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Why the Oil Export Ban Must Stay


Why the Oil Export Ban Must Stay

Michael Brune

It’s easy to understand why the American oil industry would like to see the ban on crude oil exports lifted: Foreign markets would be a new source of profits while also helping to raise the price of oil domestically. The consequences for the environment and for America’s growing clean-energy economy, however, would be disastrous.


Right now there is a huge tanker fire happening in NJ. I hear reports from people that say the smell is carrying all the way west to the Bridgewater area. So no harm, no foul. Right? WRONG. The fossil fuel industry cannot control itself and needs better, stronger oversight, on all levels.

Congress should indeed listen to The People and stop engaging the Big Oil Boys on any discussions around new clean energy. I want to see new people with intelligence, participating in the conversations on New Clean Energy ideas and putting forth plans. We need them now.


The corporate owned congress is listening intently to the oil and banking corporate personHOODS. Their gang has controlled the world economically since the late 1800s. China, India, and Russia are no longer rolling over to their intimidation and bluster. Our insane neocons will go nuclear to reassert their hegemony. Earth and its inhabitants are nuclear toast.