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Why the Nation’s Nurses are Supporting Bernie Sanders for President


Why the Nation’s Nurses are Supporting Bernie Sanders for President

RoseAnn DeMoro

The more than 100,000 people who have jammed into arenas in Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Phoenix, Houston, Dallas, New Orleans, Madison, and other cities should be a wake up call for anyone still on the sidelines in the critical 2016 election campaign.

National Nurses United, I’m proud to say, has endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders for many of the same reasons that have brought those 100,000 people to their feet.


I suppose this is a sort of progress for an American union; getting away for a bit fom the politics of self-immolation they’re used to practicing. But what happens if and when he loses the primary? Do they go HRC?

In any event, I guess I’ll take the minor progress and hope that in the future, anyone who still uses the horrid phrase “truth to power” won’t be the one typing the explanation. Seriously, isn’t that completely dead yet?


The only thing missing–and it IS a glaring omission–is tying together why threats to Social Security and investments in domestic infrastructure are being made. The corporate takeover of our nation (and much of the world) is part of the equation, as is taming Wall St. However, a monster is standing in the room and it’s the Military-Industrial-Complex and its costly (on so many levels) fixation on making war added to the armaments that support war. It is THAT huge “investment” that cannibalizes the funds needed for everything else.

Since nurses know better than anyone else what mending bodies requires, costs, and feels like… it would be wonderful if this same organization opposed war since so many of our sisters are struggling in other parts of the world as they work to mend the hordes of wounded persons. All whose bodies were so senselessly “torn asunder.”

Bernie–and the nurses wise enough to support him over another excerpt of “American Dynasty” and its bloodlust for wars–also needs to openly oppose the lie that patriotism = killing others. Perhaps the swarming crowds will embolden him to do so.

Perhaps there’s a fear that the bulk of Evangelical Christians who have been erroneously conditioned to this idea of “holy war” (for countless generations) will not back Mr. Sanders if he speaks up on this issue. It sunk Dr. King. For now, Bernie is speaking to audiences about the state of America. IF he has a chance to lead and influence policy decisions (after all, he’d have a great bully pulpit from which to do so)… he could THEN detour across that 3rd rail and expose the crumbling might of the M.I.C. For without this muscle, all of those corporations that have written policies that “free” them to rape, pillage, and plunder the world’s natural resources (humans, included) would be left without their Armed Guards, those who procure all that “Protection Money” when this same ilk runs the cons that appear to require as much.


Why would “truth to power” be “dead,” when Lies are foremost what the mainstream media traffics in? And having learned from Goebbels that the lie told often IS often believed; and learning from Edward Bernays how to use advertising to stir audiences’ inner passions (hitting the part of the brain that is not filtered by logic, objective thought, or the CAPACITY to critique ideas); and adding in subtle mind-control devices… Truth IS the thing made conspicuous BY its absence.

The documented FACT that truth tellers are being treated as heretics and pariahs, forced to hole up in foreign lands or face costly lawsuits (if not jail time) suggests that speaking difficult truths to power IS central to taking down the paradigm that favors war, corporatists, bankers, royal families, religious, media, and military elites… over humanity, not to mention a planet that sustains life.


I think many of us understand that to really have an affect on the present situation it as to come out of a grassroots movement… Bernie Sanders is advocating that and as repeated it over and over. That this not about him, but about us.
I believe Bernie Sanders is older enough to have lost is ego long ago and is truly committed to help us bring about a nationally organized movement that will help make the very necessary changes.
Look powerful wealthy people it as been proven develop a real sense of entitlement “ they do believe they have a right to all they have and to keep it”, no matter the cost to the rest of the society.
They are going to employ all their resources both private and public to stop any attempt to change the
status quo. It not about right and wrong, but about what they perceive, (very conveniently I might add), as the natural order of things: ‘The powerful exact what they can, and the weak have to comply,’ is their believe.
But society in order to thrive and grow as to realize the necessity of helping the less fortunate, to help themselves, “a hand up”, so to speak.
Einstein, although it is never brought up in the mainstream was a socialist and strongly believed that if society was going to survive it would eventually have to adopt socialism. That capitalism will all it’s exsises would in time destroy itself. He called it " the evils of capitalism". ( If you have not read his essay entitled, “Why Socialism”, take the time.)
So, I think getting behind Bernie Sanders will be our chance, this generation chance to make a change in things.
We cannot let not let this opportunity get away. If we do, I think we will regret it for a very long time to come.
Don’t let the coronation happen, or it will more of the same.


I have been a member of the National Education Association (NEA) or the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) for nearly 40 years. I really wish they would come out in support of Bernie Sanders. Instead the leadership has come out in support of HRC. Maybe they know something many of us members don’t, but I believe that support for HRC is premature.


Right on, sister!


It’s maddening to watch the leadership of the old, big, and sclerotic unions do this year in and year out, and clearly losing ground each an every time out. Yet they persist. I feel for members of these rackets. They’re trying to get a real union, and instead get some freak show of a collaborationist firm that negotiates crappy contracts and throws newer members under the bus to keep the older members happy.


As much as this churns my innards, I’m going to respond to this (and probably regret doing so).

The first 3/4 of your post are worthless, so let’s get to the 1/4 that isn’t: the last sentence.

I’m dying to know how “speaking truth to power” is central to anything. Explain, exactly, how that works? If I tell a banker that she’s a stealing cockroach, how does that change her behavior? Has it yet? If I tell the CEO of Lockheed that his drones are killing innocent people for bloody money, will he stop? Has he ever?

Aside from being a tedious cliche at this point, it’s also utterly nonsensical. You can speak truth to power all day and power largely just cackles like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons. Where speaking truth matters is not to power, but to each other. To ourselves. That’s the truth speaking that can effect the beginnings of change. Power doesn’t give a rat’s patoot what you or I think.

Btw, for the humor challenged, my post was largely referring to the specific phrase as a tired cliche, not as a challenge to speaking truth in principle. Bye now.


So Sanders is a socialist.


Now of course, folks from the right seem to use the word ‘socialist’ to refer to anybody who isn’t a Republican. Such as, say, Barack Obama, who received more money from Wall Street than any other candidate. And yet, to right-wingers, he is a socialist, of course.

Like the proverbial broken clock which gives the right time twice a day, finally a moment may be reached in US history when this particular right-wing claim will be correct. Instead of rolling my eyes when I hear them say it, I’ll be able to respond “yep, he is indeed a socialist…isn’t that cool?”.


Agreed that history has confirmed that speaking truth to power" plus two bucks buys a good cup of coffee (three bucks in high rent areas).

FDR’s New Deal put “power” on the shortest leash “power” has been on for centuries and it worked very well for the 99% for about forty years. Restoring New Deal policies and regulations that were jettisoned during the past forty years will be the first step in the toolbox of Bernie or any other progressive who hopes to make an inch of leftward progress.


A Bernie win would have to effect a peaceful, but rapid revolution. Baby steps and bipartisanship only give the oligarchy time to prepare and preempt.

The people Bernie appoints are crucial and telling.

One fast way to a peaceful revolution would be to initiate a popular and binding electronic referendum process with encryption security for changes in the laws and to pass new laws.

Unless Bernie can bypass the Republican Congress and SCOTUS, he will not get his programs across. Grassrooots referendums can.

Let the people decide.


Siouxrose - two excellent, entirely on point posts. Thank you.


Sanders is a socialist in name only. He is actually a Keynesian liberal Democrat who doesn’t want to replace the Capitalistic market, not even in part, but just regulate it and increase taxes on the higher income. I don’t think he is for any socialization programs except single payer health care— which is good.


I think progressives who will not support the only Progressive presidential candidate on the national stage should ask themselves why.

Is it well founded disillusionment with Obama? With the whole political system? Is it support for some other Progressive candidate?

Because regardless of the eventual outcome, Bernie is the best chance of getting our voices and views heard in this election cycle.

Isn’t that worth your support?


He’s also for free public college education and improving the commons/infrastructure.


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Where, exactly were do you get the criterion that a socialist must have created socialism?

No, the Democrats are far from socialists.