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Why the Republican Party Wants to Destroy Labor Unions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/23/why-republican-party-wants-destroy-labor-unions

If the Democrats had gone with Henry Wallace on the 1944 ticket, there might not be a viable Republican Party today. The damn party bosses denied the will of the People. Sound familiar?


And the irony of how far right the gop has gone, is Wallace was raised by republican parents, and identified as republican for his early adulthood, and still your post is true.


Listening to Rep Ryan from Ohio unions are pro war and against national healthcare-----I think we need to re-think how we do this.

The repbs have put 7 TRILLION on the credit card since Typhoid Trump took office----This is a party supporting racists carrying tiki tourches shouting racial slurs----------------------------THE REPUBLICAN PARTY STANDS FOR NOTHING-----------------------THE REPUBLICAN PARTY SHOULD DIE ON NOV 3

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the real question to ask is --why is the Democratic party so inattentive to the needs of our working folks–failed to pass a living wage when they had the power- did not empower the union movement or even actively support them repeatedly over the last 50 years --only coming to them when they needed a working class photo op for their re-election bids

I submit that since the corporate capture of the Democratic party they are just fine with the destruction of the working classes and their unions- because that’s what they are paid to do by the ones who bribe them -the corporations


Union Yes; Every Day, All Day!

The Democratic Party once was better than the Republicans as regarding labor unions. It’s voters still are as a group, as are a few elected individuals peripheral to the party apparatus.

But no, the “Reagan Democrats,” as Obama styled himself, have taken the party diametrically against union politics. The Democratic Party has assisted in destroying unions, and at times has led the crusade against us. Particularly, the affinity that many of us have had for the party, coming from the values that the party courted for some time after Roosevelt, enabled it to usurp and divide unions.

In general, it really does not work to judge a candidate by the political party. Sanders had viably union-favoring politics, so the party sunk his candidacy twice. Why would the party quit destroying unions and quit fighting against union principles now, so soon after it has successfully argued in court that it can successfully rig its own nomination processes?

This is very like Trump voters imagining that he is “out of beltway” because he ran his cons in New York rather than DC.

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Most union members are getting 3% cost of living (COLA) raises, this year and last year while the best Congress money can buy is giving Social Security recipients a COLA less than one third of that (1.3%).

Trump, Moscow Mitch and the organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP are tired of union COLAs shining a light on Congress’ travesties.

Part of the problem is the union movement itself. Most went with Hillary over Bernie in 2016 and with Biden over Bernie this time around. Unions ever since George Meany have been largely pro-war, for US expansionism, for the security state, lukewarm about civil rights, and a complete fail in linking the interests of their members to the interests of the larger society. Many are corrupt or even linked with Mafia formations.

The Republican Party is, of course, pure filth. But we would be better served turning our attention to the Neo-Liberals in the Democratic Party and union movement because, as long as they are dominant, we do not have a real opposition.

Bingo! The D’s are only as pro-union as the election photo op goes.
Otherwise they want unions gone just as much as the GOP.