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Why the Planet Is Happy That Bernie Sanders Is Running for President


Why the Planet Is Happy That Bernie Sanders Is Running for President

Bill McKibben

After lunch, right about the time that Bernie Sanders was actually announcing his run for president, I went for a walk in the woods, and polled three chickadees, two wild turkeys, one vernal pool of chirping wood frogs and a random sample of several tree species. You have to bear in mind that this is in Vermont, so there may be a favorite-son effect, but all of them were overjoyed that Sanders was in the race.

And I think I might speak for at least a few other environmentalists who feel the same way. Here's why.


Dear Community Members,

Didn’t he vote in favor of some surveillance bill? I’m not sure about that – I hope someone at CD can correct me or clarify.

Everything else about him seems good.


Before many of us get that instant warm and fuzzy feeling about Bernie Sanders I would suggest reading below article from counterpunch that high-lights Bernie’s past congressional voting record:

Sen. Sanders Joins the Race: A Campaign of Capitulation?
The Problem With Bernie



That was exactly my reaction.


► I’m glad you brought that up


Counterpunch is quite adept at shooting down any and all potential candidates. I don’t get a chance to read their good journalists everyday, but as far as I know there is no one any of their many contributors has endorsed. I am wondering if there is a qualified candidate available?


The planet? :wink:


Hey ya MH, part-‘o-planet here. I surveyed my constituency of molecules and body parts this morning and it was like a sea of bobble head assent - yuppers, 99.99% of them have relatives in the surrounding environment. Shheeesh, they get tired of the political jail of this soon-to-be humus of a body.
A big cheer goes up every time I lift the lid on the red wigglers indoor compost - ‘SEE!!’, they chorus. Brother, sister, cousin… more microbial awareness! We want a voice in daily life! We need to get into robins; where are the migratory birds?? So you’ve got african violets 17 inches across and herbs for your dinner plate, what a friggin’ elitist! Its humiliating at times.

Hey, last year I listened to them and they demanded that an entire generation of red wigglers and their bodacious castings be liberated into outdoor gardens. Who am I to argue with Mom’s representatives?


Lol… Yes, I often find myself scrolling down at the end of a CP article to read the comments, only to be reminded they don’t have a comment section.


Interesting, thanks!


Mckibben was just using an artistic rhetorical device your 6th grade teacher should have taught you called a “metaphor”.


I LOVE Mr. McKibben’s frame and those of us with intuitive recall of our prior lifetimes as Indigenous beings living closely connected to the Earth DO feel those intimations speaking (or should I say echoing) from the natural world and its creatures. Of course a shill for nuclear power like YOU would find this understanding difficult, and therefore seek to mock the alleged “oddity” of his phrasing.

Leave it to the pro status quo shills to be posting “first-up” to shoot holes in the articles (along with their spokespersons) that actually work to COUNTER the status quo that big fossil fuels, the war machine, and plenty of corporate murderers of persons and the planet work diligently to keep in place. Their budgets allot for people like you to sit here posting Talking Points amenable to their hegemonic agenda.


Shame on you. All living beings ARE sentient; and just because they are not white male humanoids hardly deprives them of their own brand of language and response. Obviously what Mr. McKibben means is that it’s time for a person in power to give a dam about the natural world; and I agree with him, that would improve species’ odds of survival and therefore, their morale!

You are another shill paid to discredit Bernie Sanders and Bill McGibben and any other THREATS to the martial status quo.


No, actually it’s you and your tag team member in place to DO the harm.


Oh, it’s Mr. ARGUE against agroecology and any counter-narrative to that of Big Agriculture and its corporate pals like Monsanto… hardly surprisingly giving a committed Environmental Activist like Mr.McGibben the great “f–k you.”

Whoazzer, Your Karma will catch up with you!


I think you might be pushing it a bit to suggest that Bill McKibben, who has been a climate scientist for decades and has written several books on the topic, is a federal agent.


Fair enough about the climate scientist comment, but be real. The guy has written like a dozen books over 30 years. To say “he does seem to understands the basics” but “probably has difficulty” like “most of us” is pretty arrogant. The guy is clearly an expert.

(on climate change, perhaps not politics)


They accuse everyone of being a paid shill and of being an imposter and of being perosnally involved in a vendetta against them.


Can’t stand to read McKibben and the likes (Klein) anymore. I am sure that while I am writing this post they are flying somewhere across the globe to attend a useless convention on what WE should be doing to save the planet.


Mattie is a store clerk with apparently no college education. Taking surveys from wildlife are more illuminating than reading his posts.