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Why the Panama Papers Are a Feminist Issue


Why the Panama Papers Are a Feminist Issue

Chiara Capraro, Francesca Rhodes

The world is talking about tax this week, so here’s another tax story for you. Asana Abugre has a small shop in Accra, Ghana where she makes and sells batiks and tie-dyed textiles. Asana pays her taxes regularly. Women like her, working in markets across the city, sometimes pay up to 37% of their income in tax. Tax collectors come to their shops to collect taxes, and there is no chance of them not paying, regardless of how little money they might have made that day.


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The C.D. comment chorus would rather espouse its profound hatred of Hillary Clinton (whose policies I abhor, but for whom the hatred is extreme) than discuss what this article explains in the way of wealth inequity and how it is that the cheating of the wealthiest few harms women and girls, disproportionately.

The same commentators who hate Hillary work daily to make Gender and Goddess forbid, gender parity, invisible.


I appreciate having the links spelled out. For some it is a reminder of the linkage between issues, for others they may be hearing it for the first time. And unfortunately, some will find ways to disparage and undermine their message.


The authors noting their goal is not to enable an equal number of female billionaire tax evaders is a reminder for voters everywhere to support women who support women rather than supporting women who will be Thatcher clones.

A candidate's track record trumps gender and/or gender preference.


Excellent points on both tacks:
- Institutionalized sexism runs top-to-bottom throughout "the economy" worldwide, with life-and-death consequences;
- "Tax justice" is a key part of a general economic restructuring to recognize and fairly compensate work, including reproductive labor (or the "care economy" as the authors frame it).

The looters do not want us to recognize their looting, or the real consequences it has on our lives. As long as our impoverishment is not clearly recognized as being engineered, we cannot focus on those who are doing the engineering. There are signs of increasing awareness and focus everywhere...

EDIT: The points in this article by Chiara Capraro and Francesca Rhodes, dovetail nicely with the points made in today's article by Colin Holtz on the benefits of instituting, and the capacity to fund, a Universal Basic Income.


"For example an oil company paid Mossack Fonseca to try and help it avoid US$400 million in taxes in Uganda. This is more than the entire Ugandan health budget." Are these people even human beings? Unfortunately the psychopaths are in charge of the planet. It's high time they were held to account.


And if we had an actual news media, the Clintons' offshore accounts would be on endless repeat news.

Can you imagine if it came out that Sanders had an offshore, tax-avoidance account? It would be 24/7.

For any with eyes that see and ears that hear, the fraud of the corporate media is as plain as the sun in the sky.


More identity politics pieces that distract us from real class issues and income inequality. I could have read this on CNN or some version of it on another corporate website. The ruling class loves stuff like this.


Tossing off the REAL inequities faced by women, Latinos, and Black people under the guise that it's "mere identity politics" is the selfish privilege preferred by white males... from all points on the political spectrum. They're just as self-serving and obnoxious making this claim on the left as they are on the right.

Grow some empathy, you baboon!


Your issues are valid but it the inequalities are economic and the ruling class deceives you by categorizing them as social. The capitalist class will let have all the social equality you like as long as you don't demand economic equality and an alternative to the capitalist system that produces inequality. You blame it on republicans when liberals enable the same injustices. Read some marx for fucks sake


Class struggle puts food on the table not whining that enough female criminals weren't exposed in the Panama papers