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Why the Republicans' New "Red Scare" Tactics Ring False

Why the Republicans' New "Red Scare" Tactics Ring False

Harold Meyerson

The annual Conservative Political Action Conference—a reliable index of far-right apprehensions—rolled into Washington last week, proclaiming long and loud the new Republican mantra: If we don’t reelect Donald Trump, neo-Stalinism will befall us!

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Say what? Why is this person suggesting it only the Republicans that resort to “red scare tactics”? Democrats and the media have been pumping “Russia-gate” for over a year claiming Russia tampered with elections, shut down the power grid in Vermont and dictate policy to Donald trump.

if anyone points this out they are referred to as a Russian troll. Even now they claim “evidence” that Russian trolls try to divide the “left” against one another.

You want McCarthyism look no further than Rachel Maddow and she is NOT a Republican.

The Washington Post itself is one of the main sources of “The Russians are coming” scare tactics. In fact they are the ones that first claimed Russia hacked the US power grud.

This is just more of “Our scare tactics good and have a good reason, theirs are bad” hypocrisy.


The Duopoly is one party serving the same monied interests. The political theatre they play of condemning each other is designed to make fools out of all of us.

Those of us who fail to use the intellectual capacity we have been given to discern when we are being lied to and used, listen to the lies, and believe the lies.

This gives a new meaning to being in the “99%”.

Actually, it’s more like 95 to 97% of the voting electorate that buy the shit that the Duopoly shovels into the troughs this group feeds from.

As others here have acknowledged, if the Democratic Party Establishment allows the Progressives in the party to take over, they, the establishment will be out of a job as their “incremental change” Bullshit will be seen as Old Hat and Status Quo policies designed to allow the corporations set policy, instead of the progressive way of allowing the People to set policy.

I guess if we consider that the 100 million who refuse to vote, and may actually be so cynical from the realization so many in this country act like Zombies come election time and vote against their own interests at the urging of the Duopoly, this larger group has just given up.

At this time in our history, I see no solution other than waiting for those who are blind to expire from this world and hope and pray their addiction to lies and corruption hasn’t been passed on to their offspring.


Yes indeed !

When I was 20 years old I wondered why so few Murkins voted.

By the time I turned 50 I wondered why so many Murkins voted.


When I was 20 I wondered why so many Americans couldn’t eat at the same restaurants or sleep in the same hotels. I knew why they couldn’t vote because when I was 20 I had already spent time in Mississippi and other parts of the Old Confederacy.
Now everyone can do those above mentioned activities and vote, too. Er, er, ah ahem… let me try to rephrase that. And, get back to you. They’re serving crab legs and lobster this weekend down at the Trawling Net Diner … gotta go get in line.

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I think republican’s are more into the Muslim scare than a red scare… Brought to a head by the 9-11 conspiracy. And what bothers me as much as anything about 9-11 is the loss of thousands of lives needlessly. Their elaborate plan could have included a warning for the people in the towers. The conspirators were too worried some of the damaging paperwork and computer info might be rescued with the people so they were necessary collateral damage.

There has been alternative names for the term “socialism” which may come back into usage

"Cooperative Commonwealth" often used by Eugene Debs (and “commonwealth” is the formal name of 4 states Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia)
"Industrial-" or “Economic Democracy”, frequently used by the Industrial Workers of the World
Marx himself often described future structures of socialism/communism as “associations” and never as a state.

A modern term is “Participatory Democracy” Parecon for short

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The Republican Red Scare Tactics? Have you watched MSDNC any time in the last two years? According to Rachael Maddow there is a Russian under your bed right now. Tulsi Gabbard is apparently a Russian puppet because of her crime of going “bad” places and talking to “bad” people. Only someone under Vlad’s mind control would do that. As far as the Republicans using the word socialism as a boogieman, they’ve been doing that for 100 years and used it to attack FDR’s New Deal. I blame the Democrats for playing defense and not leaning into the term. Harris stating “I am not a democratic socialist” is the problem. It’s like we are on a school yard and the Republicans just told the Democrats that they have cooties.


Republicans and Democrats are identical twins from the same two parents, Dishonesty and Warmongering.

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Another alternative term used by Zeitgeist Movement is Resource Based Economy

“while 34 percent answered that it meant government ownership of all business and control of society. Half that total—17 percent—gave that answer in 2018”

Yup, shows the failure of the education system in the US.

Socialism is fine, it’s just like what we have today but i get free stuff.

Lipstick on a pig?

So do you REALLY think that Putin and his friends running Russia are Marxists and socialists rather than capitalist gangster fascists?

Is Canada, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, New Zealand, France, Germany, Belgium… and all the other countries in the top 10 list for human development, socialist? Then why do you call some of the social benefits they enjoy, which work very well, and so we want to adopt them here, “socialist”?

I understand that you are an immigrant from some East European, former eastern bloc country country. Why don’t you go the fuck back there? Is, like, neo-fascist and capitalist gangster-run Hungary or Poland or Ukraine or Croatia or Serbia still too left wing for you?

No, they are State Capitalists as Lenin suggested the USSR was.

I am saying that “red baiting” type tactics are not just the province of the Republicans. The Republicans use the word “Socialist” to define everything that is causing the United States of America to fail , where the Democrats pin all failures on “Russians”.

The true cause is the 1 percent your home grown 100 percent made in America Fascists.

Hey, I’m not the one whining it’s bad in the US. I like it here. Why don’t whiners try some other place that’s more suited to their lifestyle. They don’t even have the balls to move to Canada, there isn’t even a language barrier.

Lived 10 years in Canada too. Definitely not socialist. You can’t have social benefits and welfare in a Socialist country. There’s simply not enough people working to support that.

“Larry Kudlow urged Republicans” - "We have to go out and educate people. We need to talk about Venezuela.”
Yes indeed. Let’s do that! Let’s tell them what authoritarian, capitalist America has done to Venezuela - all of it!