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 Why the Police Killing of Football Player Christian Taylor Matters


 Why the Police Killing of Football Player Christian Taylor Matters

Dave Zirin

n the weekend that marked the one year anniversary of the police killing of Michael Brown, there was another disturbingly similar case making the social media rounds: another unarmed young black man shot dead, another police officer on administrative leave holding the smoking gun, another rush to convict the dead. But there was one difference.


Will this shit never end??!!


What if, in the same way that lower military grunts were put in charge of assigned-to-torture detainees, police are being TOLD to rough up (or attack) members of the Black Community?

What if some persons in high places want to get some kind of race war going as a pretext for deploying martial law… in all major cities?

The redundancy of these senseless killings–made all the more bizarre with a Black individual as President, another as Attorney General, and another on the high court–makes it all seem suspect, if not somehow scripted.

Thank you for speaking up about this, David Zirin and for giving a “Sports’ World major nod” to a female athlete!


In the USA life is cheap, and black lives are especially cheap. What a savage land of killer-cop thugs and their violent gun-packing redneck supporters…


Sometimes paranoid suspicion presents a distorted picture; other times it serves as sensitive antennae. You just might be picking up on something, Siouxrose, now that you mention it . . . .