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Why the Obamacare Repeal Effort Will Not Die, No Matter What


Why the Obamacare Repeal Effort Will Not Die, No Matter What

Neal Gabler

If you want to calibrate just how bad the Senate Republican health care bill is, you don’t need the Congressional Budget Office telling you that 22 million Americans would lose their insurance. Look no further than Susan Collins. The bill is so god-awful that the Republican senator from Maine, whom I lacerated last week for always fretting and dithering over her party’s initiatives only to support them in the end, wouldn’t even vote to bring it to the floor.


I don’t see why these poor deluded souls can’t get what they want. Let’s declare defeat in the Civil War, tell the south that they are not a part of the United States, and let these people strip themselves of whatever vestige of support they so earnestly believe they do not deserve. Hell, even slavery is preferable to a system of indentured servitude where a person can work 16 hours a day at two jobs and still not be able to put a roof over her head or food on the table. The south would balk at regulating slavery though, and would argue that slaves do not deserve enough food, medical care or a decent place to live. And why not. After all, they are mere slaves, not the deserving rich.


Just don’t let them have the nuclear weapons.


I heard on NPR last night that a poll showed only 17% supporting the Republican health care bill but it said the Republicans wouldn’t give up because that would not be in their political interest. It would seem that they are working for the 17% or less and not the other 83% - that sounds about how it works. I imagine it’s mainly about whatever the Koch brothers want. They seem to be funding the republicans behind the scenes.

For years the Republicans have been manipulating the country through emotional appeals to social/moral issues in a twisted way. The americans voting for them apparently cannot imagine themselves outside of their “traditional” image or role. They can’t seem to figure out that poverty and lack of good jobs will lead to more crime - they can only hear the politician yelling to lock up the criminal. They seem to feel that rubbing a persons face in the mud will give them character. They would have loved the Salem witch trials.


Perhaps not independence but a protectorate, until the south approaches norms of a civilized society.


Yes, I’m afraid we might have something similar to North Korea on our hands if the South were allowed to become independent without some oversight. I’m sure they would still want to continue on with their executions.


While most Trump voters just want to go back to the sixties, for 150 plus years the South has wanted to go back to the fifties,the 1850s prior to the Civil War.

The mentality of GOP voters in general and especially Trump voters differs little from the mentality of Kamikaze pilots in WWII, the 9-11 hijackers and other 21st century suicide bombers. They have lost hope to the extent that they are willing to die for the cause. For the kamikazes and other suicide cases it is instant death. For GOP and Trump voters their votes enable the slow death of democracy and slow death for most of them.


This article, as well as your comment, is very important in helping to explain why so many people keep voting against their own interests. The problem is that they live in a different reality, having been
brainwashed by the bullshit spewing forth from the likes of Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Hannity, Fox News generally, Breitbart, Alex Jones, and others. They watch and listen to these frauds day after day, year after yeareel. As a result, I think, they lose the ability, at least to some extent, to think critically. The current President and Congress represent the harvest of these poisonous roots.

As noted by the author above, this is why the Republicans now feel safe in their seats, and are proceeding to do what they’ve been longing for.


“The bullshit spewing forth” 24/7 pushes the fear and greed buttons of the GOP faithful, turning them into crusaders and commandos.


It’s not the white working classes writing discriminatory voting laws in their state legislatures. It’s not them drawing maps which gerrymander the state and Federal Congressional districts, either. It’s not them buying expensive, slick lawyers and appointing conservative judges.
This is a problem of very wealthy white families fearing, as Trump does, of not being in control. Of the heritage of privilege and the disgust they see in " great unwashed hordes " using larger numbers to " take " ( expropriate ) their wealth and advantages away. The voters do have power, in theory, anyway.
This is why they will try to deconstruct the federal protections built up over a century; using Trump or ideologues like Cruz, Paul or mere hucksters like Jason Chaffetz, Raul Labrador and Steve Scalise.
Religious and racial intolerance is not to be discounted, but the real goal is money. Same as it ever was.


Can’t stress this enough. That’s why some of the cries on here about messaging seem so misplaced. In Georgia 6, the message the GOP sent was that Ossoff was a liberal, gun-taking, San Francisco-type, tax-you-to-death, big government guy. In a +9 Republican, affluent, white district, it’ll work more times than not.

This does not mean progressives should not try, but it does mean it may take more than messaging, say some additional issue like the economy, to turn these types of voters in deep red districts.


And, I repeat the need to compare the Montana special election to the Ossoff election in Georgia. You mentioned economic issues: Yes, Yes and Yes.
Ex: Trump just got beef exports into China markets.
Montana ranchers last spring were slaughtering cow/calf feeding operations because continuing them was financially impractical.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the optics ( not necessarily the backstory facts ) sound like Trumpster is gettin’ er done for The Cowpuncher Crowd. Just sayin’.