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Why the Prosecution of Julian Assange Is Troubling for Press Freedom


Why the Prosecution of Julian Assange Is Troubling for Press Freedom

Alexandra Ellerbeck, Avi Asher-Schapiro

After a seven-year standoff at the Ecuadoran embassy in London, British police on Thursday arrested WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange--a development press freedom advocates had long feared.



Has Bernie Sanders made a statement ye,t and if not, why if you know ?



Wasn’t there supposed to be a ‘dead man switch’ and a dump of all wikileaks info if Assange was arrested?
Have we seen that yet?




MORE kudos to Tulsi! WHERE’S BERNIE???!!!



The US punishes those that expose crimes of the state, simple as that. They will use any number of methods often seen in gangster movies to get what they want; in this case Julian Assange. They want him on a hook, for all of those to see with ambitions to do the same. He will be made an example of what happens to whistleblowers and their publishers. The Corporate(MSM) press is complicit in these affairs. They should be screaming bloody f***ing murder instead of accepting the govt claims. They will be next, mark my words. Those that are bought and paid for won’t be bothered by the iron boot of the state because they are propaganda wings of both parties. The rest better watch out lest the iron boot crushes them for daring to expose crimes in all American’s name. I no longer can be proud to be an American. Well really I’ve been this way for a while but the system that makes me believe this is only getting worse everyday. The arrest just set a precedent for those that follow. A dark week indeed,



Pepe Escobar on the Assange arrest:




Folks, fasten your seat belt and sit back for less than twenty minutes and watch Jimmy Dore team up with a “strange bedfellow” to DESTROY the corporate media whores!



If you know any Trump supporters, they might be interested in Ron Paul’s official withdrawal of his endorsement of Trump today:

“With Assange’s arrest Trump is now exposed as the wholly owned subsidiary of the Swamp he ran against. He’s now just a wheel fixed to an axle. All he can do now is it spin.”




It looks like somebody at the Ron Paul Institute. I doubt that’s the same as Ron Paul himself.

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…about Assange?

Please don’t hold your breath, CB4P. One of our friends observed that this issue might draw clearer distinctions (or lack thereof) between the candidates. For my part, I’m definitely leaning Tulsi-ward at this point. She’s the closest approximation to sincere solidarity I can find.



Oops, you’re right.



Hi Clyde_Crebbafrabitz: LOL, I Love Tulsi—and I think it’s time that someone who has actually been in a war is elected. The ones we have had for such a long time like Clinton, Bush the 2nd, Obama, and Trump have no reference point—except KILL.

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I do not know for sure.

I can tell you that a lot of his apparent followers say that he “cannot” make a statement. because he “has to” say things that will allow him to be nominated within the Democratic Party.

I think this particular litmus test needs the reverse reading. Sanders has to show that he has not caved in to the neoliberal, corporatist, et ceteral and so forth Democratic Party machine that rigged the last nominations.

I think he does not make a statement because he has indeed caved in to the party machine, and that this is consistent with his endorsement of Hillary Clinton and his parroting of the “Russiagate” nonsense.

And along those lines, I have heard not one word coming from the various self-proclaimed socialists–only Tulsi Gabbard for the Democrats and Ron (not Rand) Paul for the Republicans.