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Why the Panama Papers Should Be a US Election Issue


Why the Panama Papers Should Be a US Election Issue

Trevor Timm

he massive fallout from the Panama Papers investigation – the largest leak of documents in history, which has exposed the tax affairs of the world’s most powerful people – is being felt globally.


With a 53.5 billion dollar 2016 budget, the oligarchy's CIA should still be able to keep any Americon's wrongdoings under wraps.


Delaware has been a corporate tax haven for decades.


Whenever Bernie addresses anything that happened during Obama's tenure, Hillary quickly pulls the defacto race card by pointing out that Bernie is criticizing Obama.


It should be but they released the papers to the major media. That assures it will never see the light of day. Right now it would be huge to release the names in this country.
Bernie's core message is about just this type of thing. He is the only candidate that can be trusted to stop this stuff. I won't vote for anyone else.


The Freedom of the Press folks may want to start looking at the presses that are already doing what FOTP is only preaching about:




Even several of the lame streamers have made minor noises about non-US criminals; US office-holders in their view are never criminals, even when, as with the free trade scandals, they enable global crime and make it legal to steal from US citizens and take away US jobs and destroy national economies and lie repeatedly and change the subject when confronted and pretending to do something about the crimes (like Obama's feeble Monday pretense to yet again go after Wall Street - what a total fakir!).

Perhaps Freedom of the Press folks could help us more by specifically analysing the criminal neglect of US major media in actually honoring freedom of the press by actually doing some journalism review that shows those major media have not the vaguest idea of what honoring freedom of the press might mean if they had any honor. They don't. Get over it. We need a total review of all public airwaves and all public media incorporation enabling legislation. It has failed us miserably.