am reminded that the U.S. is still doing the same atrocities, but all over the world in the name of Full Spectrum Dominance, the New World Order, American Exceptionalism, Democracy, world trade, or whatever you want to call it–for the billionaires. Yes, the public is woefully ignorant as to whom their pledged allegiance and patriotism is actually going to.


Most definitely with a complicit media and, obviously, a complicit court system, as well.


The merchants of death, along with Big Polluting Energy, Big Banking, Big Agriculture, etc., are defined by TPTB as “our” “national interests”. Bullshit on that.


Job number one in America is to kill things, period. It’s been this way for a very long time. No healthcare for you, we have to kill. No education for your children, we have to kill. No food on your table, we have to kill. Get the picture yet? It’s what we do, we kill things all over the globe. It isn’t about defense, it’s about killing things. “blood, gore, veins in my teeth” Arlo.


Why do the Merchants of Death survive and prosper? Because war is America’s job program.


“We can’t get into those aircraft fast enough,” Lieutenant General Jon Davis, the Marine Corps’ aviation chief, told a House Armed Services subcommittee in early 2017. “We have a game changer, a war winner, on our hands.”
That sure in the hell sounds like one bloodthirsty sonofabitch to me. An aircraft that has come no where near to proving itself, as capable of doing what it is claimed to be able to do, so just keep throwing taxpayer money at it, so we can have our ultimate killing toy, whether it is ever going to be ready or not. It would seem that war is so important to these assholes, that they are willing to do anything to make sure that war happens! Let’s remember something about this aircraft, it’s suppose to be a stealth multi role fighter.

This image shows the internal and external hard points under the wing to carry extra armermants and external fuel tanks. The moment you hang external armermants or fuel tanks under the wing of this aircraft, you have done away with the stealth part of this aircraft, the #1 selling point of this aircraft goes down the drain once you hang things under the wings of this aircraft, and that includes the hardpoint pylons attached under the wings of the aircraft. The reason for the hanging of munitions and external fuel tanks is #1 the aircraft has insufficient room in its internal weapons bay to carry all of the bombs and or missiles to carry out the mission, #2 the same for the fuel required to carry out the mission. Any enemy ground or aircraft radar will pick up these aircraft from miles away if they are loaded this way! A trillion dollars wasted on a not so stealth aircraft! Do a search for “Images of the F-35 fighter fully loaded” to see what I’m talking about!


The war industry, feeding off the state, grows fat and powerful with profits. This is not unique. It is how all empires are hollowed out from the inside. As we are impoverished and stripped of our rights, the tools used to maintain control on the outer reaches of empire—drones, militarized police, indiscriminate violence, a loss of civil liberties, and security and surveillance—are also used at home.


We…are not really free if we can’t control our own government and its policies. And we will never do that if we remain ignorant.
~Charley Reese


“The arms industry would like us to believe there’s nothing wrong with what they do, that they’re patriotic companies that are protecting our country and our troops and just doing what the government tells them to do. Yet the fact remains their products kill people and that’s really what they’re about, and that’s the last image they wanna project. If you look at the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and Pakistan, conservative estimates, quite conservative, are that 300,000 people have died in those wars, about two-thirds of them civilians. Even before our current commander-in-chief took power, the United States was involved in seven wars in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, and they’re cycling Special Forces through the Philippines, and now it comes out the most under-reported thing is the U.S. role in Africa where there are over 800 troops stationed in Niger alone. This is how these companies make their money, on a policy of permanent war.
Where does the money go? The myth is that we have to spend a lot on the Pentagon because it’s for the troops. Of course it’s for the troops. It ends up, more than half the Pentagon budget, 300 billion-plus per year, goes straight back out the door to corporations. The top five, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and General Dynamics, get about a third of that 300 billion. Trump added 54 billion and the Senate said, "Oh, no. That’s not enough. Let’s give them an extra 90 billion.
The question is how much of your investment profits come from portfolios that rely on profits from war deaths?”


Amerika, I would argue, is and has been for a long time merchants of death, supported by the two war parties in Congress. Amerika has replaced Nazi Germany as the worlds #1 enemy. This fascist regime needs to be exposed for what it really is…A WORLD WIDE EMPIRE; SUPPORTED BY A MILITARY DICTATORSHIP!

One way to start to expose it is to change the narrative: they are not defense contractors; they are offensive, war contractors! Spreading death and destruction on innocent men, women, and children around the world in order to murder for the totalitarian regime. It’s not our national security they are worried about; it is their national security!


Yes, and like any industry it cannot survive without a demand for it’s products and the supply for that demand comes from enemies. The Merchants of Death could not survive without enemies. If the war contractors had no enemies they would have to invent them to survive…and of course, that is exactly what they do!


…and prison is America’s housing program.


Are you as offended as I am by all these wounded warrior pitches on TV? The very least the gov’t should be doing—as it can’t seem to kick its addiction to war—is fully funding the VA health system.


I have supported and tried to help veterans and from my perspective, knowing many vets. personally, I can tell you many are homeless, sick and horribly treated. Ironic that the US government spends trillions of $ on bogus wars to murder innocent people, but cannot in many cases, support its own vets.


Far beyond ironic, it’s tragic. As a founding member of our local coalition for the homeless, I can confirm the truth of your statement. The staggering, stupefying hypocrisy of “support the troops” rhetoric continues to amaze me.


Well said! And what really is so egregious to me, is when they say “SUPPORT THE TROOPS” that statement is usually complete BS! They are supporting the troops commendable bravery and patriotism of willing to put their lives on the line for their country but for nefarious reasons. Yes, so tragic!