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Why the Rest of the World Should Get a Vote in the Greatest Reality TV Show on Earth – the US Election


Why the Rest of the World Should Get a Vote in the Greatest Reality TV Show on Earth – the US Election

Laurie Penny

e’re only halfway through, and I’m already sick of the US presidential race. As reality television goes, it’s a hackneyed format. The narrative is childish and simplistic. And if I want to watch a bunch of interchangeable thuggish white men and the occasional token minority making terrifying pronouncements to a pounding rock soundtrack, I’ll stick on a Tarantino film.


We don't even let a lot of Americans vote. Voter suppression is a central element in the Republican's strategy for winning.


Hilarious satire, Ms. Penny.

I often think that what's really going on in the way of conspiracy theories come true simulates sci-fi. It is scary and depressing to think that what passes for American reality TV cum elections (Republican-style) DOES come down to this:

"But in recent years, they seem to have broken entirely with the reality aspect and just attempted to glue us to the screens with unremitting horror and the possibility that one of the contestants might start screaming and try to eat the others."

And this is a right-on conclusion:

"The world is burning. America is watching a creaky junior string quartet try to play Wagner. Let’s give the species a chance to change the channel."

  1. I don't think most americans care about what foreign persons think about our elections, particularly by those you don't look old enough to vote.
  2. You're making it sound as if everyone in the world has all the same opinions about politics and the american elections, but really it is your own unsubstantiated opinions. Why shouldn't americans listen to the foreign opinions of those you agree with them?
  3. Clearly you don't understand just how corrupt world leaders are. With the military industrial complex and business imperialism the average american has been acclimated to the notion that it is virtuous to make the world suffer for our national greatness and yet instead of pointing out what we have gotten away with you naively assume these are mistakes.


ha. I'm eagerly waiting for my vote in the next British election..


You have a good point! What America does affects the rest of the world. Look what GWB created in Middle East and how many people it affected many who are not around to tell the tale. We are globalized and "we the people of the world" are in this together as the global elites are in it together to take it all.

Thank you Laurie for your humorous but serious take on our elections.


As the saying goes: "the only thing worse than living in America and having to deal with the American government is not living in America and having to deal with its foreign policy."

America is a mistake, a giant mistake.–Sigmund Freud


Actually, I hope Americans have no vote in the next British election as there is at least a chance that the British, left on their own, might elect Jeremy Corbin.

Corbin of course is the whiskey to Sanders' weak beer.


Although we are at last seeing more Murkins extracting themselves from the "lesser of two evils" box, you are correct that the rest of the world needs to not fall in to that box.

Bill Clinton and Obama have both proven that the lesser evil can indeed be the more effective evil as a result of many Murkins viewing candidates and electeds the way Penny does in the quote you presented.

The best thing Penny and other non-Murkins can do to create positive change in this arena is to boycott products and services that profit corporations that own politicians in the US and abroad, whenever possible.


Sorry; 1776 and all that!. We do not want you as a colony ever again.


And Corbyn's policies, bar getting rid of nuclear arms, were those supported in the main by the Conservative governments of the 1950s.

THAT is how far right the UK has moved.


No annihilation without representation!


Satire? How can you satirise what is beyond satire? This is REALITY.


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  1. Who is this addressed to?
  2. What, amidst the strangulated syntax, is it even trying to say?
  3. Are you trying, by parodying the mindset of the average American voter/reality TV viewer, to prove the article is right?


Penny sez: "... (W)hat matters most to the rest of the world is that not a single member
of the Republican line-up, the worst boy band in history, ever gets within 50 feet of the Situation Room."

Noble sentiment, but the "Republicans™" no longer need the White House to spread their particular pixie dust of misery.


Said the same thing about Nixon, then Reagan, then Bush, then Clinton, then Bush again. Never in a million years would people vote for them. I was wrong either because people did vote for them or I am having a bad nightmare.


Because coffee's rightful place is on my monitor...


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